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why men always seem choose women

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: weheartit Whether you've been in a relationship with a man for a few months or a few years, the topic of marriage is always lurking in the back of your mind. But then, when he dumps you for someone else and ends up marrying her, you might end
Photo: weheartit So many of us wonder why men don't seem to listen to women when we offer them the same advice other people do. Dr. David Ley explains the underlying communication skills (or lack thereof) that make this the all too common downfall of
Photo: weheartit While 1 in 4 women will be raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime, we always doubt that it can happen to us. But because sexual assault is a very real issue, no matter how old you are, it's important to know the warning signs of
Photo: WeHeartIt Everyone tries to define what makes a woman beautiful, even pitting women against other women. NO MORE! Here's why women are so mean to each other, and how to start building up each other's confidence instead of tearing it down. Keyw
Photo: unsplash Why does it seem men are afraid to settle down with just one woman? That's something many ladies ask when their dating relationship looks likely to evolve into a long-term romantic relationship. Men and women think about love and rela
Photo: weheartit While many of the reasons why women cheat have to do with a husband who doesn't pay attention to you or a sex life that's boring, it turns out that there's an age women are most likely to cheat. You might suspect a young bride would
Photo: weheartit Why do so many women lie about how many guys they have sex with? When a man sleeps with multiple women, we give him a pat on the back; when a woman has sex with a lot of men, we immediately show disrespect. It's a double standard tha
Photo: weheartit A article on Lifehacker suggested that women should use makeup sponges to help absorb blood while having sex during their period. Listen, there's nothing wrong with period sex or wanting less mess while having it. But makeup sponges
Photo: Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash Everyone has fears. Especially when it comes to toxic relationships. But learning to push through fear makes you strong. Here, 9 women share how to leave a toxic relationship, even when you're scared to leave.
Photo: weheartit There are plenty of things women prefer in a relationship, like good communication or having great sex. But is there something women consider more important than just physical intimacy? While men hold sex in high regard, as it turns
Photo: weheartit If you're single and are looking to get into the dating world, you might not know where to start. But your options for finding sexy, interesting women are pretty much endless if you know where to look. On the list of where to meet qu
Photo: weheartit Ladies may think they know the qualities women want in men, but do you really? What if your expectations change over time and you find yourself with someone you don't see a future with? Women often think they want a particular trait
Photo: unsplash / olayinka babalola Sexual violence affects thousands of people each year, but a scary study found that over 60 percent of black women in low-income areas report rape and sexual assault. Legislation and federal resources for
Photo: weheartit When we consider what men think about receiving a handjob, women might not realize that men truly enjoy a good old-fashioned. Though there are some men that might prefer a blowjob or sex, all of them can agree on what makes handjobs
Aging can take its toll on us emotionally and physically, and women may feel that wearing makeup can hide their age. But for women without makeup after 40, they sometimes find that keeping their face fresh and natural is the best way to boost their c
Photo: WeHeartIt How do women turn men off? Are there certain kinds of women that men simply can't stand? Men and women both play roles in relationships, but these are seven types of women that ultimately send men running for the hills. Keywords: men
Photo: WeHeartIt Did your recent breakup hit you out of nowhere? Did your man leave you and you're still wondering WHY? If you're heartbroken and looking for an explanation, here are 3 secret reasons men walk away from great women (that they're reluc
Photo: weheartit Many women have trouble having an orgasm during sex. And, often, they find themselves faking it instead of telling the truth. Whether they're trying to boost their partner's ego or just get sex over with, here are 4 big (and kind of
Photo: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Some say strong women intimate men, but it's not really true! Here are five ways to attract men who are NOT intimidated by powerful women, and keep him interested in a real rel
Photo: weheartit While it's usually easy for a man to orgasm during sex, for women, it takes time and being touched a certain way to get them to climax. But instead of fretting over not reaching the ultimate pleasure, you can try the best sex positio
Photo: WeHeartIt One of women's biggest fears when they hear a noise in their house is that someone broke in. A woman heard footsteps in her house one night and discovered a homeless man had been living in her attic. Another woman found her ex boyfri
Photo: weheartit Women are often self-conscious about what men think when it comes to their looks. But once a man is in a serious relationship with you, that's when things change. You can't always hide your body fluids or gasses, and it's not like me
Photo: weheartit Do women care about penis size? It's a question that men constantly ask themselves, especially those who aren't so well-endowed. Men sometimes worry about penis size so much that they develop performance anxiety. But how much do wome
