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michael william gilberts radio omnibus

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High End Audio Wed Jun 13 2018 18:58:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Once in a while I get an album from one of my contemporary jazz contacts that isn't quite, well, jazz. That brings up the old brain twister about the definition of jazz, of course, and I have learned that all sorts of sounds can be informed by jazz w
Gbel High End Divin Noblesse loudspeakers in real piano lacquer finish getting ready for the upcoming AE Super Hi End Gala..www.goebel-highend.deaudioexotics.hk
I have a warm spot in my heart for things related to the Great Depression. I love movies either made or set during the '30s, and the music from the era has this constrained yet grand feel that accurately conveys the seriousness of the times while ado
At last! I've finally finished the UNT article for Part-Time Audiophile, You can read it here. Enjoy!
"One of the preeminent performers in Chicago jazz, saxophonist Shawn Maxwell--"I could almost stop you right there. Start talking about jazz and Chicago and saxophones, and I'm going to imagine a particularly energetic sound. We're talking about big
Another day, another organ trio. As I've said repeatedly, this is not a bad thing. I'm really digging the preponderance of these ensembles in today's contemporary jazz scene. After listening to a least a dozen of these outfits over the last few month
Your first impression of Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkestra, other than the whimsical name of the ensemble, might be that their music is fairly straightforward big band jazz, full of bright and splashy dynamics and a keen sense of fun. After a while you might
As most music lovers know, there's often a gap between the musicians we know and the songs we've heard. I'll give you an example. 25 years ago I was the manager of a Toys 'R' Us, and I was subjected to a steady stream of Muzak from the store's sound
My latest Vinyl Anachronist column is now live at Perfect Sound Forever. This one discuss another promise of "hi-rez" vinyl technology, and how my latest forays into reel-to-reel have given me a new perspective into analog formats. You can read it he
My review of the Fred Hersch Trio's Live in Europe is now available at Positive Feedback Online. You can read it here. Enjoy!
"Its latest release includes [Walt] Gwardyak's 2018 arrangement of 'Peter and the Wolf,' the first new big band re-imagination of Prokofiev's masterpiece in more than 50 years."What? Did I miss something? I love Prokofiev, and as I recently mentioned
I've just made another change to my review system--I've installed The Wand tonearm from New Zealand on my trusty Unison Research Giro turntable. As the US distributor I've installed a couple of these tonearms in the past, but this is the first arm fr
Imagine a jazz event, one that's called something like "Jazz at the GRJC." So far, so good. You find out that it's the "first annual" occasion for the event, and you think of Themistocles and maybe how great things have small beginnings. Then you fin
While reviewing Juan Andres Ospina's Tramontana last week, I fixated a bit on geography. Ospina is a Colombian writing music about Spain, yet I kept hearing Brazilian jazz influences in his arrangements. I finally settled on a vague South American de
I have not been doing a lot of ‘Best of Show’ reports lately. The ones I read out there in […]
Mark Smotroff trails the eight-headed Crimson beastie...Mark Smotroff trails the eight-headed Crimson beastie...
LampizatOr flagship DAC comes in many shades of the rainbow. Here are the latest photos of the LampizatOr Pacific DAC in a different finish...www.lampizator.eu
By Lam Seng Fatt AV Designs has always been giving those... The post KLIAVS 2018: Three demo systems from AV Designs appeared first on av2day.com.The PMC cor integrated amp will be used in one demo system.   By Lam Seng Fatt   AV De
Dr. Roger West and Dr. Dale Ream founded sound Lab on July 1, 1978. Their founding belief was that electrostatic transduction is the optimum loudspeaker technology. Over the decades since, the company has continued to offer updates to older products.
Read Here “Unlike many tube headphone amps that exhibit the rolled off high frequencies and bottom end that a seeming majority of electrical engineers think is the tube sound, the Schiit Lyr 3 produces a true audiophile sound with extreme l
A little heavy on the Klipsch posts lately but thats ok as they are practicatlly the last man standing of companies from the dawn of Hi-Fi. That is still made in the US.  This article is special as it is 1947 and the article is by P
I'm sure you didn't know yet about the Vimberg speakers. This is new Jrn Janczak venture, that delivers most of the Tidal's DNA, but at more affordable price. First two speakers in the portfolio are named Mino and Tonda... "The philosophy for VIMBERG
One Glorious Day! Review: Pioneer/Exclusive/TAD TD-3401, Part II My TAD TD-3401 Finds a New Home TAD TD-3401, Part I Audio Personalities There are many types, and in my experience the personality governs the outlook on audio. There are those who neve
Read Here “In a press release announcing its partnership with Essential, MQA cited the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)s recent Connecting with Music report, which found that 90 percent of consumers who subscribe
The post PS Audio Sprout100 Value Personified! appeared first on HeadPhone.guru.
