Relationships reasons women should prioritize selfpleasure every single

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reasons women should prioritize selfpleasure every single

Relationships Fri Jul 21 2017 23:58:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: Photo by Llywelyn Nys on Unsplash The key to happiness for women is self-pleasure. Yes, that can include masturbation, but self-pleasure is about so much more. So show yourself a little love, and pleasure yourself fo
Photo: weheartit When you're feeling insecure about yourself, you may find yourself lying on the first date. Though you shouldn't excuse this bad behavior and be honest with your date, there are plenty of reasons why people lie on dates, including be
Photo: WeHeartIt While every breakup is different, a lot of guys tend to come up with the same reasons. But it can't ALWAYS be something that the guys did, right? If you're in a relationship that's on the ropes or may have just left a relationship an
As you age, society tells you what you should and shouldn't do to be more youthful. But if you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to see your glow? We asked how women in their 60s without makeup feel about themselves and what other women
Photo: weheartit It's a great thing to be a strong woman in today's male-dominated world, but what happens when you try to date in a pool of men who are intimidated or put off by you? That's one of the many reasons why it's hard for successful women
Photo: weheartit What makes women attractive to men? With so many beautiful women in the media, it's easy to forget that it shouldn't be your looks that matter in love. Here, men describe the traits and qualities that make a woman attractive to a man
Photo: weheartit Kissing on the beach is often portrayed as romantic and spur of the moment. But when it leads to sex on the beach? No thanks! From sand in places it shouldn't be to logistical condom issues, here are 5 reasons why you should NEVER ha
Photo: weheartit Men and women masturbate alone or as a couple for a wide variety of reasons. For those of us who do it to relax, the experience can be made all the more effective when you learn to seduce yourself through a personalized masturbation
Photo: ABC O.J. Simpson was granted parole for a Las Vegas robbery he spent nine years in jail for. Here are five reasons why he deserved to get out of jail, should not have been convicted, never pulled a gun, and was wrongly convicted for robbery be
Photo: unsplash Most people stay within their own age range when dating, but there are some women who love dating older men. Here, a woman who exclusively dates older guys shares her reasons why. Keywords: daddy, Dating, older menread more
Photo: WeHeartIt There are proven health benefits of masturbation, so whether you're single or in a relationship it's time to get busy! From relieving period cramps to better sex, find out the reasons why masturbation is good for you. Keywords: femal
Photo: weheartit Society believes that single women are lonely and simply waiting for "the one" to arrive, sweep them off their feet, and marry them. However, for most single women, marriage is not the key to happiness. Instead, being happily single
Click to view (10 images)Gal Gadot is giving the new generation of women the confidence they need to be a strong woman in her new movie, Wonder Woman. Here are some of our favorite Wonder Woman quotes to inspire every woman to be GREAT. Keywords: mov
Photo: weheartit When it comes to sex, many women believe that men are always thinking about it. So, when a man says "no" to them, it can leave women confused and wondering it's them. However, the many reasons men don't want sex has nothing to do wit
Photo: weheartit A few scientific articles claim that women carry the DNA of every male they've had sex with inside their bodies, but is it true? Here are 6 facts from studies that have examined this theory to tell you all you need to know about male
Click to view (11 images)Sex is everywhere and EVERYONE has an opinion about it. So what are the funniest things that celebrities have said about sex? Here are 11 of our all-time favorite celebrity sex quotes, a collection of some very funny quotes a
Photo: weheartit While women sometimes struggle to really turn their man on during sex, you don't have to be one of them. And you can fix that by learning how to please your man in bed. It's more than just touching him the right way; you need to init
Photo: weheartit Hopefully, everyone has had the chance to experience the hottest foreplay of their lives with someone. And the sexiest way to get yourself prepared for sex is with dirty talk. Though your horoscope might be able to predict who you'll
Photo: weheartit Everyone has a list of non-negotiables for entering into a relationship, whether it's something simple like not smoking or something bigger like wanting kids someday. When you think about what you should expect from a good relationsh
Photo: weheartit You can try every piece of advice in the book to learn how to be happy, but there's one thing missing from the equation: how you feel about yourself. In order to truly find happiness in your life and especially in your relationships,
Photo: Photo by Janko Ferli on Unsplash A lot of women want to delay pregnancy until after 35 or 40 years old, and that's OK! But don't be fooled into thinking freezing eggs is easy. Here are 10 best practices for fertility
Photo: Weheartit When couples are trying to figure out how to improve their sex life, popular advice suggests they should spice things up by adding tantric sex, BDSM, and other kinky activities into the mix. Here's why renowned sex therapist Dr. Mart
Photo: weheartit There are some serious truths you need to know before having hot sex with a Capricorn. And we're going to explore why you should definitely be looking at this zodiac sign for some amazing sexy times! What's the best part of a Caprico
