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why people never ever

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Relationships Mon Jul 24 2017 21:31:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: weheartit When you're used to always being let down by those around you, it can seriously affect your mental health as you grow older. And for children, especially, who are neglected growing up, it can cause them to question why some people wi
Photo: Courtesy of the author Saddened as we all are by the sudden loss of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, Metal Hammer's Joe Daly dusted off this never before released to the public audio recording of his 2014 interview with Chester and Rob Bourdo
Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Some people are turned on by kinky sex, while others prefer things more vanilla, but you'll never know what someone likes until you try to seduce them. Instead of the stereotypical chocolates or roses, why n
Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Some people can get really hurt or perturbed by certain things may or may not mean to say. Look to astrology to see what are the bad things to say to someone, so you don't make the mistake again. These zodia
Photo: weheartit Feeling alone is scary, and sometimes that causes people to be in a relationship just so they aren't alone. Don't let it happen to you! Because you deserve happiness even when you're by yourself. Here's how to be happy alone so you d
Photo: weheartit You can try every piece of advice in the book to learn how to be happy, but there's one thing missing from the equation: how you feel about yourself. In order to truly find happiness in your life and especially in your relationships,
Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Even if you consider yourself to be friendly and down to earth, there are still people who rub you the wrong way. They are usually an acquaintance that you see when you hang out with friends, but they know h
Photo: weheartit It's easy for people to be deceptive when setting up their online dating profile. But lying by omission (like failing to mention you live at home or that you don't have a job) is much different than kittenfishing. What is kittenfishi
Photo: Weheartit Have you ever wondered why some people's names just FIT? Why they actually look like a Bill or a Jessica? Turns out, there's a scientific explanation. A new study argues that there's a correlation between our names and our physical a
Photo: weheartit Though some women only require five minutes to have an orgasm, others may take as long as 30 minutes, and some never even get there. Instead of feeling frustrated that you can't get her there, why not invest in sex toys that will hel
Photo: ABC O.J. Simpson was granted parole for a Las Vegas robbery he spent nine years in jail for. Here are five reasons why he deserved to get out of jail, should not have been convicted, never pulled a gun, and was wrongly convicted for robbery be
Click to view (5 images) Photo: Unsplash Dating apps are a great way to meet people you otherwise might never get to, but that doesn't mean they make dating any easier! Often, dating apps let us judge others too easily on looks so one writer vowed to
Click to view (9 images) Photo: WeHeartIt When you're having sex with your man, you probably fail to pay any attention to his testicles. And though testicles always dangle down from a man's penis, did you know any of these crazy facts about a man's t
Photo: WeHeartIt First dates can be absolutely nerve-wracking. But we tend to be on our best behavior. But what about second dates? We tend to let our guard down ... and that's when we can slip up. Here are some things you should NEVER say second dat
Photo: WeHeartIt What do you know about masturbation? I mean, we all love masturbating (admit it), but do you know anything about the history of self-love, the health benefits of pleasuring yourself, or how often women masturbate? If you want to lear
Click to view (10 images)Instagram poet N.R. Hart writes poetry that not only touches your soul, but gives you all the words you wish you could think of yourself to express your deepest emotions. Take a look at 10 of our favorite love quotes from her
Click to view (12 images)Monday through Thursday we spend most of our day dreading any and everything that's not Friday. Sadly, most of us have become people who live for the future but fortunately, we're not alone and we have these 10 funny Friday m
Photo: Unsplash Every summer, there are more and more cases of kids getting left in hot cars sometimes, fatally. Don't let it happen to you! Here are a few tricks that'll ensure that parents never have to worry about leaving their kids in a hot car.
