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women really without makeup

Relationships Mon Mar 19 2018 14:25:39 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- As you age, society tells you what you should and shouldn't do to be more youthful. But if you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to see your glow? We asked how women in their 60s without makeup feel about themselves and what other women
Photo: getty One of the most common dating problems women face is wondering why he didn't call. Men mysteriously disappear, and dating rejection can be jarring and feel really crummy. Here's how to handle dating rejection and start moving on. Keyword
Click to view (14 images) Photo: Getty Images  Eyebrows are a key feature of a face, and these photos of celebrities without them shows just how much we need them. Keywords: beauty, women, celebrities, communication, eyebrows, brows, celebs
Besides donning green, downing pints of Guinness, and feasting on corned beef and cabbage, what do we really know about the Irish holiday? Here are seven lucky facts to get you started! Keywords: leap year, st. patrick's day, statistics, fac
Photo: Unsplash When men and women start dating, knowing when to define the relationship and make a commitment as boyfriend and girlfriend is tricky, so we found out what men on Reddit say about getting exclusive in relationships. Keywords: commitmen
Photo: Unsplash: Justin Chen When men and women start dating someone new, it's like learning a new language, and as per the "5 Love Languages," it might be! These examples from Reddit AskMen can lead to more effective communication in relati
Men and women with different personality types have unique personal traits, strengths and weaknesses in love, and this personality test reveals your mostly deeply hidden weaknesses in relationships to help your learn more about your own psychology. K
Photo: getty Breaking up is difficult for anyone, even if you're the one who wants to end it. Learn how to break up with someone you love by identifying why you're doing it and asking yourself what you really want. Keywords: breakup, breakups and div
Photo: getty In modern dating, women are used to men just wanting sex. But when a guy sees you as wife material and thinks you know how to be a good wife, he will try to marry you a little too aggressively. Keywords: Dating, Relationships, wife mater
Photo: Getty Images  Do men like smart women? While we may think that men are attracted to intelligence, multiple studies have found that men are actually terrified of smart women. But why? As it turns out, men feel emasculated and less manl
Photo: Getty Images  We hate to say we told you so, but who are we kidding? WE TOLD YOU SO! This study confirms that women are stronger than men ... and you'll never guess how! Keywords: health, men, study, women, women's health, im
Photo: Getty Images  What is the best age to have a baby? A recent study pinpointed the age group for women with better problem-solving and verbal skills. Keywords: Pregnancy, women, getting pregnant, best age to have a babyread more
Photo: Getty Images  Adding more drama to the bizarre debate about pubic hair grooming for men, women and anyone of any gender, a study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that the more frequently people
Photo: pexels Having an emotional personality isn't a bad thing, but these 6 zodiac signs appear to be hard on the outside when in fact they are really giant softies. They hide their feelings to prevent themselves from getting hurt. Which horoscopes
Photo: getty Dating can make any women anxious! Being prepared can help, and it's important to pay attention to these 5 first date red flags that show that he's not serious about you, such as talking about sex early on or making marriage plans. Keywo
Photo: Unsplash Commitment can be really scary if you're not prepared for it. Some people are natural at relationships, and others are hot and cold.  Libras and Tauruses don't even have to think about it. Gemini (and zodiac
Photo: Unsplash: Meghan Holmes Finding true love is rarely an easy thing for either men or women. In fact, dating and relationships can be so brutal that many people experience moments when they give up on the hope of figuring out how to fin
Photo: Getty Images  A study found that men with beards are sexist. Keywords: facial hair, feminism, men, sexism, women's rights, beardsread more
Photo: Unsplash: JD Mason Scientific research shows that men and women who use sexting as foreplay experience increased intimacy and overall sexual and relationship satisfaction, so here are details about why (and how!) to send sexy text mes
Photo: getty When women get married, they want to learn how to be a good wife. But over time, they can start nagging, become clingy, or let themselves go. It's up to you to stop this behavior if you want a marriage to last. Keywords: Marriage, naggin
Photo: Unsplash: Brooke Winters Men and women often want to a better sex life, and for many, this means not only having more sex, but intercourse that last longer, so here's a detailed look at the full range of treatment methods for sexual a
Photo: Unsplash: Jordan Whitfield Internet trolls who enjoy the online harassment of women, especially on social media like Facebook, perpetrate painful acts of cyberbullying, so one women explains what concern trolling is and how she handle
