Internet youtube proves vr isnt head turner should

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youtube proves vr isnt head turner should

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Internet Mon Jun 19 2017 11:45:15 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- YouTube is using heatmaps to track where we're looking when watching VR and a surprising number just look straight ahead.Whether your VR set up is a dedicated Oculus Rift room or just a web browser and a mouse, one of the best places to find 360-degr
Just after midnight on Monday morning, a man drove a van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers outside Finsbury Park Mosque in London. Ten people are injured and one man is dead, the BBC reports, and counter-terrorism officers are in attendance. SEE ALS
By bringing key advertisers, publishers, third-party measurement vendors and industry self-regulators together, GroupM China is showing impatience with broader industry reform and wants to be seen as a leader on fighting fake traffic.
 There’s a weird annual tradition in French politics. French presidents, ministers and hopeful candidates all go to the Agricultural Show in the Porte de Versailles convention center. Somehow, old ideas die hard, and it’s
 If you’re a U.S.-based founder and you’ve ever wondered how to pitch the London-based firm Atomico or, more specifically, who to pitch, Hiro Tamurais someone you might get to know better. Though he’s based in L
The hot new name in tech is France, a centuries-old startup that provides security, healthcare, and education in exchange for taxes.  Newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that the country needs to "think and move m
The CR 10 3D desktop printer is quite sizable, and has a liquid crystal display screen. There is a SD card with an offline printing option. It has imported special aluminum frame with a 300 x 300 x 400 mm volume with 0,4 mm gage diameter of a header
You have been using WordPress for quite a few years now. In fact, you are so accustomed to using WordPress that you are not sure how long you have been using it exactly. And, it isnt difficult to swap the word website with WordPress, thinking they ar
Feeling jealous of those gorgeously designed header images on other blogs? Want to find out how they create beautiful blog […] The post 5 Free Online Image Editors For Creating Beautiful Blog Post Headers appeared first on
It should be easier to spot fraudulent users on Airbnb in the future, thanks to a new acquisition.You can check into some unusual locations and maybe get your accommodation on the cheap if you choose Airbnb over a standard hotel or hostel, but on the
This week the world looked on in horror as a huge London tower block burned with residents still inside. Just a day later, a headline in UK tabloid The Sun declared "Kodi Boxes" a fire hazard and a risk to public safety. Was that awful timing? Cautio
If a national anthem is the most trusted representation of a country's brand, Canada is arguably in the midst of a brand refresh ahead of the 150th anniversary of Confederation July 1. On Monday night, Canadian senators will address the latest wrinkl
A summer vacation doesn't need to cost you a month's salary, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that it should. Between May and August, Instagram becomes a minefield of people you don't know sitting poolside at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs or whatev
AI fighting extremism, intuitive physics, and schema networks. Facebook fighting extremism with AI The problem, as usual, is determining what is extremist, and what isnt, and it goes further than just jihadists, he said. Are they just talking about I
It's not exactly a blazing headline on the Competitor magazine website. But on the print side, there is no doubt-the publication is celebrating a June birthday. The magazine was launched in June 1987 by Lois Schwartz and Bob Babbitt, with John Smith
The Asia Pacific News Literacy Group, part of the Facebook Journalism Project, announced the first two projects it will pursue. Facebook head of news partnerships Campbell Brown provided the details in a Facebook Media blog post: Identifying and unde
Must-read: The new bits in magazine publishing, the Media, should be secondary to magazine craft The redesign of The New York Times Magazine is on show at the Type Directors Club, NY, until 5 September. Creative Review take a quick look at Bloomberg
Advocacy group Human Rights Watch said that Indian authorities shouldcease arbitrary restrictions of the countrys Internet and telecommunications networks and added that state governments have... ...
  Flipkarthas received approval from Competition Commission of India (CCI) for acquisition of eBays India business. CCI, India approves subscription by eBay Singapore of CCPS... ...
BookMyShows app will now let users plan ahead for shows, movies and events with friends, family, etc. within the app. Its new Plan It feature... ...
 Samsung has been bullish on virtual reality hardware, hoping that its early moves in headsets and devices to shoot content will give it a stronger position in the space as (and if!) it continues to expand to more applications and users. Now
Uber's been too busy dealing with the fallout of its corporate culture in the United States to make too many headlines about its presence abroad recently.  But a major regional rival got a significant batch of funding this week — u
Varjo says its “20/20” headset offers 70-megapixel resolution, nearly 60 times better than the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The biggest stumbling block to widespread adoption of high-end virtual reality systems, in both the consumer
Two different analyses parse out what employees are thinking at tech’s biggest firms and where they’re headed if they are unhappy. By many reports, 2017 is a buyer’s market for job seekers. In tech, the compe
There are plenty of places you should never take a selfie, like a funeral or in the middle of a movie. We can now add "during a go-kart race" to that list.  While this guy certainly got his fair share of whiplash for the failed selfie, it ap
Rapper and performance artist Shawn Carter, known as Jay Z, took a stand against the bail bond industry in a Time column ahead of Father's Day. SEE ALSO: Jay Z went on a Twitter spree and thanked dozens of rappers that inspired him In Friday's "Ideas
The internet fell in love with a confused little girl. Blogger Jordyn Smith uploaded some photos to Twitter of her niece reacting to her EEG leads, and of course, it was simply precious. Have to wear EEG leads all over my head for the next few days..
A new clean energy report has a mixed outlook for the future: Wind and solar power will soar in coming decades, but we'll still be heading toward dangerous levels of global warming.  The big takeaway from Bloomberg New Energy Finance's (BNEF
Is it truly summer without a new Rihanna song blasting from every speaker, headphones or car system?  The answer is no, it is not, and thankfully, DJ Khaled and his son/executive producer Asahd have come through with the Rihanna vocals for h
Wallpaper applications are a dime a dozen on Android, and most offer similar functionality: browse wallpapers using filters, set wallpapers, and that is about it. While they may differ in terms of sources for the wallpapers, you should not expect maj