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preacher aftermath crossover prog

Rock Music Sun Jan 21 2018 01:47:54 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Review by kev rowland — Preacher are a band new to me, but apparently they have been around since 2007, and this 2016 release was their second album, following on from 2014's 'Signals', which I have yet to hear. Hailing from Scotland, the l
Review by Warthur — Those who know their prog history will recall that zeuhl can be best thought of as a weird offshoot of jazz fusion, with early Magma releases being along decidedly fusion-oriented lines (in keeping with Christian Vander'
Review by thwok — THE ANATOMY OF... is one of those albums that really makes me wish that the ratings system allowed for half stars. I'm going to round up and give this covers album 4 stars for its progressiveness. If "progressive music" is
Review by ArtuomNechuev — Really don't like to be hard on musicians, because every work and effort deserve certain amount of respect. So I won't. However, it's worth emphasizing - there's nothing progressive on this record, only metal. Musi
Review by ale73 — Now Opeth is one of the most affirmed prog entity (and it is all deserved), but there was a time when they were something different. I started listening to them with the former album "Still life", and immediately I came ba
Review by Proussos — An excellent female voice progressive band. Her voice is out of this world. Very touching and verymelodic album. Definitely a masterpiece of NON UK Progressive albums.Guitar is not that technical BUT it really serves th
Review by Prog Leviathan — The prog-rock Opeth seems here to stay, especially with Sorceress, which offers a panoply of classic progressive inspiration, performed through the down-tuned and sometimes aggressive--sometimes nostalgic--Opeth s
Review by siLLy puPPy — Oh my gawd! This is the kind of stuff that gives me progasms! Colorado's coolest mutilators of pop melodies have once again delivered six intriguing tracks freshly collected from the meat grinder and shipped off to m
Review by kev rowland — Back in the Nineties I was running Feedback fanzine in the UK, and was fortunate enough to be incontact with the wonderful Larry Kolota who ran Kinesis, a record label who released both modernprogressive rock (I was
Review by martindavey87 — Released four years after their debut, 'Section X' gives us a second dark and twisted glimpse into the mindscape of Danish prog metal group, Beyond Twilight. With another concept album based around themes of clonin
Review by siLLy puPPy — While the rich symphonic prog laid down by Genesis on their seminal album "Wind & Withering" would become a blueprint for a new wave of English progressive rock bands such as Marillion, IQ, Pendragon and Arena th
Review by nikitasv777 — Japanese Symphonic Prog Rockers Water Blue Vermilion Sands - one of the all-time great Japanese prog albums.I found out about this group only recently and what a nice surprise it was!Vermilion Sands is often compared
Review by mlkpad14 — Cardiacs' album A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window is their most popular release to date. Cardiacs' style - part art rock, part punk, part prog, and extremely experimental - makes them one of the more i
Review by nikitasv777 — This is Mr. Sirius debut album released in 1987. One of the most unique and individual progressive rock albums. The music covers the Canterbury Scene and Symphonic Prog. It's very pleasant music with lots of flute, v
Review by siLLy puPPy — As the early 70s slowly gave way to a new era, many of the psychedelic and progressive acts of the day had to figure out how to adapt to the changing music world around them. Achim Reichel was no stranger to change.