Photo: istock Parenting as a working mom has a set of challenges that can make moms want to tear their hair out. Sleep deprivation, always running late, and never having enough time to yourself are what awaits motherhood when you have a career, but t
Photo: weheartit Though people cheat for a variety of reasons, most don't act on their urges. However, there are others who give into temptation and commit adultery. But if you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, it's important that you learn h
Photo: WeHeartIt While people may think that taking sexy selfies is a sign of narcissism, there are plenty of reasons why taking them is good for your self-esteem. Having control over what pictures you take, being able to embrace your flaws, and acce
Photo: WeHeartIt Penis size is a big deal (pun intended). But why do men care so much about how big their penis is? We asked several men to give us their honest opinions about penis size and the fears of having a small penis and they were VERY open w
Photo: weheartit Men are known to never turn down sex, especially if it's oral sex performed by a woman. But when you come across the rare men who hate blowjobs, it can be mind-boggling. But even these men have reasons for not enjoying it, including
Photo: weheartit When you're trying to figure out how to get a guy to like you, you might be a little too eager to get his attention. But if you really want a guy to never stop thinking about you, there are subtle things you can do to make him want y
Photo: weheartit Though many people in relationships have the urge to cheat, most of them don't act on it. But if you are considering having an affair, there are a few reasons why you will regret cheating. Whether it's getting caught in the act or th
Photo: unsplash What does demisexual mean? It's a complicated sexual orientation that favors emotion over sexual attraction. Read on to find why demisexual people are one-of-a-kind but also, why demisexuality sometimes isn't so great. Keywords: lgbt,
Photo: unsplash It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, for this writer, that's true. Not everyone is the "classic definition" of beautiful, but here's why that's no excuse not to love yourself. Keywords: self-esteem, love yourselfre
Photo: weheartit When you're feeling insecure about yourself, you may find yourself lying on the first date. Though you shouldn't excuse this bad behavior and be honest with your date, there are plenty of reasons why people lie on dates, including be
Photo: unsplash Most people stay within their own age range when dating, but there are some women who love dating older men. Here, a woman who exclusively dates older guys shares her reasons why. Keywords: daddy, Dating, older menread more
Click to view (5 images) Photo: Unsplash Whether these astrological signs are at school, home, church or wherever else, these people have ONE thing on their mind: SEX. Take a look at these 5 most dirty-minded zodiac signs to see if you're one of them
Photo: WeHeartIt How big of a role do pheromones play in who we find attractive? Is it chemicals that draw us to certain people, or something else? If you want to know why we lust after certain people, you have to look beyond primal instincts and phe
Photo: weheartit More and more people are curious about trying out the kinky swinglifestyle. And why not? We've all fantasized about having sex with someone besides our husband or wife. Getting up the nerve to actually try swinging, though, might be
Photo: weheartit It's true when they say that you can't love anyone until you feel the same about yourself, yet we may still find ourselves trying to figure out why it's hard to love people who don't love themselves. But even if our intentions are go
Photo: weheartit When you're going through a separation from your husband or wife, it seems like things will never get better. Aside from your marriage failing, your confidence can decline and your zest for life can disappear. But in order to learn h
The Unicorn Trend was fine while it lasted, but my goodness, it's tired now. Unicorns are something special, so if we plaster them all over everything, they simply won't be as amazing anymore. This is why I think the unicorn EVERYTHING trend has gone
Photo: weheartit Unfortunately, not all relationships last forever. But if you can figure out the reasons why men leave, you might be able to convince yours to stay. Here's what to say to make him change his mind about breaking up. Keywords: breakup,
Photo: weheartit Though it's never an easy thing to end a relationship, sometimes it needs to be done. Whatever the reason for the break up with him, it's important to not completely crush them. By ending things in a quiet place, keeping things brief
Photo: weheartit For people who are in manipulative relationships, they might not always know that that they are being taken advantage of or emotionally abused. But if you want to learn how to know if you're being manipulated, you need to take a look
Photo: weheartit Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington allegedly killed himself. Here's what we know about Chester Bennington's suicide, and the facts, details, and rumors about why the Linkin Park singer committed suicide. History with drugs, d
Photo: Weheartit When couples are trying to figure out how to improve their sex life, popular advice suggests they should spice things up by adding tantric sex, BDSM, and other kinky activities into the mix. Here's why renowned sex therapist Dr. Mart
Photo: weheartit Everyone has a tendency to be passive-aggressive with people they know, and that can include acting pass about a horoscope or what astrology says about you. But for the zodiac signs that are most passive-aggressive, don't expect them
Photo: weheartit When you're trying to attract a mate, the first thing they see is your face and physical appearance. But studies have shown that what people notice about your face may not be your eyes or your nice smile. In fact, people notice if yo
Click to view (10 images) Photo: WeHeartIt Though you might try new sex positions or add a little kink to the bedroom, that doesn't always work to make things hotter during sex. Instead, why not try these 10 sex games to spice things up in the bedroo
Click to view (4 images) Photo: weheartit Some people get MESSY when they party, but can you blame them? Everyone has the potential to have a bad night when there's drinking involved, but if you look to horoscopes and astrology, you'll notice that th