Celebrity Fashion hands down product need frizzy hair

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Celebrity Fashion

hands down product need frizzy hair

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Celebrity Fashion Thu Jun 22 2017 14:30:17 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It’s officially beach season — and, unofficially (for many of us), the season of frizzy hair. Worried about losing the style you worked so hard to master all year long? No worries — there’s one product
If new Hunter boots are on your wish list, drop everything now! Hunter just did additional markdowns at their seasonal sale and we rarely eversee Hunter bootsat prices like these. For a limited time only, you can snag a pair of Hunter’sicon
We can sum up Meryl Streep's red carpet style in one word: elegant. She's been attending award shows since the '70s, which means she's been honing her signature look for quite some time. You won't ever see the actress in a flamboyant dress or barely-
If there's one thing Game Of Thrones has in abundance, it's handsome British men with brown hair. In fact, there are so many, it's easy to get them all confused. And it's even easier to forget about other ones entirely. That's what happened to early
Leggings arethe best. I mean, really, who isn’t down to rock leggings 24/7? But as we all know, it’s sometimes so hard to find that perfect pair. They need to be super flattering, comfy, easyto wear, not too sheer… the l
Leggings arethe best. I mean, really, who isn’t down to rock leggings 24/7? But as we all know, it’s sometimes so hard to find that perfect pair. They need to be super flattering, comfy, easyto wear, not too sheer… the l
On Tuesday, Warner Bros. announced that they have concluded the investigation into the Bachelor In Paradise set incident that caused production to be shut down. According To Warner Bros., the internal investigation, which was conducted jointly with a
Why are you so loud? You need to calm down. Why are you upset?These are all comments I have had said to me from non-Black people when I wasnt yelling, I felt pretty calm, and I wasnt upset. When I was young, these questions came as a surprise. I didn
It’s summertime, the beach is calling your name, and you want to look your best — totally understandable. But piling on foundation, blush, powder, and even waterproof makeup products can actually be both bad for your skin
Kiko KostadinovSpring/Summer 2018Matthew MillerSpring/Summer 2018I thought it would be quite fun to get my gut reactions down to the menswear shows this month - starting right here in London.My two favourite collections were by Kiko Kostadinov and Ma
Kim Kardashian can make anything she touches a goldmine in a matter of seconds. She's a flawless beauty queen, which is why fans went on a frenzy when she announced she was launching her new makeup line, KKW Beauty. And, as most Kardashian products d
We can't be the only ones ready to grab the remote and bust out a diving clothesline on our couch when GLOW premieres on Netflix tomorrow. Alison Brie's dad, however, might be the only one watching with his hands over his eyes.The new women's wrestli
  What fabric goes hand in hand with summertime? Linen. Linen is a light, breezy fabric that is perfect for hot summer days. If you find yourself showing up to the office sweating like crazy after your commute, you need to invest in a linen
Her face is great, but we need to discuss the rest.
Tired of spending a fortune on skincare and having to use tons of different products to get the results you want? Well, you’re in luck! We found a product that solves all those problems. Better Skin’s Lava Magikis a face mask, exf
You've got your future husband thing all figured out, so now you need to figure out which of your girlfriends will make the exclusive cut in your bridal party. You want a crew that will stand by you even when you're being a bridezilla. Before you pro
After somehow managing to make a sweet gingham bikini inexplicably sexy, Kendall Jenner posted another selfie on Instagram. With Kendall's larger-than-life hair and retro ensemble, we thought straight to one of our favorite '60s fashion icons: Brigit
Weddings, while magical, are a seemingly never-ending money pit and I say that as someone who recently got married and is happier than she's ever been.You have to budget for things you never thought you'd think about if anyone needs recommendations f
When your wardrobe consists of all-black everything, you obviously need shoes to go with your aesthetic. There are so many black sneakers we're loving right now - and we've curated our favorite pairs. These kicks will look cool and modern, plus they'
As tech companies expand their global presence, one of the biggest challenges they face is addressing the needs of each individual culture. For Facebook, the basic elements of the social media platform may look the same, but there is no one size fits
