Chemistry harnessing electronic display technology bioimaging

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harnessing electronic display technology bioimaging

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Chemistry Tue Mar 13 2018 09:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Less toxic than quantum dots, canconjugated polymer nanoparticles revolutionise bioimaging?
In a semiconductor, electrons can be excited by absorbing laser light. Advances in the past decade have enabled measuring this fundamental physical mechanism on timescales below a femtosecond (10-15 s). Now, physicists at ETH Zurich have resolved the
In a semiconductor, electrons can be excited by absorbing laser light. Advances during the past decade enabled measuring this fundamental physical mechanism on timescales below a femtosecond (10^-15 s). Now physicists at ETH Zurich for the first time
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Acconeer’s A111 radar sensor is based on a unique patented technology enabling millimeter accuracy with very low power consumption The Acconeer A111 is a low power, high precision 60 GHz pulsed SRD radar sensor with a footprint of 29 mm2, d
Nearly every major plan to limit the damage from climate change relies in part on combining bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, a technology in early development known as "BECCS." Feedstock plants would grow by absorbing carbon dioxide from th
Our interview this week is with Ambassador Nathan Sales, the State Department's Counterterrorism Coordinator. We cover a Trump administration diplomatic achievement in the field of technology and terrorism that has been surprisingly undercovered (or
Love them or hate them, Nixies are here to stay. Their enduring appeal is due in no small part to the fact that they’re hardly plug-and-play; generating the high-voltage needed to drive the retro displays is part of their charm. But most Ni
Subject matter to think on from Universal Everything on vimeo: The first 27 films in an ongoing series of visionary prototypes, based on the emerging technologies of flexible displays, shape-shifting materials and context-aware functionality. These f
The latest XPrizecompetition wants to develop technology that lets anyone control a robot and carry out tasks from 100 kilometres away
University of Maryland researchers have pulled together forty years of data to quantify the effects of Bt field corn, a highly marketed and successful genetically engineered technology, in a novel and large-scale collaborative study. Other studies ha
Via Creative Boom O’Meara’s artistic background is in print design, and she’s also the owner of The Archive, an extensive library of over 50,000 fashion and print designs. Clarke, meanwhile, is a sound artist, electronic
Massive MIMO is an antenna technology that is considered the most promising for future superfast 5G networks, although researchers have until now believed that there is an upper limit for how much data can be transferred. Emil Bjrnson, associate prof
One of the major problems encountered when using push buttons and switches in digital electronics project is the problem of bouncing. When we press a button once it may register twice and when we press it four times, in a row, it may register just tw