Relationships asked guys why sex told

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asked guys why sex told

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Relationships Fri Jul 28 2017 20:45:08 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: unsplash When you're dating, it's normal to find yourself asking the question "why do men just want sex?" The truth is a bit more complicated than you might think. So we asked some anonymous men to shed some light on the way women think about
You know the drill: When it's cold outside, our favorite stores are selling T-shirts. When it's hot, they're hocking sweaters. The fashion world tends to do things a little backwards. That's why, over the past few weeks, high-fashion labels have been
Women are often taught to search for lumps while doing breast exams, but many aren't aware that it's possible to have breast cancer that you can't detect that way. That's why Sherrie Rhodes, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is sharing h
Boys for Sale isanew documentary that explores the phenomenon of theurisen, or male brothel, in Tokyo, in which male sex workers, also called urisen, oftenidentify as straight yet make themselves available to an all-male clientele for cash. Direc&amp
The life of a film critic isn't all dazzling parties, sexy encounters and universal adoration. No, there are times when one must make the ultimate sacrifice, take a hit for the team and ensure the continuing evolution of our cultural...The life of a
Unlike Dr. Seuss with his green eggs and ham, we're more than happy to welcome ros wine in pretty much any form: in a can, from the freezer, as Sugarfina gummy bears, in our deodorant the sky's the limit. But why stop there?Turns out, ros is far from
Getty Image Much like a basketball and the Earth we occupy currently hurling us through space, the drama around LaVar Ball continues to spin. On Thursday, Ball did another thing to disrupt an AAU game his Big Ballers were involved in. Ball asked for
Sometimes coming out to friends requires a tearful and serious conversation, but sometimes (like when you're pretty positive that they'll be cool with your sexuality) it can be a little more fun. Case in point: Lindsey Farrell, who came out to her so
Recent speculation of Tyler, the Creators sexuality has been one of the hottest topics across the internet, but it shouldn’t be. From people digging through old lyrics and interviews to notable news outlets posting stories that added fuel t
Welcome to National Waterpark Day, folks! It’s a special date set aside to commemorate fun water slides and the sexy...VIEW GALLERY Welcome to National Waterpark Day, folks! It’s a special date set aside to commemorate fun water s
The Dutch government says a campaign to raise funds for access to birth control, abortion, and womens sexual health programs in developing nations has so far raised more than 260 million euros ($305 million).The She Decides fund was launched after Pr
After dropping off a teaser video for Season 2 of his collaborative effort with adidas Originals, Alexander Wang and the Three Stripes give us our first look at the drop 1 campaign shot by Juergen Teller. The new unisex collection is a nod to rave an
Click to view (7 images) Photo: weheartit Things My Dick Does is a Tumblr that features one man's penis in a variety of costumes and situations. The cute penis photos take the term dick pics to a WHOLE new level. Keywords: Art, dick, men, Penis, sext
Getty Image Paul George plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder now, and that’s not going to change. But as the offseason drama in Cleveland continues to unfold, we’re finally finding out why a proposed trade deal that would have sent
The eternally revered Angel Beats! will be receiving a new manga known as “Angel Beats! -The Last Operation-“, which will serve as the franchise’s “true” arc and will reveal why the characters came in
Kim Zapata has been feeling more stressed out than usual and doesn't know why her anxiety is escalating to an almost unbearable level. It could be because of the impending changes in her life, her upset over the current state of the nation, or her in