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Massive Online Party!

Party: a real-time lively social gathering

Cheers helps you find where other people are having fun on the Internet right now.

Not just find them, but also join them

Cheers is turning the ordinary Internet into a new kind of "virtual online reality" where everyone gets their own virtual cartoon-like body. Your body is your public identity you use to roam the Internet and interact with the other people you find out there.

Party with other people online just the way you would if they were standing right there beside you.

People Friendly

People can just be themselves and don't have to stress about what to say and how to say it unless they really, really want to. Like real life, short comments, often just a single word, and expressing oneself through facial expressions and body movements are the norm.

Be silly, weird, wild and crazy, serious, informative, romantic or giggly - but absolutely no party poopering. No bullies, trolls, hate, fake news or sleaze. We will gleefully block people, webpages and websites that violate these guidelines. Of all the wonderful improvements to our online life that are announced here, this one, making a place that is safe for people away from all the predators, this is the one that we feel is one of the most important.

About Us (With a host of wonderful friends!)

Michael L. Davis

Co-Founder, CTO
Senior Software Engineer, Code Monkey, Bit Twiddler

T.S. Davis

Co-Founder, CHO
Ph.D. Psychology, Berkeley (Management of technology innovation)

Halsey Camera

University student (Drawing)

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