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oneword tattoo ideas minimalistic woman

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Click to view (20 images)There are a lot of tattoo ideas out there, but one-word tattoos can make the biggest statement, even though they are small and simple. The minimalistic woman may not want giant tattoos or a full sleeve or thigh tattoo, but th
Photo: weheartit Unfortunately, women really do care a bit too much about what men think, especially when it comes to sex. But what about foreplay and how a woman carries herself? For the ladies who want to know what turns guys on the most, it's touc
Photo: weheartit Men will sometimes go to great lengths to attract a woman and get her attention but will come out unsuccessful. That's because most men don't understand what women want in a man. But if you're intelligent, confident, charismatic, kno
Photo: WeHeartIt From monogamy to polyamory, there are many different kinds of relationships. Those in monogamous relationships may wonder what it's like being in an open marriage. Here's what it's like, according to a woman who's in one. Keywords: o
Photo: Unsplash If anyone's ever called you intimidating, you just might be an alpha woman. Maybe it's because of your take-charge attitude or maybe you just have the personality traits of a leader. From enjoying alone time to always being straightfo
Photo: weheartit Sometimes it is hard being a woman, being a feminist, and being in love and dating men. You want to be perceived as an equal but still as object of desire. That's why it can be frustrating to hear that you are "intimidating." We aske
Photo: WeHeartIt Not all women are so easy-going, especially when it comes to difficult women. But even though they give you a lot of crap, they are worth it. So if you find yourself loving a difficult woman, you need to know that she loves power, yo
Photo: weheartit Dating someone who is loud and comfortable in her own skin can be intimidating, but that's no reason to be afraid of who she is at heart. And if you find yourself loving an assertive woman, she comes with a warning sign. To understan
Photo: weheartit While casual hookups are perfectly fine when you're a single woman, there are times when the man you're sleeping with is a grade A douchebag. If he's never been tested for STDs, brags about all the women he's slept with, expects blow
Photo: weheartit What part of a woman's body do men like most? There are a wide variety of traits, characteristics, and features that determine physical and sexual attraction. We have all the details from a new study that reveals what part of women's
Chelsea Manning was interviewed in Vogue about her dating life, her childhood and living life as a transgender woman, We have all the hot photos of her in a bathing suit and dresses to see what she looks like now as a trans woman after transitioning
Photo: weheartit There's nothing wrong with vanilla sex ... but there's so much more to try in the bedroom. If you're looking for ways to spice up your sex life, you should try these kinky sex ideas that will turn you both on in a huge way and keep t
Photo: weheartit Men usually have a "type" of woman they fall head over heels for, and some of them are lucky enough to end up with a Jewess. So, for the men who find themselves loving a Jewish woman, they need to understand that these ladies are edu
Two Tacoma, Washington residents Michael Kellar, 56, and Gail Burnworth, 50 were arrested on child sex charges after a woman who was a childhood educator / teacher on board the same plane caught him texting his girlfriend details of their plans to se
Photo: @instahairyarms/Instagram In a society obsessed with perfectly smooth skin on women, you can't help but wonder what do guys think about body hair on a woman you know, hairy arms, hairy armpits, hairy legs, hairy upper lip. Like it or not, is s
Photo: WeHeartIt Everyone tries to define what makes a woman beautiful, even pitting women against other women. NO MORE! Here's why women are so mean to each other, and how to start building up each other's confidence instead of tearing it down. Keyw
Photo: weheartit Even though tattoos have been around for centuries, people still think of them as taboo. That's why many mothers warn their daughters to steer clear of guys who have them. But when you consider why men with tattoos make the best husb
Although women are frequently accused of moving too quickly when it comes to love, dating, and romance, they aren't the only ones who do that. Some men are just as guilty of wanting to make a woman their girlfriend way too quickly. We asked them why
Photo: weheartit Even in the most casual of circumstances, body language is one of the most complicated forms of communication, especially between men and women. So when it comes to breasts, how can a guy tell if a woman who brushes her boobs up agai
When it comes to love and commitment in relationships, men and women are just different. When a woman commits, stuff like moving in together is no big deal. However, moving in together can be a huge issue for men. I asked why this is the case, and me
Photo: WeHeartIt Details of a woman who realized her husband had been raping her in her sleep after she discovered several recorded videos of him sexually assaulting her in his sleep. Keywords: raperead more
Photo: unsplash Men and women approach romance and dating differently. Heck, they even can approach love differently! While a man might fall in love with a woman he can have a hard time telling her "I love you". We asked men why expressing their love
Photo: weheartit Why do so many women lie about how many guys they have sex with? When a man sleeps with multiple women, we give him a pat on the back; when a woman has sex with a lot of men, we immediately show disrespect. It's a double standard tha
Photo: weheartit There are times when a man is around a woman he is strongly attracted to that he feels majorly turned on, but he won't admit his feelings. But you can't help who you're attracted to. And if he blushes when you're around, stares at yo
Photo: weheartit What is it like living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)? Those who don't have PTSD might find the mental illness hard to understand. Here, one woman explains what it's like to have PTSD and what she wishes people know about
Photo: weheartit While we usually express our adoration for our partner by saying "I love you," sometimes, your actions are much more appreciated. So, in order to learn how to tell him you love him, you need to come up with some romantic ideas first.
Photo: unsplash Imagine having a strange, painful reaction every time you had sex and thinking you were allergic to sex! But what if your birth control is to blame? One woman describes her journey to finding out she was allergic to latex condoms, and
Photo: unsplash It can be hard to read guys sometimes, especially if they're hot one minute and cold the next. And truth be told, some men will start being friendly with one woman with the sole intention of noticed by one of her friends. Here are som
Is there such a thing as TOO big a penis? This is what is it like to have sex with a guy with a huge dick? One woman's sex story about a man who was so large in the pants that it was extremely painful, didn't fit and even lube and different sex posit
Photo: Shareably One couple showed the ultimate form of true love by having a Target date night. Two parents gave us total marriage and relationship goals by getting drunk and going shopping in this viral story on Facebook. Keywords: date ideas, date
Photo: unsplash Why does it seem men are afraid to settle down with just one woman? That's something many ladies ask when their dating relationship looks likely to evolve into a long-term romantic relationship. Men and women think about love and rela
Photo: courtesy of the author What is it like to marry a swinger? Those outside of the swinglifestyle might not understand it but one woman describes how she married into the swinger community. Here she offers an inside look at the kinky lifestyle of
Photo: unsplash Teen Vogue recently wrote a revealing article about anal sex, and many parents weren't happy about it. But here's why one woman thinks parents should be happy Teen Vogue wrote about anal sex and why raising such topics with our childr
Photo: WeHeartIt Is your husband gay? These are the signs that will help you tell if your husband or boyfriend is attracted to other men, as written by a gay man who used to be married to a woman. Most straight spouses whove been married to someone c
Photo: weheartit When the most beautiful woman Ive ever dated abruptly and unapologetically discarded me from her life like a baggie full of dog turds, I was crippled by an unremitting heartache and dizzying confusion. Desperate for answers, I called
Photo: weheartit During pregnancy a woman's body goes through a lot of changes. There is one that no one really ever seems to talk about: the way your boobs smell. Do boobs smell different when you're pregnant? It turns out they do, but it's a little