Relationships cards against humanity released pink deck costs more

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cards against humanity released pink deck costs more

Relationships Thu Jul 13 2017 06:02:21 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: Cards Against Humanity The new pink Cards Against Humanity For Her deck is the same game, but costs $5 more "because you're worth it." The game was created to challenge the pink tax and the sexist marketing brands use to target women. Here are
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Photo: Unsplash While some pregnancy trends are fairly harmless, others, like using an at-home fetal heartbeat monitor, are actually dangerous. Find out why doctors advise against at-home fetal heartbeat monitors. Keywords: Pregnancyread more
Photo: weheartit Men and women masturbate alone or as a couple for a wide variety of reasons. For those of us who do it to relax, the experience can be made all the more effective when you learn to seduce yourself through a personalized masturbation
Photo: Instagram Blac Chyna finally spoke out today against her public feud with her former fiance, Rob Kardashian. The TV star posted nude photos of Blac Chyna on his Instagram and accused her of cheating. Chyna's lawyers say they're coming after Ro
Photo: weheartit As society becomes more accepting of the LGBT community at large, some terms relating to gender identity and sexual orientation remain less well understood. Here is a look at what it means and what it is like to be genderfluid or non
Photo: weheartit In order to make the most out of sex with your man, it's important to know your way around the body parts that will be most involved in the action. Here are 9 facts about his penis, testicles and more (including whether "blue balls"
Photo: weheartit According to experts, adults should get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep in order to be healthy and stress-free. Furthermore, getting more sleep leads to better sex. Does sex help you sleep? Does sleep help with sex? The answer to both
Photo: weheartit Do you trust your intuition? When we listen to our guts and follow our instincts, we may find that we have more success in our jobs, relationships, and everyday life. But in order to learn how to make smart decisions in life, whether
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We've got your daily horoscope for all the zodiac signs who want to know predictions for Monday, July 10, 2017! Find yours (for free!) to see what astrology has in store for you when it comes to love, life, friendship, work and more. Keywords: astrol
Photo: weheartit Your free weekly horoscope for July 9 - 15 is here for each of the zodiac signs. Check out what astrology has in store for you when it comes to life, love, work, and friendship. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song! read more
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Click to view (4 images) Photo: weheartit When we tend to think about narcissistic people, the first things that come into mind are self-absorbed, overly confident people. Astrology can tell us a lot about which conceited zodiac signs are more obsess
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Photo: weheartit For empaths, every day can be a struggle when you absorb the energy of everyone around you. It can be even more difficult for physical empaths. But once you learn how to tell if you're a physical empath, you can protect your energy b
Photo: weheartit It's not easy surviving infidelity when your partner has betrayed your trust. But sometimes, learning how to recover from an emotional affair is more daunting than finding out your partner had sex with someone else. In order to set y
The Unicorn Trend was fine while it lasted, but my goodness, it's tired now. Unicorns are something special, so if we plaster them all over everything, they simply won't be as amazing anymore. This is why I think the unicorn EVERYTHING trend has gone
Photo: Unsplash Every summer, there are more and more cases of kids getting left in hot cars sometimes, fatally. Don't let it happen to you! Here are a few tricks that'll ensure that parents never have to worry about leaving their kids in a hot car.
Photo: WeHeartIt Kids have it tough, but kids who are gay, lesbian, or fall anywhere else on the LGBTQ spectrum may feel like they're fighting an uphill battle. Because the world is more homophobic than we'd sometimes like to admit. If you want to be
Photo: courtesy of the author How can we learn to be more confident? How can we overcome self doubt and insecurity? Andrea Miller, the founder of YourTango, talks about her journey of self-acceptance and how the process of writing her new book, Radic
Photo: women's health Beards make guys approximately 10x hotter but do they get in the way during sex? Here, a girl and a bearded man discuss what it's like to have sex with someone with a beard. Keywords: men, sex, beardsread more
Photo: WeHeartIt Rob Kardashian posted three nude photos of Blac Chyna July 5, after going on an Instagram-rant accusing her of cheating on him, drug use, plastic surgery and more. The photos have been removed, but revenge porn activists are saying t
Photo: unsplash The relationship between parents and their children goes through different stages, but it can get hard as kids start getting older and more independent. Here are five bittersweet signs your kids are growing up (and want some space fro
Click to view (5 images) Photo: pexels Love is hard as hell and can really hurt you if you're not prepared for rejection. Some people are more prone to being hurt by love since they jump into love blind and WAY too quickly. These 5 zodiac signs that
Photo: weheartit When you have depression, the world can seem dark and it can feel like there's no escape. But it turns out that depressed people see the world more realistically, meaning that they are better judges of how much control they have over
Click to view (3 images) Photo: Pexels Believe it or not, there are some astrological signs that are much more receptive to the paranormal than other signs especially these three. See if you're one of the zodiac signs who truly believe in paranormal
We found the best, most uplifting self-love quotes to inspire serious self-esteem. With quotes from Tina Fey, Morrissey, Mandy Hale, Jodi Picoult and more, you will definitely find wisdom to inspire you, no matter who you are. Keywords: loving yourse
Photo: weheartit If you ask most men if they know how to make a woman come, they'll probably say yes, because men. Truth is, most guys could stand to learn some techniques that will make his woman hotter and more orgasmic. Here are 13 things guys can
Click to view (12 images) Photo: pexels These zodiac signs all have some defining qualities, but in the LGBT community, these qualities can get a lot more interesting (and fun). Find out what gay zodiac matches have the best relationships. Keywords:
Photo: weheartit There is nothing brighter and more beautiful than when your girl smiles for you. A smile can show all of the love, happiness, and goodness that a woman has in her heart, so it's no surprise that many men are looking to know how to ma
Photo: istock At the beginning of every relationship, there's passion and intimacy. The "falling in love" stage paves the way for French kissing, one of the most intimate acts among couples. But the longer you stay together, the more people prefer si
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Photo: WeHeartIt Is your husband too soft with the kids, while you try to be more consistent and strict as a parenting style? That's good cop/bad cop parenting, and it doesn't necessarily have to be bad. Here's how to do it RIGHT, to raise happy, hea
Photo: Pixabay Shiny happy marriages may not always be the strongest marriages, according to a psychological study. Researchers have actually found that married couples with pessimistic attitudes have stronger, more satisfying relationships than coup
Photo: weheartit Because our society places such a high value of sex only within the context of marriage, a stigma remains against married men and women who masturbate. Despite that, many of them do, and Dr. David Ley explains why and what it means.
Photo: WeHeartIt Yes, guys like sex. But some sex is just better that other sex. And that could be because some sex positions are better than others. We asked a group of anonymous guys which sex positions men hate the most, and they were more than ha
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