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Music Fri Aug 18 2017 18:16:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Be Here Now was the beginning of the end for Oasis. You know the story: Going into 1997, the Gallagher brothers were larger than life, unstoppable. In their native England, they were critically respected and massively successful commercially, having
Anyone who's ever lived inor had dreams of moving toNew York City knows it to be two things: One, it's unlike anywhere else, and two, it's almost absurdly expensive. Making it work here is already difficult, but add super high rent prices (with basic
Even if you don’t know the name Nathan Fielder, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered at least one of the viral stunts the comedian has executed through his Comedy Central TV series Nathan for You. The series is a par
After resolving (and how) the matter of who killed Jason Blossom, Riverdale wrapped with a whole new mystery for Archiekins & Co. to figure out: Who shot Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), and why? As we learn from this teaser, theres any number of s
Patrick Dempsey makes his big TV comeback after Grey's Anatomy, a familiar face returns to Quantico, The 100 recasts an important character, while Legends of Tomorrow finds Ray's mom. Read on to find out more.
Look at the first letter of each paragraph in this letter of resignation from the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, signed by 16 of the 17 members: Look at the first letter of each paragraph in this letter of resignation from the
The star got an Emmy for his performance as Zach Galifianakis' mother in the FX hit's first season and scored a follow-up nomination this more
The boys are back in town.
Community Feed: Social Distortion's Mike Ness recently offered some details to The Daily Times regarding the band's long-awaited new album, tentatively due for release next year. In this video, farmers, partners, volunteers and supporters talk about Farm Aid’s work to keep family farmers on the land and thriving. “Farm Aid has always bee…n there with emergency assistance for folks
"He had a fantastic sense of humor," the Emmy-nominated star tells THR. "I've seen that in some of the newsreel footage where he could get journalists laughing at the drop of a hat."read more
Bad Boy’s French Montana, Drake and Jeezy are all here for Dave East‘s wave. The trio have hit up social media to co-sign his new Paranoia album. French, Drake and Jeezy saluted Dave East’s long-awaited studio album rele
Logan surprised us earlier this year by being an uber-violent but measured character drama, a notable departure from most modern-day superhero flicks. The film paints a vivid picture of a somewhat post-apocalyptic United States where the majority of
Ace Hood’s name has come up a couple different times at the Breakfast Club, specifically when DJ Khaled’s been there the last few times. It was known that Ace and Khaled parted ways, but today (8/18) the hitmaker visited the Break
When you have all the money in the world, it can either change you for better or worse. There are also several people out there who are content with not being a millionaire and donate their royalty checks to school scholarships. And then theres Gene
There's suddenly a lot of "Blank Space" on Taylor Swift's social media accounts, and it's freaking out the singer's...
Vera returns to the U.S. this month on Acorn TV.  Brenda Blethyn stars as the brilliant detective chief inspector. Kenny Doughty returns as her go-to detective sergeant, Aiden Healy, in four new stand-alone episodes. Natural Selection, Dark
Sexting NAV and Metro Boomin are quite frequent at the strip joint. And in their new video, they’re keeping the workers in contact via their hand held devices. Perfect Timing here.Sexting NAV and Metro Boomin are quite frequent at the strip
Are Kanye West and Kid Cudi working on a top secret joint project? Inside sources say that Cudder and Yeezy are recording a collaborative effort in Japan, where they were recently photographed with famed artist Takashi Murakami, according to Page Six
Everything is fine except for the evil murderous octopus on the airplane. CBS Okay, there is an electrocharged demonic octopus on the airplane. It’s wrapped around the power source and emitting some sort of ooze that is shortcircuiting ever
In a competitive situation, CBS has nabbedGod Friended Me, a light hourlong procedural from Alcatraz co-creators Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, directorMarcos Siega and Greg Berlanti’s Berlanti Productions. Warner Bros. TV, where Berlan
Many fans grew up loving Harry Potter, but as the story became more mature, there were many parts of the world too dark for the kids who loved it.
Steve Bannon is OUT as White House chief strategist. The official word is that he resigned, but there are also reports suggesting he was ‘pushed’ out by Trump. via NY Times: President Trump has told senior aides that he has decide
There are a lot of aspiring film makers out there, but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re trying to get attention for their creations. In order to do that you need to know how to get your product out to the right people.
