Relationships mother verb womans journey discover own version motherhood

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mother verb womans journey discover own version motherhood

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: istock Mothers are some of the most important women we need in our lives. But what if a woman is not meant to be a mother? The struggles of being infertile and the desire for motherhood can take a toll on women and their family. However, "moth
Sick of taking your birth control pills and want to get rid of them? The first thing you should do is throw them out and not flush them down a toilet. According to a recent study, male fish have become transgender fish because of the hormones in cont
Photo: weheartit Entering the swinger lifestyle can be intimidating for couples new and old to polyamory alike. Here's the story of how my husband and I set up and thoroughly enjoyed! our first date as swingers. Keywords: first date, group sex, kink,
Photo: Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash There are lots of parenting articles out there, but there are very few on how to have a relationship with your adult children. This is what empty nest syndrome is really like, a
Click to view (4 images)Being clingy gets such a bad rap! But these signs are just trying to protect themselves from heartbreak. Find out which clingy zodiac signs just can't get enough of their relationships. Keywords: Relationships, zodiac, taurus,
Photo: Pixabay How do you tell someone you just started dating that you don't want to see them again? It's an awkward situation, but don't give them a pity second date. Here are 10 things you can say to let them know you're not interested after a fir
Photo: WeHeartIt Poop was recently discovered in the ice at three major coffee chains: Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Caffe Nero. Experts from BBC Watchdog found varying levels of fecal bacteria in the ice. Starbucks is now conducting its own investiga
Click to view (12 images) Photo: Unsplash Everyone knows their own basic traits, but sometimes you need the opinion of someone else to help you figure out your true self. Look to discover the perfect way to describe your zodiac sign in one sentence.
Photo: weheartit Men are known to never turn down sex, especially if it's oral sex performed by a woman. But when you come across the rare men who hate blowjobs, it can be mind-boggling. But even these men have reasons for not enjoying it, including
Photo: YourTango We found six stories about kids who went missing. These cases are unsolved mysteries and the whereabouts of the children are still unknown. These are some of the most frustrating true crime stories, latest theories and details about
Photo: weheartit While you've heard of sex robots in the past, it's true that technology is really starting to meld with our sex lives. But these android sex dolls are changing the game. Known as "Samantha," this automated doll is capable of switchin
Click to view (8 images) Photo: weheartit Sometimes, we're convinced our boobs have a mind of their own. From complaining about boob jail to clapping back to guys who can't stop staring, here are eight things your big boobs would say if they could ta
Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Though the word "vixen" used to be considered today's equivalent of "slut," today it describes a woman who owns her sexuality. And astrology can certainly tell us the zodiac signs that are amazing at sex and
Photo: weheartit For men who want to learn how to get a girl to like you, it all comes down to the strategy they use. While we may think that it's all about how attractive a man is, there are certain things women notice about men. From the clothing y
Photo: unsplash Most people stay within their own age range when dating, but there are some women who love dating older men. Here, a woman who exclusively dates older guys shares her reasons why. Keywords: daddy, Dating, older menread more
The latest trend among children and adults alike is fidget spinners, where you can spend countless hours entertaining yourself and watching this piece of plastic spin around. But now, by her own creation, a woman named Manuela Torres-Orejuela has cre
Click to view (3 images) Photo: weheartit Some zodiac signs HATE having others breathing down their necks. These non-cliingy zodiac signs won't just sit around with someone that can't be independent in their relationships. Keywords: astrology, zodiac
Photo: weheartit Penis tattoos are apparently thing a thing. We don't really know why exactly, but here are nude photos of 6 penises fully covered in tats for you to draw your own conclusions about the painful looking trend. Keywords: dick, nude, Pen
Photo: weheartit Dressing up in a sexy costume for your partner can definitely be hot on its own, but by taking note of these "do's and don'ts" you can turn role-playing sex games using costumes and props during foreplay and sex to into the steamiest
Photo: unsplash By Christie Drozdowski Lets look at this one, I said, suggestively pulling a copy of The Kama Sutra from the shelf. My husband and I were at our favorite bookstore downtown, and we had just gotten married. As we flipped throu
Photo: courtesy of the author How can we learn to be more confident? How can we overcome self doubt and insecurity? Andrea Miller, the founder of YourTango, talks about her journey of self-acceptance and how the process of writing her new book, Radic
Photo: Unsplash Relationships aren't easy. But when you finally find the right one, it will feel effortless. (And you'll start feeling like a grown-up.) Here are the nine signs you're in a healthy relationship with a mature partner. Keywords: Relatio
Photo: weheartit Women are on dating apps and constantly scouring the area to discover where to find marriage material men. But if you look at the statistics and research, there are a number of things that determine if you will find love. From how yo
