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why broken women strongest

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Relationships Tue Jul 11 2017 21:56:50 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Photo: weheartit When you've picked yourself up from a dark point in your life, though the hard times are real and difficult, you end up being stronger because of it. That's the most important piece of advice for broken women: overcoming your struggl
Photo: Weheartit If you break up with a woman who put in 100 percent your entire relationship, while you didn't, you're going to regret it. Here's the truth about why men often regret their breakups with good women. Keywords: breakup, Dating, Relatio
Photo: weheartit There are plenty of people, both men and women, who see nothing wrong with cheating on their partner. But adultery isn't about sex; it's about betrayal, and that's why being cheated on hurts so much. When you've promised your partner
Photo: weheartit Because our society places such a high value of sex only within the context of marriage, a stigma remains against married men and women who masturbate. Despite that, many of them do, and Dr. David Ley explains why and what it means.
Photo: Pixabay Why do women get shamed for dressing 'provocatively' or 'too sexy' during the summer months? Their decision to wear shorts is usually just because it's hot outside. Here's why we need to teach society to stop projecting body image issu
Photo: weheartit Have you ever found yourself putting your self-esteem to side in order to get a date with a man that other women want? We finally have an answer to why women compete with each other and how it can make their chances of getting the gu
Photo: unsplash Most people stay within their own age range when dating, but there are some women who love dating older men. Here, a woman who exclusively dates older guys shares her reasons why. Keywords: daddy, Dating, older menread more
Photo: Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash As women, we LOVE our vibrators! But have you ever wondered, "Is my vibrator making me numb?" Find out why your vagina goes numb when you use your vibrator, and what you can do to get
Photo: Unsplash Alpha women are confident, strong and sexy three traits that make up the BEST girlfriend. So if you're looking for a great relationship, here are a few reasons why you should date an alpha woman. Keywords: Dating, girlfriend, alpha wo
Photo: Photo by Lesly B. Juarez on Unsplash Honest is HUGE when you're dating someone, and for many women, trying to figure why men lie to women can feel impossible. But when you understand the real reason men have admitted
Click to view (11 images) Photo:  weheartit If you love Lenny Kravitz, you're going to love this roundup of all the reasons why women love him, including the hottest photos and gifs of this sexy, sexy man. Enjoy! Keywords: Lenny Kravitz, mus
Photo: weheartit For those of us who have been cheated on, we often ask ourselves why people cheat. But with a recent survey released by Superdrug Online Doctor, we finally have some answers. Both men and women cheat because they are unhappy in their
Photo: weheartit For men who want to learn how to get a girl to like you, it all comes down to the strategy they use. While we may think that it's all about how attractive a man is, there are certain things women notice about men. From the clothing y
Photo: unsplash You've probably heard that some foods are aphrodisiacs, but do aphrodisiacs really work? Can a food actually make you more attractive to someone? Here's the history and science behind aphrodisiacs and why they might not be what you th
Photo: weheartit Ready for love, and wondering how to get a girlfriend? It's easier than you think! For women, attraction comes from emotion rather than logic. Try these five proven ways to get a girl to like you and she'll fall for you in no time. K
Photo: Photo by Joe Gardner on Unsplash Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation worry that they are being judged for having an orgasm too fast. I asked real gals what women think about premature ejaculation, and, boy
Photo: Weheartit PIV (penis-in-vagina) intercourse is far from the only way you can lose your V-card these days. Here's one woman's story of exactly what losing your virginity via anal sex felt like for her, as well as how and why she lost it that wa
Photo: weheartit One of the greatest things you can do to keep sexual intimacy alive in a marriage or long-term relationship is to kiss each other on a regular basis. Here's why how often you kiss your partner matters ... A LOT. Keywords: intimacy, k
Photo: weheartit Penis tattoos are apparently thing a thing. We don't really know why exactly, but here are nude photos of 6 penises fully covered in tats for you to draw your own conclusions about the painful looking trend. Keywords: dick, nude, Pen
Photo: WeHeartIt How big of a role do pheromones play in who we find attractive? Is it chemicals that draw us to certain people, or something else? If you want to know why we lust after certain people, you have to look beyond primal instincts and phe
Photo: weheartit More and more people are curious about trying out the kinky swinglifestyle. And why not? We've all fantasized about having sex with someone besides our husband or wife. Getting up the nerve to actually try swinging, though, might be
Photo: Facebook German model Martina Big has announced that she has transitioned to being a black woman. It's reminiscent of civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal, another white woman who wanted to be black. Are what these women doing hurting the blac
