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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: weheartit Boobs are great... for the most part. But there are some problems all girls with big boobs know all too well. What is it REALLY like having big boobs? From finding the right bra for your breasts to trying to work out while they're bo
Click to view (10 images)Gal Gadot is giving the new generation of women the confidence they need to be a strong woman in her new movie, Wonder Woman. Here are some of our favorite Wonder Woman quotes to inspire every woman to be GREAT. Keywords: mov
Like most things, men and women see sex differently. Often what works for men doesn't always work for women. From trying porn moves to attempting tricky sex positions, here are the 5 biggest mistakes men make during sex. Keywords: sex positions, sexr
Photo: Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash Nobody teaches you how to deal with your in-laws, but at some point in a marriage, every person will have problems with their spouse's family. Here, Margot Brown explains how to have
Photo: weheartit Society believes that single women are lonely and simply waiting for "the one" to arrive, sweep them off their feet, and marry them. However, for most single women, marriage is not the key to happiness. Instead, being happily single
Photo: weheartit A few scientific articles claim that women carry the DNA of every male they've had sex with inside their bodies, but is it true? Here are 6 facts from studies that have examined this theory to tell you all you need to know about male
Photo: WeHeartIt What's the best way for women to deal with infidelity? Cheat back! (No, really.) Cheating back can help women feel more empowered, satisfy their sexual urges, and thumb their nose at the patriarchy. Keywords: cheating, infidelityread
There are plenty of women who get breast and butt implants, but have you ever heard of purposely making yourself look like a human sex doll? Model Victoria Wild thinks she looks incredibly sexy with puffed up lips and giant boobs, and has so far spen
Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit While everyone has their own level of neuroticism they deal with on a daily basis, who are the most neurotic zodiac signs? From Aries' inability to see that they aren't perfect, to Leo believing they are alw
Click to view (3 images) Photo: Unsplash Calling someone 'brilliant' is quite a compliment we see smart people every single day, but it's a rare occasion when we find someone uniquely brainy. But these 3 brilliant zodiac signs have got it in the bag.
Photo: courtesy of the author For women who are getting older and are close to turning 50, they are all too familiar with what happens to your skin. Specifically, what happens to women's necks as they age. But instead of dreading this part of your bo
Photo: weheartit Though it may be taboo to talk about, especially when women do it, masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life. And it turns out that there are many health benefits of masturbation. From improving the quality of sleep to reliev
Photo: weheartit Did Miley Cyrus get a new tattoo? YES. Miley Cyrus' tattoo collection has grown in a big way over the last few years, and she's not done yet! Check out the meaning behind Miley's vegan sunflower tattoo. Keywords: miley cyrus, tattoos
Photo: weheartit When you say 'I love you' for the first time, it's a powerful statement. It's important to make sure it stays powerful in your relationship! Here, a few rules for saying 'I love you' to make sure it means something every time you say
Click to view (12 images)Monday through Thursday we spend most of our day dreading any and everything that's not Friday. Sadly, most of us have become people who live for the future but fortunately, we're not alone and we have these 10 funny Friday m
Click to view (12 images) Photo: Pexels Whether it's procrastination, biting your nails or your slight hoarding tendencies, everyone has a bad habit (or two). Turns out, your bad habits may be influenced by astrology. Here's a look at the zodiac sign
Photo: istock Mothers are some of the most important women we need in our lives. But what if a woman is not meant to be a mother? The struggles of being infertile and the desire for motherhood can take a toll on women and their family. However, "moth
Photo: courtesy of the author Girls and women constantly think "I wonder what would happen if I let my mom dress me for a week" but don't usually act on it. But when you're close with your mom and are tempted to raid her closet to see how her fashion
Photo: weheartit No one wants to have boring sex using the same positions every time. For couples looking to change things up and add a little excitement to the bedroom, you'll need to try these advanced kama sutra sex positions. Now, not everyone ca
Photo: weheartit Does monogamy work? Is monogamy natural? According to science, the answer to both questions is NO. Here are 3 big reasons why science says we can't expect humans to be monogamous, after all. Keywords: monogamy, Relationships, monogam
Photo: pexels Naming your baby is a HUGE decision. Need a little inspiration? Curious if everyone is still naming their kids Madison and Dakota? Want to know what are the most popular baby names right NOW? Check out the 50 most popular baby names for
Photo: unsplash America's political system has been under scrutiny lately. One writer argues that, following Donald Trump's election, every day, it seems more and more like Republicans simply don't care about the lives of average American citizens. H
Photo: unsplash Guys: you may think you know what it means to be a feminist, but you don't REALLY know until you actually fall in love with one. What is it like to love a feminist? And what can feminism teach men? Here are 11 big benefits that men re
Photo: WeHeartIt Being a narcissist isn't just poor behavior it is an actual mental disorder. But how can you tell if you're a narcissist? Does everyone else in your life know but you? Here are 11 signs that you might have narcissistic personality di
