Relationships surefire woman intense orgasm minutes

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surefire woman intense orgasm minutes

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critical mistakes successful men push women far away

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: weheartit Though some women only require five minutes to have an orgasm, others may take as long as 30 minutes, and some never even get there. Instead of feeling frustrated that you can't get her there, why not invest in sex toys that will hel
Photo: weheartit If you ask most men if they know how to make a woman come, they'll probably say yes, because men. Truth is, most guys could stand to learn some techniques that will make his woman hotter and more orgasmic. Here are 13 things guys can
Photo: weheartit For couples who are trying anal sex for the first time, it's important to know what you are doing. And part of that knowledge is learning how to have an anal orgasm. Start by trusting your partner and using a lot of lube, and once yo
Photo: weheartit It's not enough to be in love with the man or woman in your life. There's a secret to a lasting relationship: If you want them to stay by your side through it all, you must consciously choose to love them over and over again, every s
Photo: courtesy of the author While I'm 100% open to interracial dating in theory, if I'm being totally honest, the idea of me, a black woman, dating a white man scares me. Here are the 5 main concerns about dating a white guy (and falling in love wi
Photo: courtesy of the author While I'm 100% open to interracial dating in theory, if I'm being totally honest, the idea of me, a black woman, dating a white man scares me. Here are the 5 main concerns about dating a white guy (and falling in love wi
Photo: weheartit It's a great thing to be a strong woman in today's male-dominated world, but what happens when you try to date in a pool of men who are intimidated or put off by you? That's one of the many reasons why it's hard for successful women
Photo: weheartit While men's physical bodies change as they age, so does what men look for in a woman. It's as if their tastes become more refined. While men in their 20s might enjoy having sex with as many women as possible, men in their 30s are mor
Photo: weheartit What makes women attractive to men? With so many beautiful women in the media, it's easy to forget that it shouldn't be your looks that matter in love. Here, men describe the traits and qualities that make a woman attractive to a man
Photo: WeHeartIt While most of us watch reality television shows where contestants vie for the love and attention of one man or woman, committing to monogamy in our own romantic relationships means leaving these ideals behind. In order to learn how t
Photo: weheartit If you've been settling for mediocre relationships, then you probably want to know how to find an amazing girlfriend. Dating and attracting a woman who is good enough takes a lot of work. But having confidence, letting go of past hur
Click to view (10 images)Every woman of the Zodiac has something different that turns them on. Pisces finds lust in beautiful words and erotic poetry that creates her DREAM fantasy. Here are 10 sex quotes and poems that will make a Pisces woman turne
When mothers are breastfeeding their babies, it can be exhausting, especially if the baby cries when you try to get a minute alone with your man. That's why one mom chose to try something different. Meet Youtuber Tasha Maile, a woman who has sex whil
Photo: weheartit When a woman finds her man watching gay porn, the discovery can lead to all kinds of questions and assumptions about his sexual orientation and what his fantasies might mean about their relationship. Here's what it really means when
Photo: istock Mothers are some of the most important women we need in our lives. But what if a woman is not meant to be a mother? The struggles of being infertile and the desire for motherhood can take a toll on women and their family. However, "moth
Photo: WeHeartIt Giving a woman oral sex is about SO much more than pleasure, although she'll love that aspect, too! When you give your woman cunnilingus, you're showing her that you are dedicated to her pleasure and that you find her sexy as hell an
Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Though the word "vixen" used to be considered today's equivalent of "slut," today it describes a woman who owns her sexuality. And astrology can certainly tell us the zodiac signs that are amazing at sex and
The latest trend among children and adults alike is fidget spinners, where you can spend countless hours entertaining yourself and watching this piece of plastic spin around. But now, by her own creation, a woman named Manuela Torres-Orejuela has cre
Photo: weheartit People can usually tell when their partner is cheating on them, as their behaviors change and cause the partner to become suspicious. But when you look at the signs he's seeing another woman, things are a bit different. From spending
