Gay cher let twitter troll daca keep eyes open bitch

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cher let twitter troll daca keep eyes open bitch

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Gay Wed Sep 06 2017 12:23:23 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- After a Twitter troll questioned Cher’s sincerity when she said she was ready to take in a Dreamer following Trump’s decision to end the DACA program, Cher shut her down with six words. Tweeted Cher on Tuesday: “Those Wh
I'm just seeing this deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada for the first time, and honestly it changed the whole movie for me'm just seeing this deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada for the first
Trumps nomination for the ambassador to Germany would be the first openly LGBT member of his administration.
ORLANDO, Fla. The owner of Pulse nightclub, where 49 people were slain in June 2016, is seeking a new location to open a new nightclub with the same name. Club owner Barbara Poma is looking for a location somewhere in central or urban Orlando, a sp&a
Nine anti-gay preachers were arrested at a Pride event in New Orleans after clashing with police.
The owner of Orlando's Pulse nightclub is seeking a new location to reopen.
A gender non-conforming person has revealed that they were bullied by a rugby coach in front of other teaching staff at school.
A library in Chicago denied a request to remove a book about gay pride from the children's section.
An Instagram account which prides itself on preserving the legacy of the AIDS epidemic may be facing the end of its run.
The Princess superfan was told the makeover was only for girls.
Baseball minor-leaguers aren’t usually known to make a lot of headlines, but there’s one Iowa Cub who’s going viral this week because of his season-long love affair with the camera. Writes Sports Illustrated‘s
Police confirmed that Chanda Sharmeeli was killed in the shooting earlier this week.
It's one of the most successful British LGBT+ films of the year. Here's the exclusive scoop.
Wow! He really embodies Mercury! When youre able to open your eyes and see a different person staring back at you in the mirror, Malek...Wow! He really embodies Mercury! When youre able to open your eyes and see a different person staring back at you
New music from British singer-songwriter Sam Smith may be imminent, according to rumblings he’s been making online.   Smith sent an email out to newsletter subscribers with pictures of him in the studio. Said Smith: First of all I
Pakistani police say armed men opened fire on a group of transgender people, killing one of them, in an affluent neighbourhood in Pakistan’s city of Karachi. Aurangzeb Khattak, a p olice officer, said the shooting occurred overnight on Wedn
A gay couple in St. Peter, Minnesota says they and their daughter have been threatened in an anonymous letter sent by someone they suspect lives nearby. The alleged letter, which is full of anti-gay slurs, calls the couple “filth”
Houston megachurch pastor and “prosperity gospel” purveyor Joel Osteen wants everyone to know he is praying for Hurricane Harvey’s victims. But until he was shamed online, he had no plans to actually open the church door
HURRICANE HARVEY. Storm to move over Gulf of Mexico, make landfall second time. HARVEY LATEST: The storm is moving back into the Gulf over the next 6-12 hours; even more rain is on the way: &#821
WHAT A CROWD. WHAT A TURNOUT. Trump addresses Hurricane Harvey disaster in Corpus Christi. APPROPRIATE ATTIRE? Melania Trump wears stilettos to Texas for Hurricane disaster visit. ELLEN DEGENERES. Texas, I love you. Texas, I love you. #HoustonStrong&
We knew on Nov. 9 that the courts were our only hope moving forward. Although the highest one in the land eventually let us down on the Muslim "travel" ban -- has the administration "figured out what's going on" yet? -- suing is all we can do. And su
Legal groups on Monday filed a class-action lawsuit against the health insurer Aetna, alleging the company violated the privacy of its customers by sending many of them letters through which the phrase “filling prescriptions for HIV&#82
Chile’s socialist President Michelle Bachelet on Monday sent to congress a bill to legalize marriages and adoptions by same-sex couples. It is the latest in a wave of liberal reforms that she was determined to launch before ending her term
I'm sure the people of Houston feel much safer now that these two are there, ready to report for dutyAnd for those passing judgment on Melania's choice of footwear -- snakeskin stilettos -- a White House source tells me that she also packed these ...
Welp, the Season 2 finale begins with a Supergirl v. Superman showdown. Apparently, Rhea infected Superman with silver kryptonite, causing him to hallucinates that Supergirl is his worst enemy. They shoot laser beams at each other from their eyes, an
Discover behind the scene action from the 12th edition of Mode SuisseSpring Summer 2018 show,captured exclusively for DSCENE / MMSCENE magazine by photographerRafael dos Santos. In focus were models Golo Fischer,Janusz Kuhlmann,Noah Tschopp and Remo
A transgender woman from Chechnya who was granted asylum in the US is putting her life at risk by campaigning for other Chechens facing the risk of anti-LGBT persecution to be let into the country.
Donald Trump will pick Richard Grenell,former spokesman for the U.S. mission to the United Nations under President George W. Bush, as ambassador to Germany, the White House announced on Friday night. If confirmed Grenell would become the first openl&
Aetna is in hot water this week after several groups filed a class-action lawsuit against the health insurer saying they violated the privacy of customers by sending many of them letters through which the phrase "filling prescriptions for HIV" was vi
A model has become the first openly trans woman to front a LOral UK campaign.
Were the LGBT community, which means all of us, gay lesbian, bisexual and transgender, are community; we should stand with, and for, one another, always.And, yeah, you can go a couple of letters further and call us the  LGBTQIA comm
Now Oxford City councillor Tom Hayes has blasted the uni boss as "wrong" in a letter to Professor Richardson.
Another 69% of teachers surveyed said they were not aware of pupils who identify as LGB having attended their school
Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen has denied claims in a dossier compiled byretired British spy Christopher Steele that he has deep ties to Russian officials, the NYT reports: In an eight-page letter to the House Intelligence Committee, a
Colton Haynes, who made headlines this week after his Teen Wolf character came out in a scene with fellow out actor Charlie Carver, took Hollywood to task in a series of tweets earlier this week for discriminating against openly gay actors. Said Hayn
Radio host Bryan Fischer has claimed that gay people are scaring trained fighter pilots away from the US armed forces.
Yall know I love me some Tim Gunn but ... Tim should not dance. I mean, when the show opened and Heidi was showing Tim some dance moves and, well, I wont go low because I love Tim Gunn ... just not on the dance floor.Still, dance is