Here's a wild 'n' weird flick filmed in freakin' Stockton, CA... The story's about an evil Oriental Dragon Lady who has three martial arts fighters injected with a serum that turns them into zombie-like assassins, and then sends them out against her
Theres exactly one action scene in the first episode of The Defenders, and it happens in the first three minutes. Not only that, but its nigh-incomprehensible, having been chopped into Michael Bay-like oblivion under the eye of director S.J. Clarkson
Veteran actress Shabana Azmi on Friday honoured few frontline community workers, who have tried to bridge the gaps between communities and service providers in various states, at an event here. Organised by child development organisation Plan India,
"It wasn't so much that there were Nazis. It was really the reaction by certain presidents," Stewart remarked. Getty Image With all of the ongoing turmoil in this country, which only continues to grow now that actual Nazis have become empowered, one
Music News: "Johnny should patent that and put it out there!"
Las Vegas, that landmark of the American imagination, is known throughout the world as a destination for gambling and entertainment. But theres more to the state of Nevada than Sin City including abandoned mining towns, forgotten motels, stunning roc
Trey Songz is on probation. The R&B superstar has avoided jail time by pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace in the wake of a chaotic performance at Joe Louis Arena in December, where he was also charged with agg
You guys ever see that Wilco documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart? I love that flick, but there's one scene in particular: Wilco are in the studio, recording what will eventually come together as their 2001 masterpiece, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, a
#83 Franklin StubbsHere is the third and final card of Franklin Stubbs that I have to post on here. The first two were posted in 2014, shortly after I got them signed at a Dodger minor league Spring Training workout. You can see his Astros card here
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Our wander around the shadowy alleys of the UK's musical underground takes us to Cardiff where, despite the threat of closure hanging over a number of live venues, the scene continues to thrive as shown by this eclectic mix of the noisy, the poppy an
Guardians of the Galaxywas a universe apart from the rest of the Marvel movies. While therest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe weresubject to the control of the #ItsAllConnected mantra,with tons of world-building and cameos implemented into the separ
The Defenders are here! Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist have officially joined forces and arrived on Netflix. Who's your favorite Defender? Come tell us in this poll by nermai!
The dance track turns into a fluttering bop.
Keyboard Geniuses is our weekly glance at a few intriguing, witty, or otherwise notable posts from the Gameological discussion threads. Comments have been excerpted and edited here for grammar, length, and/or clarity. You can follow the links to see
Blade, Pinhead, etc. are nowhere to be found... The post Thy Art Is Murder Premiere “Puppet Master” Video appeared first on
Hey @PaulBegala You should be here! Willie talking to @billclinton right now. Headed to a show. Resistance Warrior (@BioAnnie1) August 18, 2017 Hey @PaulBegala You should be here! Willie talking to @billclinton right now. H
There’s something wondrous about being in a car wash. For a few stolen moments, real life dissolves into a cool, dark shadow world where splashes and bubbles rain down just inches away from your face but can’t touch you. Soft-tipp
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson star in a fitfully amusing action film. Lionsgate The hardest movies to talk about (let alone review) are the ones that are fine. Theres nothing particularly remarkable about them either way theres an occasional ch
Former Scotland Yard detectives have called onLondon’sMetropolitan Police tomaintain its art crimes investigation, following the reappointment of the division’s detectives to investigating the Grenfell Tower fire. Theres a point w
Sunny Leone had visited the city of Kochi for attending an inauguration event, where she was mobbed by thousands of her fans! It was yesterday only when we had shown you all how the city of Kochi had gone mad to catch a glimpse of Sunny Leone. The ac
By teckzilla Word Is Bond TWIB Meets returns with an exclusive interview with iNTeLL who featured on our pages a while ago with his singles “Ashes, ashes” and “Containers“. It was only right to get the young ma
It’s actually kind of hard to find movies where the Yankees are actually seen as the good guys. So really it’s kind of dependent on the point of view you have concerning “good” and “bad”. So
Another OT post, but I gotta tell you this story. (I love living here.) It's always difficult to get fresh produce. I fixed a very simple lunch yesterday of broccoli and green beans over a cup or two of white...Another OT post, but I gotta tell you t