Many of us would love to travel the world but find that it's a little too expensive. But Heidy Pandora is a woman who sleeps with married men for free travel, gets to live all over the world, and has no shame about being the other woman. While she do
Photo: weheartit Men are known to never turn down sex, especially if it's oral sex performed by a woman. But when you come across the rare men who hate blowjobs, it can be mind-boggling. But even these men have reasons for not enjoying it, including
Photo: weheartit While most men have good intentions when they try to add a little romance to their relationship, many fall short of a woman's expectations. But for those who really want to learn how to be romantic, why not take some advice from the
Photo: Unsplash Despite their popularity, sex toys are still quite a taboo subject. But they shouldn't be! Here, one woman talks about the time she hosted a sex toy party for her prude-ish friends to show them what the BEST sex toys can really do. Ke
Photo: weheartit Though your outward appearance is what can initially attract someone to you, your personality is what makes a woman sexy to a man. Being nurturing, confident, fun, independent and feminine prove that sometimes, it's not all about sex
Click to view (8 images) Photo: WeHeartIt If you've been dating a woman, you may be too caught up your new romance to realize that she isn't into you. In order to save yourself from getting hurt and wasting your time and money, it's important to real
Photo: unsplash Most people stay within their own age range when dating, but there are some women who love dating older men. Here, a woman who exclusively dates older guys shares her reasons why. Keywords: daddy, Dating, older menread more
Photo: Weheartit PIV (penis-in-vagina) intercourse is far from the only way you can lose your V-card these days. Here's one woman's story of exactly what losing your virginity via anal sex felt like for her, as well as how and why she lost it that wa
Photo: Facebook German model Martina Big has announced that she has transitioned to being a black woman. It's reminiscent of civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal, another white woman who wanted to be black. Are what these women doing hurting the blac
Photo: WeHeartIt Do you know what "engagement chicken" is? It's the idea that a woman can make a home-cooked meal that's so good that a man will immediately think, "I have to marry this woman." If the path to your man's heart is through his stomach,
Photo: unsplash  Sexual fantasies are a normal part of sexuality, but what happens if you try them IRL? Here, one woman's (awkward!) sex story about turning her lesbian sex fantasy into reality. Keywords: lesbian, sex, sex stories, lesbian s
Photo: weheartit While there are plenty of male sex toys on the market including cock rings and vagina sleeves, most men don't think about masturbating with fruit. But for one anonymous man, he finds that this is the best way to have an orgasm. From
Photo: weheartit Good cunnilingus is hard to come by in our day-to-day sex lives, but not so much in our imagination, thanks to erotic stories from websites like Literotica. Erotica helps paint a vivid picture of what oral sex on a woman should be li
Click to view (10 images)Gal Gadot is giving the new generation of women the confidence they need to be a strong woman in her new movie, Wonder Woman. Here are some of our favorite Wonder Woman quotes to inspire every woman to be GREAT. Keywords: mov
Photo: weheartit A new North Carolina rape law makes it legal for a man to rape a woman if the woman consented and then said no in the middle of sex. Not only is this a violation of a person's body, but its unethical terms have people raising their e
Photo: the sun When this video of a couple having sex at a racetrack went completely viral on the internet, the woman in the video felt completely ashamed after being filmed without her consent. Though public sex can be fun, it's also risky, but that
Photo: weheartit There is nothing brighter and more beautiful than when your girl smiles for you. A smile can show all of the love, happiness, and goodness that a woman has in her heart, so it's no surprise that many men are looking to know how to ma
Photo: popsugar This single man wanted a baby but hadn't met the woman of his dreams yet. Here's his incredible story of how this single dad is changing minds about who can use IVF to start a family. Keywords: family, single, single dad, IVFread more
Photo: Unsplash Lube is a great way to make sex feel even better, but what is WEED lube? One woman tried it and reveals EXACTLY what weed lube feels like on your vagina. Keywords: lube, vagina, sexread more
Photo: weheartit Somehow in this day and age, there are still people who think that having sex on the first date makes a woman less worthy of love and respect. Here's what women really need to know about that archaic BS. Keywords: Dating, sex on the