Photo: getty If you want to feel happier, but down the ice cream. Instead, try these 10 healthy foods that make you happy and boost your mood naturally, without all the sugar. Keywords: food, happiness, healthy eating, eating healthy, happiness advic
With Women's History Month in full swing, its important to remember how strong us girls really are. Keep yourself motivated and inspired with 50 of the best strong woman quotes out there. And always remember why we celebrat
Photo: Getty Images  Logically, it makes senses that when you are single and struggling, you'd turn to your happily coupled friends for their wisdom. But your equally frustrated single friend might be a better bet. Keywords: sexy women, Self
Photo: Getty Images  One study found that there's no benefit to a woman's boobs by wearing a bra. Keywords: boobs, bra, bras, breasts, womenread more
Photo: Getty Images  Got a bad case of wandering eye? You're in good companya survey of 3000 people found that women are more likely to cheat than men. Keywords: cheating, cheating and marriage, infidelity, mydailyread more
Photo: Getty Images  Ready for love, and wondering how to get a girlfriend? It's easier than you think! For women, attraction comes from emotion rather than logic. Try these five proven ways to get a girl to like you and she'll fall for you
Photo: getty Unlike for women, the symptoms of depression in men often involve anger or rage. According to this therapist, this is connected to stress and unrealistic expectations for men to be strong and powerful. Find out more. Keywords: depression
Photo: Getty Images  According to a new study for National Womens Health Week, women have considerably higher depression rates than men. Keywords: anxiety, depression, health, mental health, womenread more
Photo: Getty Images  Are your tattoos causing issues in your immune system? One study says your health could be at risk. Keywords: health, men, Tattoo, women, immune system, body ink, tattoosread more
Photo: Getty Images  A study found that women with big butts are smarter and healthier. Keywords: health, women, butts, buttocksread more
Photo: Getty Images  Yes, men and women are different! Men tend to like science, women tend to like the arts. While that's a generalization, the science of attraction explains how these differences are biological, and probably designed to ma
Photo: Unsplash: Toa Heftiba Many men and women enter marriage counseling hoping to be proven 'right', but in order to increase intimacy in relationships it's important to know which questions to ask and how to respond in a way that expresse
Although International Womens Day is officially behind us for this year, its ever-more important throughout Women's History Month to remember the struggles women have faced through the years. And, its important to also be sure that we acknow
Photo: pexels I hate guessing what men want. I really do. I know that I can be a pain in the butt when it comes to articulating what kind of personality I'm looking for in a guy or in a relationship, so I get how frustrating it can be when the tables
Figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you involves paying attention to his actions. If he doesn't date other women or talks about the future with you, then he wants to say "I love you" and be with you. Keywords: i love you, love, menread more
Photo: getty For the majority of my twenties, I didnt cry in front of a woman once. I was terrified to. I had taken on the conditioned message that boys dont cry and a belief that told me that women felt repulsed by men who felt their feelings. These
Photo: getty Even the most annoying zodiac signs can have successful relationships. But according to astrology, a horoscope can't prevent your partner from expressing himself through really irritating habits. Keywords: Annoying Habits, astrology, can
Photo: Getty Images  For those of us who have been cheated on, we often ask ourselves why people cheat. But with a recent survey released by Superdrug Online Doctor, we finally have some answers. Both men and women cheat because they are unh
Photo: Getty Images  A study shows that women prefer relationships with nice, generous men. Keywords: attraction, men, nice guys, womenread more
Photo: Getty Images  A few scientific articles claim that women carry the DNA of every male they've had sex with inside their bodies, but is it true? Here are 6 facts from scientific studies that have examined this theory to tell you all you
Photo: Unsplash: Anne-Marie Pronk Communication between men and women can be confusing but knowing which of the 5 love languages you speak can vastly improve your love life, so here are tips from men on Reddit whose primary love lan
Photo: getty Feminism benefits both women and men. And for guys to understand what it means to be a feminist, that means learning about gender norms, stereotypes, and body choice. Keywords: feminism, feminist, sexism, women's rights, feminis
Photo: pexels Depending on your zodiac sign you're either really good or really bad when it comes to time management. See how you match up! Keywords: astrology, time management, zodiac, horoscope, self help, zodiac sign, zodiac signs, time manager, m
Photo: Unsplash: Lesly Juarez Dating after divorce is the best and worst thing ever, so rather than offer dating advice or tips, one man explains what men want in love from women in an open letter. Keywords: Dating, dating advice, dating aft
Like so many women, I used to hate my cellulite and my stretch marks. Here's how I came to truly LOVE who I am. Keywords: body image, weight, stretch marks, celluliteread more