Photo: unsplash / chris benson People bleach their teeth and their clothes, so why not... their butts? Here, one man reveals the moment he found out what anal bleaching is and how it affected his views on anal sex forever (and made him think of... hi
Click to view (14 images) Photo: Carey Fruth Photography Carey Fruth, a talented photographer, released a nude photoset based on American Beauty that celebrates women from all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. See 14 naked pictures of
Photo: YouTube Aging bodies can also be fitness goals. Check out these pictures and videos of 4 old women in their 60s and 70s who show you how to stay thin and in shape as you age with fitness and diet. See photos of aging bodies and adopt their exe
Women are sick and tired of guys lying about the same things ... it's a major problem with men. We asked our Facebook audience to name the top lies men tell, and the more than 2,000 women had plenty to say in the comments about the trustworthiness of
Click to view (9 images) Photo: Curves, The Book Photographer VictoriaJanashviliphotographs naked women of all shapes and sizes to show that beauty is about confidence. See these nude pics of big women prove that even plus-size women look gorgeous wi
Photo: Pinterest Why women are ashamed to call their genitals anything but vagina is complicated. From the p-word (pussy) to words like pink taco and more, how can you talk dirty to a woman and refer to her vagina in a sexy way if she has shame aroun
Photo: WeHeartIt In vitro fertilization can cost a fortune, and many women and couples, they're priced out of the dream of having a baby of their own. That's where INVOcell comes it. What is INVOcell? It's a cheaper alternative for traditional fertil
Photo: weheartit Even if you've been matching up with men online, there's still a good chance that your attitude toward dating is why you can't find a good man. Despite what you may think, good men do exist. So instead of pursuing any man who shows i
Photo: Photo by Llywelyn Nys on Unsplash The key to happiness for women is self-pleasure. Yes, that can include masturbation, but self-pleasure is about so much more. So show yourself a little love, and pleasure yourself fo
Photo: WeHeartIt The porn women like is very different from what guys go for. And finding the perfect pornography for girls can be difficult. So we did the work for you! We found the best porn for women, from videos-on-demand to sexy pics and gifs, t
Photo: weheartit There are plenty of sex songs out there these days, but for strong women who know exactly what they want, we have the 5 best songs for you to play when it's time to stand up and be direct with your man in the bedroom. Featuring music
Photo: unsplash / jurica koletic Cheating is one of the most devastating things that can happen in a relationship. But why do men cheat? People cheat all the time, but men do seem more drawn to infidelity than women. Whether it's from insecu
Photo: weheartit You may have been in a situation where you had feelings for a man, but he didn't reciprocate. Then, you got into a relationship and he suddenly wants to be with you. Is there a reason why some guys only want you when you're taken? Wh
Photo: weheartit All relationships come with the threat of a breakup, which can lead to a fear of commitment. But you don't have to spend your life alone! Here are a few ways to get over your commitment phobia. Keywords: commitment, Relationshipsread
Photo: WeHeartIt Orgasms are not what sex is all about. Sex is about intimacy, love, and connection. That said, orgasms are great too! The mystery of the female orgasm is so often discussed that sometimes we forget that men can have a challenging tim
Photo: weheartit Interviewed by Kyle Benson  Amir Levine, M.D., is a psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and co-author of a popular book, Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find and Keep Love, which has
Photo: weheartit When you're in a relationship with a man, but he stops asking for sex or wanting to sleep with you, you may be wondering why he's not interested in sex. Here's how to know if a man's not attracted to you, doesn't love you, or he want
Photo: weheartit Women are often self-conscious about what men think of them, including anything from the shape of their body to how they perform in the bedroom. But when you're in a relationship, it can be something as small as the type of underwear
Photo: weheartit Whether you suffer from clinical depression and anxiety or just feel depressed on occasion, we all face times in our lives when we lose interest in sex, stop feeling sexy and our self-esteem suffers. When it seems like you'll never f
Photo: Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash Women have a hard time prioritizing pleasure in our lives. Not just sexual pleasure, but also our own joy and happiness. Michele Brookhaus looks at the main contributors to the sham
Click to view (13 images)Women constantly worry about what men think of their sexual techniques, if they are doing the right thing, or are touching him where he likes it. And even if you think you're amazing in bed, there are plenty of sex mistakes w
Photo: unsplash Breakups are hard, especially when they come out of nowhere. You find yourself thinking, "I KNOW we were in love, so why did he break up with me?" From a loss of attraction to just starting a new point in his life, here are 5 of the m
Photo: Inquistr If you're wonder WHY Summer Phoenix And Casey Affleck divorce is officially happening, we have all the photos, videos, rumors and details about why Affleck's wife filed for divorce, other women, sexual harassment lawsuit details and t