Is there anything more romantic than saying "I love you"? YES. Sure, women love to hear those three little words. But sometimes, there are things we need to hear instead of 'I love you." Here are 7 things that all women need to hear in a relationship
Photo: Cards Against Humanity The new pink Cards Against Humanity For Her deck is the same game, but costs $5 more "because you're worth it." The game was created to challenge the pink tax and the sexist marketing brands use to target women. Here are
Today's sex and love horoscope for Thursday, July 13th is here for each of the zodiac signs. Check out what astrology has in store for your relationships today whether you're dating, single, looking for love or just trying to figure out the zodiac co
Click to view (11 images)Sex is everywhere and EVERYONE has an opinion about it. So what are the funniest things that celebrities have said about sex? Here are 11 of our all-time favorite celebrity sex quotes, a collection of some very funny quotes a
Photo: WeHeartIt A new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine Found that of all the ways to have sex out there, women like the missionary position best. They found this out by talking to women about what works for them and why. Here's a look at why
Photo: pixabay Shame can linger for years, and it's tempting to push it down. But you can heal your old wounds and deal with shame. Here's the best Expert advice on how to heal and banish even the deepest shame so you can finally move on. Keywords: c
Click to view (12 images) Photo: Pexels Relationships are scary. Each zodiac sign has relationship fears specific to them and those worries can end up taking over their love life (or lack of). Take a look at men's biggest fears in relationships to se
Photo: weheartit Men and women masturbate alone or as a couple for a wide variety of reasons. For those of us who do it to relax, the experience can be made all the more effective when you learn to seduce yourself through a personalized masturbation
Photo: weheartit Learning how to give a blowjob that a man will love can be a lot of pressure, especially if you're one to overthink things. But, with like almost everything these days, there are YouTube videos that can help! These 3 how to give a bl
Photo: weheartit When you've picked yourself up from a dark point in your life, though the hard times are real and difficult, you end up being stronger because of it. That's the most important piece of advice for broken women: overcoming your struggl
Photo: weheartit Do men really know what women want? Though men may be able to express their primal desires in the form of sex or passion, they are still unable to find a proper balance between these animalistic tendencies and having a soft spot. The
Photo: weheartit The only way to get what you want is to ask for it, but most women avoid this altogether, especially during sex. They are either afraid of what their partner will say or that things won't be as enjoyable. But there are certain sex mo
Photo: weheartit Do you quickly jump from relationship to relationship? That's a big sign you're a serial monogamist. So what does serial monogamy say about you? More than you'd think! Here are 6 things you can learn about yourself from how you appro
Your daily free love horoscope for Tuesday, July 11th is here for each of the zodiac signs. Check out what astrology has in store for your relationships today whether you're dating, single, looking for love or just trying to figure out the zodiac com
Photo: weheartit Do you trust your intuition? When we listen to our guts and follow our instincts, we may find that we have more success in our jobs, relationships, and everyday life. But in order to learn how to make smart decisions in life, whether
Photo: WeHeartIt While women love foreplay in the form of oral sex or having their breasts stimulated, men just can't control themselves when they get a great blowjob or handjob. But his testicles are often overlooked, probably because you don't know
Click to view (4 images)Being dominant in the bedroom takes some serious confidence, and not everyone has it! It takes a certain kind of kinky person to take control in a way that turns EVERYONE on. These 4 sexually dominant zodiac signs are serious
Photo: unsplash It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, for this writer, that's true. Not everyone is the "classic definition" of beautiful, but here's why that's no excuse not to love yourself. Keywords: self-esteem, love yourselfre
Photo: weheartit Romantic love sounds great in theory, but research shows they can be harmful to women. Here is a look at the way strongly held beliefs about romantic love and soulmates may both increase your chances of divorce and likelihood women w
Photo: weheartit Do you have a list of what to look for in a partner to marry? There's a good chance that the things on your "deal-breakers" list are all superficial qualities, including looks, personal habits, and how much money they make. But there
Photo: weheartit While being an empath can be extremely overwhelming to the person absorbing the energy of others, if you find yourself in a relationship with one, this can be a good thing. Having increased emotional sensitivity, a big heart, and bei
Photo: weheartit There are certain stages every relationship goes through when you first start seeing each other. And just like your body reacts to new love, so does your brain. From getting those initial butterflies in the pit of your stomach to fin
Photo: weheartit For men who want to learn how to get a girl to like you, it all comes down to the strategy they use. While we may think that it's all about how attractive a man is, there are certain things women notice about men. From the clothing y
Photo: weheartit Ready for love, and wondering how to get a girlfriend? It's easier than you think! For women, attraction comes from emotion rather than logic. Try these five proven ways to get a girl to like you and she'll fall for you in no time. K