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premature evaluation brand science fiction

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Music Mon Aug 21 2017 16:01:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Let's just take a second to marvel at the fact that, after eight years, having a new Brand New album out in the world feels like nothing short of a small miracle. There were times when it felt like this day might never come and other times when it fe
It goes without saying that Star Trek and Star Wars are the two biggest science fiction franchises ever. Even non-science fiction fans can recognize elements from either franchise, such as “beaming” or “the Force&#82
Eclipses are pretty darncool even in real life, so it’s fitting that inscience fiction and fantasy they get their due as legitimately monumental events. Dragon’s blood shed, the sapping of powers, aliens invading under cover of da
In this bi-weekly series reviewing classic science fiction and fantasy books, Alan Brown looks at the front lines and frontiers of the field; books about soldiers and spacers, scientists and engineers, explorers and adventurers. Stories full of what
When Gregg Nadel, the president of Elektra records, sent Ed Sheeran a completed version of Anderson East’s brand new single, the slinky, soul...
Some writers straddle genres, but Jeff VanderMeers fiction seems bound and determined to encompass as many styles and genres as it possibly can. Looking for metafictional body horror? Perhaps a detective novel set against the wars of an empire? Or ma
Tha Dogg PoundmemberDaz Dillingerkicks the week off with an official music video for his brand new singleBang Bang,off his upcoming albumDazmataz. Tha Dogg PoundmemberDaz Dillingerkicks the week off with an official music video for his brand new sing
Science fiction and fantasy have been around for centuries. Millennia, depending on which criteria you prefer. Only in the twentieth century did they coalesce into the genre-spectrum they are today, and begin to win large-scale popular and commercial
Werkligstrives to design with purpose and create brands that are built on truth, not fake stories. One of my favorite brands they developed is Suomen Jtel, a Finnish ice cream company. Especially impressive is the packaging: an unconventionally shape
Jay-Z started his 2017 festival run this weekend at V Festival in the U.K. In addition to performing his brand new album 4:44 for the first time, Hov also took a moment at the end of his set to pay homage to the late great Chester Bennington of Linki