Green insider selling quantenna communications inc qtna svp sells stock

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insider selling quantenna communications inc qtna svp sells stock

Green Sun May 21 2017 23:36:30 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Quantenna Communications Inc (NASDAQ:QTNA) SVP Lionel Bonnot sold 9,900 shares of Quantenna Communications stock in a transaction dated Tuesday, May 9th. The stock was sold at an average price of $21.58, for a total transaction of $213,642.00. Follow
While some would consider some of the things Prince Philip has publicly said offensive, I think it's hilarious. He's got that Brit humour and the man certainly speaks his mind!Heres some of Prince Philips most memorable quotes.'British women cant coo
How you remove your makeup is just as important as how you apply it. Whether you prefer a foamy cleanser or silky soft oil, Vichy has you covered. PURET THERMALE FOAMING CREAM HYDRATING & CLEANSING FOAMING CREAM ($18.00) Great for oily to com
Nordstrom, Inc. (NYSE:JWN) saw unusually large options trading on Thursday. Stock traders purchased 71,142 call options on the stock. This represents an increase of approximately 1,220% compared to the typical daily volume of 5,389 call options. Shar
It’s no secret that the key to being healthy starts with your metabolism. The metabolism is responsible for turning the calories you eat into energy, burning fat and determining the health of the body.   [Photos: Shutterstock]Since
Zurcher Kantonalbank Zurich Cantonalbank increased its position in Lear Co. (NYSE:LEA) by 1.8% during the first quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the SEC. The fund owned 53,250 shares of the auto parts company’s stock af
We began our Duluth Audubon Society spring warbler walks the first week of April this year, and ever since the very first walks on the Western Waterfront Trail and Park Point weve been watching Canada Goose pairs. First they were romancing, and then
A boy brutally beaten for refusing to call his seniors “sempai” has been inciting sorrow and outrage throughout Japan. A 20-year-old man and five boys ranging from 16 to 18 were arrested by Tokyo police after it was discovered tha
I have been attending the Oregon Hemp Convention (OHC)event ever since I got active with the cannabis industry in Oregon, and The Weed Blog has been coveringthe OHC for a long time. I was a speaker in the Fall of 2015, and helped with a Women Grow bo
As cannabis legalization gains more and more support across the United States, it is becoming more clear which demographics and which regions are still our “swing vote”. The Southern United States, which include many faith based o
Wish you could simplify your skincare routine with oneproduct that brightens, firms and hydrates? Lookno further! OLEHENRIKSEN’s Truth Serum does all of that and more and for this week’s #SampleSaturday, we’re giving awa
Since I was driving right by I figured I'd better stop and check out the Agaves, up-close. Five A. ovatifolia planted curbside back in 2012...While I was there to check up on winter damage, I think most of the ugliness I observed was do to violent pa
My posts of Week 1 and Week 2 were so full of activity, I didn’t think they could be topped until Weeks 3 and 4 came around! Cannabis Season Week 3 This week includes Dope Cup 2017, another wander to Frankies place, and visits to some of my
In recent years the United States has been progressive in the legalization of marijuana. As of January 2017, almost 30 states have legalized marijuana use in some form and eight of those states (including the District of Columbia) have flat-out legal
It's time for the next entry in Portland Agave week (yes, even better than the Discovery Channel's Shark Week). If you'd have asked me about these Agaves I'd have told you they've been there since I first discovered this garden...However looking back
Priceline Group Inc (NASDAQ:PCLN)‘s stock had its “outperform” rating restated by Royal Bank of Canada in a note issued to investors on Wednesday, May 10th. A number of other brokerages have also recently commented on PC
If there's one phrase that can make any girl flinch, it's this one: Brazilian waxing. This is the technique of removing hair from your pubic area by wax, and it is notorious for being extremely painful. So, like any other crazy person, I decided to t
At one point or another, youll question your work. Youll question what you do, and whether you like doing it, and youll wonder if youre on the right path, after all. At one point or another, youll be convinced that you hate your work. Youll be disapp
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Trumpet honeysuckle and Eastern Columbine have bloomed just in time for migrating Ruby Throated Hummers and that's no coincidence. Hummingbirds and certain flowers have coadapted over millions of years to form a mutually beneficial relationship. Humm
Around summer of last year, Alexis from Local Eclectic hit me up at the possibilities of working together. It only took an hour phone call of convincing her with some ideas I had, but a month later she arrange one of my favorite jewelry designers to
Money is important, and you can’t run a business without it. BUT WE LOVE TO PRETEND LIKE THAT ISNT TRUE. I had an incredible meeting with a new business owner yesterday except I was her client instead of the reverse. (And shes a naturopath,
Ive generally always prescribed to the adage All dressed up with nowhere to go. Post Nico though, that phrase has become a fun game of sorts. I say fun of course, taken with a huge pinch of Epsom salt, given the limitations of what one can do with a
This is by far the best episode I've produced since I started my paranormal show 4 years ago. It has back to back action, a story and most importantly paranormal activity. This would not have been possible without mm2 Entertainment. Very few understo
The first bit of physical fashion Ive seen since emerging from my postpartum haze wasnt even on a human being. In fact, Im not sure Id even categorise it as fashion. Jonathan Anderson has taken me to some unexpected non-obvious venues. Places where a
The plot of Danmachi side-story Sword Oratoria has seemingly begun to drag, with the formidable Ais managing to grow even more powerful as the series continues to include former protagonist Bell at every possible moment – bound to have more
It had been two weeks since our last visit to the waste water site north of the city. Even then there was noticable passage. Both European bee-eater and European roller were added to my country list.Last Sunday there was heavy passage. femal
There's not much showing in my garden right now. By not much, I mean any of my wildflower loves, but there are a few delightful non natives that have been in the garden since it's earliest days. Like the golden yellow daffodils that came with the yar
Since the CoolBot first arrived on the market in 2006, growers and others within the produce community have been finding creative ways to develop on-farm cooling that are both effective and affordable. The relatively low cost of AC unit-based cooling
I began Neversink Farm six years ago. Building the farm that first year was incredibly hard work, but it was that early experience of struggle that shaped the foundations of how I would farm going forward. My wife and I managed to pull together $30K.
Mohamed Vall and I had a long weekend's birding trip down to Guidimakha province. This the southermost part of the country and borders both Senegal and Mali. It has more rainfall and longer rainy season than anywhere else. Consquently it birds includ
You ever walk through the first-class section of an airplane and think, Who are these fucks? Ill tell you who they are: The people that make up to 50% of an airlines revenue. Fifty percent! Which is striking since, you know, there are, like, five sea
In the early 2000’s, alarm about the increasingly widespread use of genetically modified [GM] crops was spreading fast among progressive farmers and the public. At the same time, a handful of agricultural writers were pushing for a rebirth
GB Group plc (LON:GBG) had its price target boosted by Canaccord Genuity from GBX 370 ($4.78) to GBX 415 ($5.36) in a research report report published on Wednesday, May 10th. They currently have a buy rating on the stock. A number of other analysts h
I have a theory about money, and it goes like this: If you were selling hot dogs at a hot dog stand, and some guy walked up and asked you how much a hot dog cost, would you hem and haw and say to the guy: Uh, well, let me seeusssssuually I charge bet