I learned recently about Authentic Sound in Belgium, where Wim Winters creates high quality music recordings of a particular type. In what is surely a labor of love, keyboardist Winters has chosen to focus his efforts on the clavichord after experien
Parasound has introduced the HINT 6, an improved version of its popular Halo Integrated Amplifier. After the original Halo Integrated Amplifier was introduced, it quickly became known as "HINT" in the Parasound community, and that name is now adopted
Audio shows are more than new gear releases and demonstrations to me. They are a chance to connect with the strange personalities that embody what it means to be an eccentric. Sometimes our interests can be socially unfortunate, but its during these
A Little Heresy is good for the SOUL. This might be one of my favorite ads from Klipsch... Good stuff. http://www.itishifi.com
Read Here “Beats headphones have come a long way from my first audition of them back at that fateful Consumer Electronics Show, and they’ve done a lot to provide a new stream of profit to Apple, which was already pretty good at ma
Steven Stone wonders if we really need all that "value-enhancing" stuff around an audio product?"...Steven Stone wonders if we really need all that "value-enhancing" stuff around an audio product?"...
The new JVC LX-UH1 is a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD)... The post KLIAVS 2018: 4K treat from Maxx AV appeared first on av2day.com.The JVC LX-UH1 4K projector   Every year, it is sheer joy to enter Maxx AV’s room at the Kuala Lumpu
More photos from the Tidal Audio headquarters. Here you can see the La Assoluta flagship speakers and the rest of the lines...www.tidal-audio.de photo credit - Ludwig Audio
The post Jason Miles-Kind of New European Tour 2018 Part 2 appeared first on HeadPhone.guru.
My good friend Klaus Speth today hosted some Japanese and Thailandese pals at his place...Klaus is a family-man and he loves his life and enjoys his music system and music... no Audio Fairs, no international meetings... he's a true master and to get
Listen Here A truly remarkable live recording with the emotional and griping tones of Mary voice.This track is a IMAGING giant.Mary voice reaches into your living room.You can picture the jazz club as the song draws you in.Get ready to leave a tip fo
Mark Smotroff finally finds a reason to write about a 75-year-old Broadway show...Mark Smotroff finally finds a reason to write about a 75-year-old Broadway show...
A good sound system is more than just a set of highly impressive technical specifications, the listening quality itself is more important than a list of figures. With our 200 series audio equipment we believe we have achieved an extraordinarily good
Talking about the ultra-fi bespoke tube creations!? There is only one boutique ultra high end audio bespoke manufacturer, that can materialise such unique music boxes.... The Dalby Audio 70k D3 phono line/phono preamplifier, made to measure. D3 uses
The post Schiit Lyr 3 Hybrid Modular Tube Headphone Amplifier & Schiit Multibit DAC Module A Leap Ahead appeared first on HeadPhone.guru.
A world within the show, a Quintessence Audio LTD exhibit only requires a few steps physically (none socially) to transport you to a wonderland of high-end audio toys. For one weekend a year, the Chicago area showroom gathers up its roots and re-plan
... only a glimpse of the 26 records I found... early morning, as usual, fresh air, black birds singing and only die-hard sellers and buyers, around... Japanese pressing... was searching for this bastard for eons...Japanese pressing&nbsp
Photography is an important part of every high-end audio show – but these days everyone has a smartphone, and things […]
The SA200 is a high performance stereo power amplifier that will satisfy the most demanding listening tests and measurements. Internally the SA200 consists of two identical mono power amplifiers, each with its own separate DC power supply fed from se
Few more photos of the Marten Mingus Quintet speakers partnered with Beyond Frontiers Audio new monoblocks (each with 1Kw) tube preamp and DAC from the Multipak show in Croatia.www.marten.sewww.beyondfrontiersaudio.com
I met two wonderful men in a hotel elevator at Axpona. Its not often that you get to freely say such things as a man but thats a topic for another time and place. A discussion started brewing on the elevator between Alan Kafton (of The Cable Cooker)