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tahhir nothin luv

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Hip Hop Wed Aug 09 2017 00:58:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- @AirTahir delivers a new record titled "Nothin But Luv". He's focused on getting more shine and fans while he celebrates the successes he's seen up until now. The record has a great melody that you'll likely catch yourself humming to yourself later.
"There is nothing more important to me than my family." FOX has released a new preview for the upcoming Marvel seriesThe Gifted. From Bryan Singer and Matt Nix, the drama focuses on a suburban...
After finding wet tea leaves in a garbage can, a SWAT team in Kansas City raided a family home looking for marijuana, terrorizing the family for hours. The cops found nothing, and when the family sued, the "federal district judge who heard the case d
It seems there's nothing this multi-hyphenate can't do. Filipina singer-songwriter and all-around creative firecracker Reese Lansangan took...
The major problem with Type-Moon anime coming out in the summer is that the summer also tends to be the busiest part of the year for the blog other than December. The real time sink is Otakon because the month before the convention is nothing but pre
There's nothing people love more than an unexpected friendship. This week, designer Donatella Versace broadcast her budding friendship with Bruno...