Photo: weheartit When you don't know how to be less emotional and are guilty of "bottling and brooding," your relationship can really suffer. Bottling is when you push your feelings down, and brooding is when your emotions make it difficult to do any
Photo: WeHeartIt Have you heard of the the latest new sex position trend known simply as the "bridge." So what exactly is the bridge sex position and will it help you spice up your sex life? We've found out all the details about the bridge that you'l
Photo: Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash    Shame can be sneaky. Sometimes we have a bad feeling down deep or feel guilty for something we cannot change, and that can affect your chance to find real love. H
Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Everyone has their own unique strengths, and when it comes to the best traits of each zodiac sign, things are no different. Take a look to see the one thing each zodiac sign does better than EVERYONE else. K
Click to view (10 images)Rupi Kaur is known for her short-yet-powerful poetry that's taken the world by storm. Her poetry has managed to reach people all over, and digging through all those poems can feel overwhelming. So, we've collected the our fav
Photo: weheartit How do you learn to love your body? In a world obsessed with diets and body image, it can be hard to feel comfortable in your own skin. But here's how you can love yourself (and your body) by being happy, healthy, and confident. Keyw
Photo: weheartit By the time I learned about the drama my middle school daughter was facing from mean girls, she already had it handled! Here's how raising daughters to feel strong and confident about their own worth makes ALL the difference in their
Click to view (14 images)There's no doubt that Drake will go down in history as a legendary rapper. Don't believe it? Give these 14 Drake quotes and lyrics a read that prove he deserves every bit of fame he's got. Keywords: Drake, quotes, lyrics, dra
Click to view (12 images)Rupi Kaur has become one of the most quotable poets because she's able to say the things we all feel, but can't explain. When it comes to overcoming physical or emotional abuse, it's never an easy journey. These 12 Rupi Kaur
Photo: weheartit From a young age, we're bombarded with romanticized versions of love. But love isn't always pretty or easy. So what is love, then? Read on to find out what love REALLY looks like. Keywords: love, what is loveread more
Photo: weheartit The journey to coming out as transgender is never an easy one, especially with the backlash and lack of acceptance from family members and society. But when you truly learn to accept yourself as you are and adopt a positive mindset,
Photo: courtesy of the author Before having children, we are responsible for ourselves and are allowed to be selfish, but once you become a mother or father, your life does a complete 180. From losing the feeling in your nipples after breastfeeding t
Photo: weheartit We've all seen movies where couples have a romantic evening followed by a night of passionate sex, but you can make this a reality in your own relationship. In order to learn how to have romantic sex, you must ensure that your partne
Photo: pixabay Shame can linger for years, and it's tempting to push it down. But you can heal your old wounds and deal with shame. Here's the best Expert advice on how to heal and banish even the deepest shame so you can finally move on. Keywords: c
Photo: weheartit We've all dealt with narcissists in our lives, maybe even our romantic relationships and family. But for survivors of narcissistic abuse, you can't help but blame yourself for the verbal and emotional insults you've put up with. But
Photo: weheartit When someone pisses you off, you tend to ruminate in the anger for hours or even days. But understanding how to deal with anger lies in knowing your own core beliefs and values. Your morals hold the key to your personal happiness, sa
Photo: weheartit We all want to know what this summer has in store for the romantic part of our lives, and that's why we turn to astrology and take a deeper look at our zodiac signs. But one of the best ways to discover your love horoscope for July i
Photo: Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash Too often, women are taught to hide away our sexual desire. If you want to fix your low sex drive, try these eight easy tips for increasing your libido and discovering your true, secr
Photo: WeHeartIt When you start dating a man it is never easy, and dating a man who is someone's baby daddy presents its own special challenges. However, the risk to reward ratio for the success of your romantic relationship is serious, and for all t
Photo: unsplash Dating is hard as it is, but, when you add kids to the mix, it gets a little more complicated. Whether you have kids of your own or not, special care has to be taken when you date a single parent. Here are the rules for dating a singl
Photo: Unsplash Relationships are definitely a roller coaster things aren't always smooth. But there's a difference between normal ups and downs and an unhealthy relationship. Check out these signs of a healthy relationship to find out if yours is on
Click to view (4 images) Photo: weheartit Bored on a Friday or Saturday night and longing for something to do? Are you down to have a good time and need someone by your side? Call these wild zodiac signs they are ready to PARTY (and they'll show you
Using Wasp Gall inside your vagina has been the rage for women looking to get a tighter vagina and to help them have better sex. While doctors have disproved using these methods, I wondered how the treatment would affect my own sex life and my vagina
Photo: Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash All single parents looking for love discover some hidden baggage. But the key to dating as a single mom is embracing the strong woman you are, and facing your truth. Here are 4 ways