Rap blac youngsta mozzy cant fake real mixtape

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blac youngsta mozzy cant fake real mixtape

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Rap Fri May 19 2017 22:22:37 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- DaBoyDame just released his mixtape entitledCan’t Fake the Real. The 11-track project provides a look inside the everyday struggle of the streets while connecting parallels from hoods of the South and West Coast. Featured artists on the pro
13 things people don’t realize you do because of your anxiety. I don’t doall of these things, but I doa lot of them. It’s reassuring, in a weird way, to know that I’m not alone in these behaviors, and maybe it&
Becoming Wise, Krista Tippett (F, 30s, black curly hair, glasses, black leather jacket, green purse, G train)
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Daz (F, 20s, black Ray-Bans, blond hair, leather jacket, G train)
Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I will never NEVER apologize for this.New comic!Today's News: Hey US-based geeks! Did you know that if if you preorder Soonish for $24, you can sign up to receive about $27 worth of SMBC eBooks!? &n
Subtle Dildo is a collection of photographs wherein dildos may be found by observant viewers. [via] Subtle Dildo is a collection of photographs wherein dildos may be found by observant viewers. [via]
*boop* *boop* (more…)*boop* *boop* (more…)
Hugh Jackman spent 17 years playing Wolverine for Foxs X-Men franchise, capturing every aspect of the character, from brooding, cocky outsider to brooding, haunted recluse. But things werent always smooth sailing for Jackmans attempts to get in touch
Icelandic pop star Bjrk opens a VR exhibition Friday leading up to her concert debut with 32-piece orchestra this month at Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Still not as weird as the fact that momentum investing works.New comic!Today's News:
It's easy to become numb to the constant stream of real and fake news emanating from Washington, DC. But one issue requires constant vigilance and strong action from every corner of the music and tech industries: net neutrality. Net neutrality: the p
This week, I imagine that a lot of us spent some time thinking about Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun," a vivid and surreal little piece of work that imprinted itself deeply in many of our heads. Once upon a time, that thing would be on every time you c
The real question is: Whos last chance? I feel like yours is gone and honestly, Im not […] The post Last Chance appeared first on People Of Walmart. The real question is: Whos last chance? I feel like yours is gone and honestly, Im not sure
How well do you really know America's 2nd president?How well do you really know America's 2nd president?
Artist and Cool Hunting contributor Jonah Samson collects vintage imageryblack and white relics that he refers to as his "new old photos." Scouring eBay and beyond, Samson does more than horde these little time capsules. He frequently modifies and...
Huma Abedin Files For Divorce From Anthony Weiner Ashy Twitter cant use the tired and crusty a strong woman is supposed to stand by her man schtick with Huma Abedin. Shes stayed down with her pervert husband after MULTIPLE publicly Huma Abedin Files
The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko (F, 30s, black tube dress, cropped blazer, N train)
In the 40 years since his twisted debut Eraserhead, David Lynch has established himself as the godfather of the cinema of the strange. Creating directly from the depths of his subconscious, Lynch challenged accepted notions of realism in the thriller
@ToneOliver & @El_Space_Cadet are The Turtlenecks. The two hip-hop artists have come together to form an alternative duo. Their debut single "Make Over" features @Beejus and finds the fellas singing about a lady who's got a really stank attit
Today marks the release of "Rvouc Vichry," the latest seven-inch from Blackosh, the black metal project led by Petr Hosek - original guitar player for iconic Czech black metal band Root and current member of Master's Hammer
Getty Images People Are Trying To Guess Who L.A. Reids Accuser Is, But Not So Fast An Epic records employee intends to clear her name. The woman who goes by Zoe Alicia claims someone created a fake story about her. Getty Images People Are Trying To G
There’s been a lot of talk about what’s ‘real’ hip-hop vs what’s dominating airwaves these days — with a lot of the focus on the images of rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty. 2017 h
Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides (F, 20s, brown hair, eggs-in-frying-pan arm tattoo, wearing all black, A train)
