Toronto torontos five decades condo growthmapped

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torontos five decades condo growthmapped

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Toronto Fri Apr 28 2017 14:46:01 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Its been 50 years since the emergence of condos began to redefine Toronto development as we know it. Jeff Gray and John Sopinski explore how the city adapted to changing eras in the housing market, and was in turn transformed
They cut their entertainment budget and plowed their savings into a condo. It may have been the best decision they ever made
The former Progressive Conservative leader has a new job as the face of real estate
Ranked from "holy havarti!" to "sweet mother of gouda!"
We're testing out Toronto's recipe kit subscription services to find out how well they deliver
Now featuring Tinder, Uber and Hollywood-hot characters
Hockey fans are going to get a rare treat Wednesday night, as the NHL serves up a pair of Game 7s. It will be the first time in a little over three years that we've had more than one in a night, and having a pair of Game 7s on the same date
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A place at the base of one of the city's best known loft buildings
Facing a $200-per-month increase, he decided to find a housemate
A spacious ex-industrial living space in the east end
Thousands upon thousands of Torontonians would vote Liberal today because thats what they always do. Public housing will never top the public priorities listPublic housing horror stories take several standard forms: dilapidation, infestation, crimina
We're testing out Toronto's recipe kit subscription services to find out how well they deliver
"I think its smart people who understand the value of having real estate as part of their business portfolio. Why should I be paying a landlord? Why pay for rent for the next 10 years and really have nothing to show for it?"Jim was recently interview
With a few new pieces of furniture and a fresh coat of paint, a one-bedroom pad looks like a whole new apartment
Recently, due to a lack of supply in the core and elsewhere, people were driven further out of the city to explore neighbourhoods they wouldnt normally consider. So theres a huge upswing at Park Lawn and Lake Shore.2240 Lake Shore Blvd. W, No. 1103,