Photo: weheartit It's true when they say that you can't love anyone until you feel the same about yourself, yet we may still find ourselves trying to figure out why it's hard to love people who don't love themselves. But even if our intentions are go
Photo: courtesy of the author While many women agree that they enjoy sweet, slow lovemaking, others will tell you that they like things to be a little rough. So, when you're having rough sex with your husband, you can end up being parched from all th
The Unicorn Trend was fine while it lasted, but my goodness, it's tired now. Unicorns are something special, so if we plaster them all over everything, they simply won't be as amazing anymore. This is why I think the unicorn EVERYTHING trend has gone
Photo: weheartit Unfortunately, not all relationships last forever. But if you can figure out the reasons why men leave, you might be able to convince yours to stay. Here's what to say to make him change his mind about breaking up. Keywords: breakup,
Photo: WeHeartIt There are proven health benefits of masturbation, so whether you're single or in a relationship it's time to get busy! From relieving period cramps to better sex, find out the reasons why masturbation is good for you. Keywords: femal
Click to view (10 images)In the moment, when you're deeply in love, having your heart broken can seem impossible to rebound from. It hurts and imagining your life without this one person seems impossible to do. But looking back you realize that's not
Photo: weheartit Society believes that single women are lonely and simply waiting for "the one" to arrive, sweep them off their feet, and marry them. However, for most single women, marriage is not the key to happiness. Instead, being happily single
Photo: women's health Beards make guys approximately 10x hotter but do they get in the way during sex? Here, a girl and a bearded man discuss what it's like to have sex with someone with a beard. Keywords: men, sex, beardsread more
Photo: weheartit Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship, but when one partner doesn't know how to listen or speaks using the wrong words, it can make it harder to really hear each other. There are many reasons why men and
Click to view (10 images)Gal Gadot is giving the new generation of women the confidence they need to be a strong woman in her new movie, Wonder Woman. Here are some of our favorite Wonder Woman quotes to inspire every woman to be GREAT. Keywords: mov
Click to view (15 images)Are you in need of a little motivation (or kick in the ass) to remind you how to take care of business and make a REAL difference in the world? Then look to these strong women quotes from famous women to gather some inspirati
Photo: weheartit Over the past year or so there's been an uprising of black women uplifting each other through social media hashtags like #BlackGirlMagic, and it has been nothing but magic watching it grow and inspire so many. Sadly, I came across a
Photo: weheartit When it comes to sex, many women believe that men are always thinking about it. So, when a man says "no" to them, it can leave women confused and wondering it's them. However, the many reasons men don't want sex has nothing to do wit
Photo: Unsplash While some pregnancy trends are fairly harmless, others, like using an at-home fetal heartbeat monitor, are actually dangerous. Find out why doctors advise against at-home fetal heartbeat monitors. Keywords: Pregnancyread more
Photo: weheartit A few scientific articles claim that women carry the DNA of every male they've had sex with inside their bodies, but is it true? Here are 6 facts from studies that have examined this theory to tell you all you need to know about male
Photo: weheartit When people thing about being polyamorous, compersion is expected to keep the green-eyed monster away, but it can actually be useful if you can channel jealousy as a gauge of whether your needs are being met. Here's why and how. Keyw
Click to view (6 images) Photo: Weheartit Ever wonder why you can't stop thinking about that hottie you hooked up with last month? It probably has to do with how sexually compatible your astrological signs are! Your zodiac signs can tell you why (or
Photo: instagram Reality dating shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette still gain high ratings, but one famous matchmaker explains why love and relationships found on reality TV will never last. Keywords: Dating, love, relationship, finding lov
Click to view (14 images)Summer means a lot of things the best time for ice cream, road trips, beach runs all of which are reminders and triggers for millions of women struggling with their body image. To make sure you stay upbeat and confident about
Photo: istock Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for women who are given the chance to create a new life. However, sometimes it may not seem like that due to some common pregnancy problems that make those 9 months grueling. Common skin issues like b
Photo: WeHeartIt Some men don't like performing cunnilingus on women, which is a real shame. But just what can women do about their guys not wanting to eat them out? Here are some things to help when you're wondering how to get your man to give you o
Click to view (6 images) Photo: Unsplash An itchy vagina is annoying, but it doesn't always a sign you have a yeast infection. Here are 5 other reasons why your vagina itches and better yet, how to stop each cause. Keywords: vaginaread more