Fashion Industry sophisticated sweater trend favorite stars wearing

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Fashion Industry

sophisticated sweater trend favorite stars wearing

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Fashion Industry Fri Dec 08 2017 13:31:20 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The Sophisticated Sweater Trend Your Favorite Stars Are Wearing 0 comments
One-stop shopping.As we normally doon weekdaymornings, we were scrolling through luxury e-commerce favorite Net-A-Porter sipping our coffee when we realized not only do they have a pretty cool selection of on-trend items (no surprise there), but they
They'll never go out of style.Each season, one of our favorite ways to gather insight as to what people are wearing and buying is via Pinterest. From outfit ideas to potential purchases to make, it's clearly a major source of fashion inspiration arou
Can you guess which brand took the number one spot?From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Emily Blunt, celebrities aren't shy about wearing the sometimes-controversial trend that pops up every winter: Ugg boots. Clearly, celebs aren't the only ones who we
As a Metis (people who share European and Native ancestry) man, Sean McCormick grew up wearing mukluks Northern Canadian style moccasin boots that combine European and Native materials and decorative techniques. Mukluks developed as a traditional sty
Jul och nyr nrmar sig, festssongen r hr! S kul att ha mnga glada festligheter att se fram emot s hr rs tycker jag! Hr har jag valt ut ett gng festliga favoriter frn Cubus. Jag har lagt fokus p svart som r min favoritfrg nr det kommer till fest! Men d
If you're shopping for a girl who stacks a variety of jewelry pieces on her wrist, chances are she needs a new watch. The accessory is a staple like sunglasses: we've got our favorites, the neutrals that go with every outfit, and the standouts we wea
A cotton-cashmere sweater, for him to cozy up in and you to cozy up to. $60. One of 2017’s great books, likeDreaming the Beatles or Grant.… Read more The post Gift Guide #7: Your Husband Who Has Impeccable Music Taste But Lets You
In a diverse and potentially surprising list, the Vinyl Factory's favorite 50 albums of 2017 traverses all genres, tastes and continentsthe only common thread is that they need to have appeared on vinyl within the past 12 months. From well-known name
Super Deluxe are creating a ton of shows derived from internet sensationsInternet icon Joanne the Scammer, the fur-wearing double-crossing character created by writer-performer Branden Miller, is finally getting her own TV show. After years of domina
Don't spend the rest of Winter freezing in your old, worn-out coat. This season is the ideal time to invest in a new piece because all our favorite brands are releasing new items. These versatile pieces are such a vital part of your wardrobe because
If you shop at Zara regularly, you know its new arrivals section is updated more often than you can even comprehend. Even we, as fashion editors, can hardly keep up with its quick turnover when it comes to trends and editorials which means, every tim
A holiday miracle, just before the Paris store closes.Time is ticking for fashion-favorite French concept store Colette. The Parisian icon will close its doors on December 20, ending 20 years of provocative shopping. If you can’t or couldn&
Courtesy of Karlie Kloss.Flats and skinny jeans are one of those pairings we fall back on over and over again. So, it's not too often that we spot a way of wearing them that feels especially fresh. But, Karlie Kloss' lOn Karlie Kloss:X KarlaThe Crew
Pantone released its color of the year for 2018, and it's . . . Ultra Violet! The news shouldn't come as a complete surprise if you've been following the runway trends from Fashion Week. We saw a variety of purple hues from designers, most notably la
Courtesy of cult Danish brand Ganni.Brace yourselves: the "ugly" shoe trend shows no signs of slowing down.AdidasandMarc Jacobs are among thebrands thathave kept it going lately, and now Ganni is the latest tofuel our interest in the offbeat trend. T
How much do we really know about the ingredients used to formulate our favorite makeup and skincare products and could they be making our skin issues 100 times worse instead of actually helping them? Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer fr
We're not kidding.We're quite sure that a big part of the appeal of the velvet trend in recent fall and winter seasons is attributed to a few things: It's an easy way to make an outfit look fancier, it doesn't wrinkle, and it's a relatively affordabl
I love Lush Cosmetics! Lush is definitely in my top five, all-time favorite cosmetic brands. I mean, how can it not be? The products are handmade (each product has a friendly note dating when the product was made and the very hands who made it) and i
Even though we're in the midst of Winter, there's one thing we can't stop daydreaming about: swimwear. As the new year approaches and we're already starting to plan our next vacation, cute new swimwear is starting to pop up from all our favorite bran
Matilda Lowther on Bob Dylan, extreme sports, and which animals are the most chill.Matilda Lowther grew up in the picturesque British Lake District before leaving to become a model in London. She quickly became an industry favorite after Burberry&amp
Most people like soft t-shirts. Mike Natenshon loves them. When his favorite tee split down the back, he actually took it to a tailor to get fixed. LOL. And then came the ultimatum from his girlfriend–it was her or the shirt. His girlfriend
For many people, PJs are the outfit of choice when it comes to dressing for Christmas morning. Novelty sweaters and new dresses may be lined up for later, but when it comes to owning Christmas dressing, no one does it quite like the royal family. Six
The stars lined up at this year's Guggenheim International Gala in New York City, each bringing their fashion A-game to the red carpet. But it was Kirsten Dunst's outfit that got the most attention. The actress wore a very sheer dress that l
How do the coasts measure up?One of the great things about a brand-new year is that it provides an opportunity for a fresh start. And yes, that includes your sartorial choices. While in one year you might be more inclined to test out all of the trend
Are you surprised?While the rise and popularity of skinny jeans can be a polarizing topic (denim wearers love or love to hate the trend) today were hitting you with straight facts from Lyst. According to their data, skinny jeans are still the most po
There are 62,984,825 Trump voters out there, walking among us. They're in our offices, our Uber pools, our favorite bars sometimes, they're even in our families. When that happens, we're forced to ask ourselves: Can we still love Aunt Liz and also wa
She's an inspiration.When trendsetting women name their own sources of inspiration, we're quick to listen. So when we first received a tip about Linda Wright, we dove in to learn a thing or two about her. Wright is a true American in Paris. Born in T
Photo via: June Sixty FiveAlthough the puffer jacket is giving this staple outerwear trend a run for its money, nothing will keep you warmer or chicer than a classic wool coat. It's the essential basic that can be thrown over any work outfit, date ni