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San Diego Padres

madfriars qa mark conner part

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San Diego Padres Fri Jul 21 2017 23:33:27 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- While the top of the draft appropriately gets the most attention, the process of putting together a 40-round draft class is a year-round endeavor.
A judge who ordered reforms and imposed federal oversight on the Oakland Police Department nearly a decade and a half ago took the city and department to task again Monday. [ more ]
The photos REALLY don't do it justice, I'm sure. [ more ]
Sandoval return mulled, missing kid found, gym parking dismay. [ more ]
SF has at least 30,000 vacant residential and commercial units, a recent study determined. [ more ]
The Los Angeles Chargers are parting ways with a trio of players. The team parted ways with Brandon Flowers, D.J. Fluker and Stevie Johnson on Tuesday.
Chargers' outside linebacker Melvin Ingram is the latest free agent to be slapped with the franchise tag. Are all of the best pass rushers off the market after Monday's news?
Lyft is nipping at the heels of main competitor Uber in joining the race to bring autonomous vehicles onto the road, but they're doing so with a slightly different — and they say more cost effective — strategy, through partnerships.
Police will be able to seize any bikes or bicycle parts from individuals who have five or more bikes displayed on public property, according to legislation that will be considered Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Jeff Sheehy proposed t
TweetThis was yesterday: With the whale down again, the San Francisco Fire Department boat then puttered away. We’ve had a lot of documented whale strikes lately, but this is the most care I’ve seen displayed by a boating crew.Twe
A neighbor noticed the shenanigans during his 'Game of Thrones' premiere party. [ more ]
TweetThis is the newly-paved pedestrian (meaning no bikes / skateboards allowed) path along Oak in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle (or as RPD now refers to it, Panhandle Park, but of course the Oklahoma Panhandle is still a part of Oklahoma, right?) I
Police report three people were assaulted over the weekend in San Francisco’s Mission District. In what marks the third violent incident in Dolores Park in the last three weeks, a fight broke out at the park at 4:34 p.m. on Sunday. Someone
Artist Eric Lee (a.k.a. “E. LEE“) has created Free Bird Seed, a wonderful four-part street art piece on the Soho House building in Chicago. It features an amusing storyline where Wile E. Coyote set up a trap for Road Runner in the
In a market where e-commerce has usurped traditional retail and research suggests consumers go out for experiences rather than to shop, some Mission businesses are finding success in offering what cant be ordered at the click of a button. Steve Fox o
Artist Eric Lee (a.k.a. “E. LEE“) has created Free Bird Seed, a wonderful four-part street art piece on the Soho House building in Chicago. It features an amusing storyline where Wile E. Coyote set up a trap for Road Runner in the
It's part of an executive order to review all national marine sanctuaries that have been declared in the last ten years. [ more ]
The Transatlantic slave trade and the Jim Crow era made deep and irreversible marks in American history. But despite the segregation and racial barriers of those times, African Americans with little or no formal training produced a wide range of musi
The most expensive Tahoe area property ever to hit the market, a $75 million complex in Crystal Bay, Nevada, has just hit the market, and it's bound to make you stare emptily across the room and hope for a minute that the mega-rich person who buys th
Who doesn't love a great party? And now you can master the art of throwing the event everyone wants to attend withThe Accredited Ultimate Event Planning Training Bundle. [ more ]
Just hitting the market is the insane, full-floor penthouse unit sitting atop what will be the tallest residential tower on the West Coast. [ more ]
Tweet[Feel free to boot up (Shakedown) 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkinswhile you read– that’s the reference.] Here it is, noble Sutro Tower, beloved symbol of Frisco. The vertical part in the middle is an add-on – it brough
TweetMarketing to yoots, 1960’s: And marketing to yoots, 2010’s: Coda: The Real Reason Behind Ford’s Move Into Bike-Sharing – Why would an auto giant want to start an urban bike-sharing business? Heres a hint:
Dede Wilsey's son Todd Traina and his wife apparently played co-host to the launch party for luxury marijuana brand Beboe. [ more ]
Three fires in the last year, all at partially completed residential construction sites in Oakland and Emeryville, have all been ruled as acts of arson. [ more ]
The Los Angeles Chargers have quietly built a very solid roster and will look to markedly improve on their record over the last two years. An around .500 or even better record seems to be a foregone expectation for a lot of people. Many say this team