Anthony Weinerstar of the tragic tale of hubris Weiner that, holy shit, is a documentary and really happenedhas pled guilty to sending sexually explicit text messages to a minor, The New York Times reports. The plea brings to an end an embarrassing p
Lexon turned to Bebop to conceive something different, a portable audio design representing tactile simplicity in service of function. There are few categories as tired and rote currently as the realm of wireless speakers. FortunatelyLexonturned to K
Zero Gravity Musk Adr_ett by Nomenclature. The Helvetolide molecule brings a weightless and long-lasting aura to this ethereal fragrance. Nomenclature celebrates design in perfume chemistry. Zero Gravity Musk Adr_ett by Nomenclature. The Helvetolide
"Domus Mysterium," the debut LP from Copenhagen, Denmark-based black/heavy metal outfit Slaegt, is out now in Europe through Vn Records, and will see release this coming June through the label's new U.S. branch. You can str
The new 'Purge' TV show will be about all the non-Purge days of the year. That sounds weird. Blumhouse Earlier this week, a Purge TV show became a reality, with USA and Syfy both agreeing to air a 10-episode series based on the popular movies. The ca
My ongoing research into free blacks in Georgian London has netted me two more books. Im going to talk about the first today: Colonel Despard: The Life and Times of an Anglo-Irish Rebel by Clifford D. Conner. All I knew … Continue reading &
When you're a powerhouse actress/producer/screenwriter/author/all around wonder woman like Mindy Kaling, you don't really have all the time in the world to hem and haw about which color white you're picking for the walls of your home or which sofa wi
Photo by Cameron Browne With the constant flood of new music coming my way, I sometimes lose track of a band or artist that I really enjoy. If I don’t hear anything for awhile, I just assume they’ve broken up or moved on. I had as
Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix, JK Rowling (M, 20s, wavy black hair, sunglasses on, Canal St A/C/E platform)
Its not that often when metal creeps its way into mainstream pop culture. So when metal/hard rock acts do actually pop up in beloved sitcoms, dramatic films, cartoons or even reality series, its kind of awesome. So in the weekly column Remem
'Master Of None' draws attention with its style and economic unreality, but what if those things were serving a larger point?Netflix Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang want to tell a relatable story with Master Of None but they clearly see one of the truths o
All the way from Parkin, Arkansas Tony Swag takes a trip to LA for the official music video to "The Intro" off of the BIG TONY mixtape. The video takes place on a rooftop in LA overlooking the city. California natives Flip Major, Yung LB and All the
Director: Ng Min-Kan Release date: 1990 Contains spoilers Ghost Legend or Ma Yi Chuan Qi was a 1990 Hong Kong movie that was really hot on the heels of a Chinese Ghost Story from a few years before, and indeed it had an opening cameo from Wu Ma who p
A roundup as we do. It's so hard to keep up during Cannes!   The #Cannes2017 press badge comes with amusing button that roughly translates, "I did not understand it, but the film was really good." pic.twitter.com/4eB9ZcppKm — Peter
American Panorama isn't just a single geographical map of the U.S. It's a set of historical maps covering a wide-range of significant stories in U.S. history.Maps have been around for centuries and are still considered indispensable tools for people
OVO Sound boss Drake wants to make sure everyone knows he’s really on good terms with one-time rap foe Tory Lanez. The 6 God has confirmed he’s solid with the fellow Canadian native. Last night, Drizzy went to Instagram to weigh-i
It’s been a while because real life, amirite? But when something like Legion happens, it warrants me taking some time out to talk to you about it. Legion Season One is over, and it was a mind blower. Now that it’s been a fewweeks
Three years after dropping his debut mixtape Idle Time, Compton rapper Buddy returns with the Ocean & Montana, produced entirely by KAYTRANADA. There’s a few surprises on here, too: Buddy is rapping and singing ass off with KAYTRAN
The great Montreal producer Kaytranada is more of a house guy than a rap guy, but he's lately been making more and more music for rappers: Freddie Gibbs, Cadence Weapon, Chance The Rapper. And now he's teamed up with the young Compton rapper Buddy fo
The Day of the Locust, Nathanael West (M, 20s, sunglasses on head, orange backpack, black jacket, C train)