Technology tech deals off google wifi mesh router apple watch stand bluetooth speaker more

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tech deals off google wifi mesh router apple watch stand bluetooth speaker more

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Technology Thu Jul 13 2017 19:45:21 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- We are back yet again with another wonderful installment of our daily tech deals. Yes, that's right, yet more great tech-based products for you to browse through and purchase at your heart's content. Make sure you act quickly if you see something tha
 Just seven months after announcing a $20 million Series B, Pendo, a platform to help businesses better understand their customers, has closed a new $25 million Series C led by Meritech Capital Partners. The North Carolina-based startup has
 Alexa’s latest trick is offering a hands-free TV viewing experience, that will allow consumers to turn on or off their television, change inputs, fast forward, rewind and more, without having to first invoke a specific skill, or e
Logitech has just acquired ASTRO Gaming for $85 Million. This is likely in a bid to increase their gaming headset portfolio. ASTRO Gaming headsets are very popular in the console market and many eSports athletes us the headsets. It is unclear if Logi
A startup out of San Diego, California, has made it easy to add a little extra lift to your morning with marijuana-infused coffee pods. This week, Brewbudz debuted a line of coffees and teas spiked with marijuana flower and encased in single
Ads with a social purpose dominate this year's Emmy Award nominees for outstanding commercial, with two separate "Love Has No Labels" spots for the Ad Council making the list of five hopefuls, along with the "Why I March" PSA that mcgarrybowen made f
The US is a newcomer to offshore wind; big buildout seems a long way off in Virginia. Enlarge / An image of an offshore wind turbine, from Dong Energy. (credit: Dong Energy) This week, Virginia utility Dominion announced that it would partner with Da
Contrary to popular belief, the majority of workers under the age of 35 -- millennials -- actually prefer office life toworking remotely, a new report has found. According to research by Maintel, who polled 1,000 employed adults in the UK aged 18 or
When people think of Amazon Alexa, they probably just associate it with asking questions or playing music. For me and many others, however, the assistant ismuch more than that. She (Alexa is female) controls my lights, thermostat, and even my televis
Doomfist's skins have been revealed on the Overwatch public test region and they look pretty amazing. Doomfist arrived on the PC-only public test region last week, shaking up the Overwatch roster with his super-powered punches. The villainous hero's
SEGA now offers a large collection of games on the Google Play store and amongst them is Altered Beast. Altered Beast first appeared in the arcades in 1988 as a standalone arcade cabinet but later came to the SEGA Genesis. The arcade version was more
A new report from China suggests the Nokia 8 will be the flagship phone this year. Previous rumors suggested it would be the Nokia 9.
The release date for Gran Turismo Sport has been confirmed and its not far away.Gran Turismo Sport, Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Forza franchise, now has a confirmed release date of October 18 2017.Announced on the European Play
Global esports firm hires Rodrigo Samwell as CMO and Martin Hubert as CRO
 Insticator is announcing that it has raised $5.2 million in Series A funding. The startup allows online publishers to add quizzes, polls and other interactive elements (either created by Insticator or by the publisher themselves) to their s
Nearly three years after Destiny took the gaming world by storm, fans are finally going to have a chance to dip their toes into the sequel. On July 18th, PS4 owners will have the first crack at the beta, which will open up to Xbox One players the nex
 Back in March at Google’s Cloud Next conference, the company announced plans to run its own machine learning startup competition side-by-side with Data Collective and Emergence Capital. Four months later, ten startups, pulled from
Squirrels, with their nut-burying habits and uncanny knack of finding them later, are known for their ability to recall important details. But scientists have discovered a new squirrel trait they see as a different kind of memory skill, an ability to is slowly but surely replacing all those clunky social sharing plugins that you use. With today’s update, you can now schedule tweets, Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates in’s admin interface.
This week we're showcasing two spiffy offers from a pair of less mainstream carriers: Mint SIM and The People's Operator. Every week, we try to spotlight the best current deals, price drops, and new plans from mobile carriers. This week we’
Magento is an amazing eCommerce platform which comes with many neat features. Although it offers lots of useful tools, for a more complex experience you can always add Magento extensions / plugins to extend its functionalities. There are countless Ma
Manage stress and boost your productivity at work using mindfulness. Mindfulness at Work Essentials For Dummies explores the many benefits of utilizing mindfulness techniques in the workplace, offering managers, HR professionals and business people o
 WhenRazer bought THX off of George Lucas’ hands, no one knew what they’d use their new multimedia technology arm for — until they announced the improvements to their most powerful laptop: the Blade Pro. Read Mo
Tennis pro Andy Murray is getting praise from Twitter after he bluntly corrected a reporter's casually sexist question. He even got some Twitter love from his mama.  Read more...More about Watercooler, Entertainment, Mashable Video, Tennis,
Watch this video and ask yourself when you realize Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala knows this stop is...suspect.  Video of two Orlando officers pulling over Ayala — the only black state attorney ever elected in Florida &#82
According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, Oculusis planning to release a standalone VR headset next year that will occupy the space between PC and smartphone powered hardware. ...
The hardware will still live on in 2DS and "XL" versions, though. You won't be able to buy this in Japan anymore, now that Nintendo has stopped production. Nintendo is discontinuing the last of its compact, flip-top, stereoscopic 3D portables in Japa
Having a robust and easy-to-use but with a great UI and UX email app is much more of a need than a want these days, with a lot of people working on their smartphones while commuting or eating at a restaurant or even walking around a mall or park. One
If you’ve been watching the Pokmon anime series for years since it first made its debut, you’re no doubt familiar with the team of Ash, Misty, and Brock. While new faces have rotated […] The post The Newest Pokmon Movie
To give you an idea of the kind of customer LVMH is after, all you need to look at is Louis Vuitton's new $2,900 Android Wear smartwatch. The French company, which owns brands like Dior, Fendi, Givenchy and Prada, in addition to LV, is the e
Quentin Tarantino is reportedly lining up the cast for his next movie: a take on the real-life Manson Family murders of the late 1960s. This will be the first time he's choosing to work with real-life events, and some of us are more than a little con
One of the fundamental principles of lighting is creatingseparation between the subject and background. There are many ways you can do this using one or more lights simply by changing where you direct the light. Here, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Len