Photo: weheartit After being married for a long time, it doesn't matter how much relationship advice you read up on. Because in order for you to learn how to strengthen your relationship, there are certain questions you should be asking yourself and
Photo: weheartit When we think of rough sex, we might associate it with violence and a woman being submissive to her man. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, many women, including feminists, engage in this type of rough sex because
Click to view (4 images) Photo: weheartit There's a huge difference between a person who you can tolerate, even when you don't always agree on everything, versus that person who can't seem to know when you're at your tipping point. Looking to your ho
Photo: WeHeartIt Does Louis C.K. force women to watch him masturbate? Allegations of the comic's sexual assault and misconduct have been talked about for years. We have all the details and rumors about his perverted behavior that has been called out
Click to view (12 images) Photo: Pexels In dating, sometimes it's better to wait for the perfect person instead of dating all the wrong ones. Believe it or not, there's someone out there for almost everyone, so finding out your zodiac sign soulmate,
Photo: weheartit It's not enough to be in love with the man or woman in your life. There's a secret to a lasting relationship: If you want them to stay by your side through it all, you must consciously choose to love them over and over again, every s
Photo: ABC Who's the new bachelor? That's the question, well until today when everyone started asking, "Will Eric Bigger be the next "Bachelor?" With Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey down to just three men to chose from, Twitter has already made their pic
Photo: weheartit While men's physical bodies change as they age, so does what men look for in a woman. It's as if their tastes become more refined. While men in their 20s might enjoy having sex with as many women as possible, men in their 30s are mor
Click to view (12 images) Photo: unsplash Your zodiac sign reveals a lot about you. But sometimes, your horoscope predicts some unfavorable things. Find out the brutal truth about each zodiac sign that astrology thinks you should know. Keywords: astr
Photo: WeHeartIt We all have someone in our lives who can make us feel completely crazy and try to control everything we do. They may have a personality disorder and be a crazy maker, which isn't too far off from being a narcissist. In order to get o
Your daily free sex and love horoscope for Tuesday, July 18, 2017 is here for each of the zodiac signs. Check out what astrology has in store for your relationships today whether you're dating, single, looking for love or just trying to figure out th
Like most things, men and women see sex differently. Often what works for men doesn't always work for women. From trying porn moves to attempting tricky sex positions, here are the 5 biggest mistakes men make during sex. Keywords: sex positions, sexr
Click to view (4 images)Being dominant in the bedroom takes some serious confidence, and not everyone has it! It takes a certain kind of kinky person to take control in a way that turns EVERYONE on. These 4 sexually dominant zodiac signs are serious
Click to view (3 images) Photo: Unsplash There are certain zodiac signs that gossip, and they do so for a lot of different reasons. Maybe it's because these zodiac signs love attention, or perhaps it's that they are bored and just love the drama. Eit
Your daily free sex and love horoscope for Monday, July 17, 2017 is here for each of the zodiac signs. Check out what astrology has in store for your relationships today whether you're dating, single, looking for love or just trying to figure out the
Photo: weheartit When it comes to dating and relationships, the eternal question that many women ask is, "Do guys like nice girls?" The answer has nothing to do with being a "nice" girl or not. It has to do with your own confidence, self-esteem, and
Click to view (10 images)Aquarius women might seem like enigmas in bed, but turn on the charm with your words and she'll be eating out of the palm of your hand. Look to these 10 sex quotes to get you started on the right things to say to turn on this
Photo: pexels Sometimes, you wish that your younger self knew what you knew now about dating to help avoid heartbreak down the line. So what are the dating rules you should really pay attention to? We're going to save you some time, energy, and heart
Photo: weheartit In a world where money matters in every day life, it's easy to lose sight of what's really important. But money issues are causing relationship problems among couples. When couples put money instead of love to the forefront of their
Photo: weheartit There are certain things about women that make men go crazy... and not in a good way! While you can't help who you are attracted to, women sometimes have bad habits or physical traits that immediately make men look the other way. Whe
Photo: weheartit Have you ever thought about what happens to women's eggs as they age, especially when they go through a dry spell? Well, if you are trying to get pregnant, you might want to consider these facts about fertility. From peak fertility o
Photo: courtesy of the author For women who are getting older and are close to turning 50, they are all too familiar with what happens to your skin. Specifically, what happens to women's necks as they age. But instead of dreading this part of your bo
Photo: weheartit Though it may be taboo to talk about, especially when women do it, masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life. And it turns out that there are many health benefits of masturbation. From improving the quality of sleep to reliev