You're mid dance move at your friend's wedding when all of a sudden it hits you: pain - horrible, horrible pain - caused by those sky-high heels. You need a minute (or 20) to rest/ice your feet, and then you'll be back, this time rocking a pair of ov
Kids doing lines, mums downing bottles these are the saddest public domain imagesA disturbing amount of options are available when you go on a stock photography site and search for things like kids doing coke or girl taking selfie with AK-47. Andy Ke
Disney-Pixar's Inside Out went down as one of the most original (and tear-jerking) ways anyone had ever depicted the inner workings of the mind. But however original it may have seemed, a new lawsuit is alleging that the studio stole the idea of anth
Nine times out of 10, you most likely have your iPhone in your hand. Whether you’re waiting in line at Chipotle, shopping, or even going to the bathroom, your phone is clutched tightly in one of your free hands or perched somewhere near by.
Let's face it: when you get older, tons of health problems just seem to pop up out of nowhere.  You get random aches and pains, and by the time you reach your 30's you feel like everything is starting to go downhill. One aspect of your body
Khlo Kardashian is expanding her Good American denim brand to include bodysuits of varying silhouettes and coverage. The celebrity designer announced that she would be launching an 11-product Good Body collection on June 22. The collection will add t
A lot of us have a love/hate relationship with underwire bras. On the one hand, bras with an underwire give lift and support when you feel like you need it most. If your cup size is on the smaller side, they can create cleavage, and if you have a lar
Who would have thought that a tennis shoe from 1973 would make a comeback four decades later!? The iconic sneaker has become Adidas’ bestselling shoe and it doesn’t look like the hype is going to die down anytime soon. When these
Who would have thought that a tennis shoe from 1973 would make a comeback four decades later!? The iconic sneaker has become Adidas’ bestselling shoe and it doesn’t look like the hype is going to die down anytime soon. When these
Mary-Kate Olsen stepped out in New York wearing her signature look: oversize neutral separates, a leather hobo bag, and simple sunglasses. We immediately looked down to her pooling trousers, equipped with an ankle flap at the back. Rather than hiding
His message for the SS18 menswear show was simple: I need a freakThank God for Rick Owens. The designer staged a memorable show today in Paris, a beautiful response to what he called our chaotic human condition. To Owens, beauty is the opposite of de
In case you needed a reminder: There's nothing shameful about taking antidepressants. Although that should be obvious, the stigma surrounding mental illness still makes the diagnosis and prescription of medication for depression, anxiety, or any othe
Some call it navel-gazing. We call it too good to put down.As much as we adore fiction, a good memoir really has a huge emotional impact on the reader, because it has the benefit of being true (unless it's by James Frey, in which case, never mind). W
Intimate partner violence, police violence, the wage gap, cultural appropriation, and reproductive justice are all concerns under the umbrella of Black feminism. And for all of these concrete issues, there are even more ideological practices that Bla
It's Women's History Month, and traces of the epic Womens March are still in the air. Let those golden specks of empowerment make their way onto your computer screen, and follow them down corridors of Netflix entertainment. The streaming service is h
Given that the month of June is home to National Hazelnut Cake Day and National Daylight Appreciation Day, should you really be surprised that June 21 is also National Selfie Day? Yes, there is a day devoted entirely to that happy byproduct of our ph
Oh, the injustice. Adam Sandler shows no sign of slowing down, Hollywood is still churning out Transformers sequels, and now we're losing Daniel Day-Lewis. Come. On.Yesterday the Oscar-winning actor released a statement announcing his impending retir
The highly anticipated Star Wars Han Solo film has lost its directorial duo.According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have left the project, which was announced back in July 2015. THR adds that the film is already in product
Alright, Queen Sugar fans. We can finally all breathe a sigh of relief: Our show is back for a second season, and the premiere episode did not disappoint. If you need a reminder of where we left off (which I admittedly did!) you can read my recap of
When it comes to beauty recommendations, there's no better place to look than on YouTube. After all, vloggers spend hours testing, swatching, and reviewing products just so they can tell their millions of subscribers exactly how to use it. So, natura
Next time you start to wonder if you might be getting a little obsessive about the whole head-to-toe sunscreen thing, just remember that there are real people out there who are convinced that they do not need sun protection. What kind of person do yo