Review by VianaProghead — Review N 156'Yessongs', was the first Yes' live album that was bound to be a classic. That 1973 triple LP was emblazoned with a hypnotic Roger Dean cover and comprised of material from double-header progressive roc
Review by Warthur — A magnificent supergroup project from Japan, bringing together various figures from the 1980s prog scene there to produce a delightful tribute to the Italian scene of the 1970s. Rather than copying the distinctive style
Review by siLLy puPPy — By 1974, the times were a-changing as the psychedelic and progressive rock that exploded onto the scene just a few years earlier was already starting to collapse under its own overindulgence and Germany's burgeoning
Review by siLLy puPPy — As most Krautrock enthusiasts are aware of, Achim Reichel was one of Germany's biggest pop stars in the 60s before he dived headfirst into the burgeoning psychedelic scene that turned progressive as the 70s hit, howe
As the vinyl surge mounted in late 2017, there appeared three 2LPs of recordings from the television program Austin City Limits, with the wide range of the participants reinforcing the shows multi-decade longevity. The oldest performance, by guitar w
Review by fenman — I found this album on Bandcamp and bought a download. There is a lot of instrumental or largelyinstrumental prog/jazz/fusion around these days, much of which is well played but, unfortunately,not very memorable. What attr
Review by rdtprog — This cd was a collaboration between Geroge Martin and his son Giles when they were asked to work forthe Cirque du Soleil. They have created this soundscape using any sound from the original Beatlesmulti-track tapes. The
Review by memowakeman — Very nice music!Last year I got to know Psychoyogi's music due to the facebook contact with their axe-man Chris Ramsing, and i have to say I am lucky to be introduced to these low-profile prog bands because they alwa
Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother — With over ten full-length releases since his debut `Etherea' in 2003, American prog-electronic artist Jeffrey Koepper has slowly built a strong reputation as a skilled composer of Berlin School-modelled music
Review by DamoXt7942 — Let me say, the newest album by a Norwegian progressive rock star combo WOBBLER has established another symphonic world view, with colourful, kaleidoscopic, complexly convoluting sound revolution via the longest title
Review by kev rowland — This 2016 mini-album is my first experience of Canadian progressive band Half Past Four, and the only question I have is 'where have you been?'. My initial reaction to this was if ever a band was channelling the spir
Review by kev rowland — This is the second album from neo-prog/prog metal outfit Eden Shadow, released in 2016, who are a trio based around Ryan Elliott (vocals, guitar, keyboards) with Alex Broben (bass) and Aled Lloyd (drums). Although th
Review by Frenetic Zetetic — 4.5/5 stars. Essential progressive rock with perfect early 70's production.Gentle Giant were never a "straight shot", conventional band. They were always ahead of the curve. Acquiring The Taste (1971) behaves al
Review by poito — I tried this along with the former release KIMONO to have a real taste of this band, since my first picks turned out to be great prog albums LIL'BETHOVEN and HIPPOPOTAMUS. And it confirmed what I've been reading about the
Review by poito — Finally, I found it. The un-prog music by Sparks I mean. I started with LIL'BETHOVEN, which is a great album and then I moved to their latest release HIPPOPOTAMUS for a comparison, but it turned out to be an amazing album
Review by guiservidoni — Underworld is a solid record by Symphony X. It's got the prog power that gets you hooked, the symphonic elements throughout and even a bass that shines through a little bit more than in the other records. However, t
Review by memowakeman — This is wonderful!In the mid 00s when I started listening to progressive rock, I remember I went so some prog sites in order to look for Mexican bands, and, though Sonus Umbra is actually not a Mexican band, its root
Review by poito — SH underwent such a fast evolution since he left GONG. In only three years he released four albums in clear progression to new musical scapes. From his Canterburian roots and Tibetan elements he went through more atmospher
Review by Warthur — Sculptured is the personal vehicle for Agallloch member Don Anderson's twisted brainwrongs of avant-prog metal strangeness. With Agalloch taking off to the extent that it's done, Sculptured releases have been few and far
Review by omphaloskepsis — Novel hedonistic zany Italian!BASTA! is an eclectic electric progressive rock quintet from Tuscany, consisting of Damiano BONDI (Diamonica Hammond 44), Saverio SISTI (Electric Guitar, 8-Strings Guitar), Giacomo SO
Review by Warthur — As far as Arcturus album titles go, "Sideshow Symphonies" is rather apt. "Symphonies" are in play in the sense that the music is deep in progressive realms with, as in the classic Sham Mirrors or La Masquerade Infernale,
Review by siLLy puPPy — PALINCKX was the creation as well as last name of the brothers Jacques and Bert. Although they venture into extremely complex and bizarrely constructed avant-prog and experimental soundscapes beginning with their alb
Review by siLLy puPPy — Christian Vander and MAGMA were fairly busy during the early 70s when they pumped out an amazing number of complex and innovative progressive rock albums that cleverly mixed and mingled jazz and rock together and wou
Review by b_olariu — 3,5 stars for sureL'Orient d'' is one shot prog wonder from Canada, more specific from their most famous zone Quebec where the prog movement in the '70s was at home. One album saw the light from this band in 1978 selfti
Review by kev rowland — Towards the end of 2016 I was contacted by guitarist Peter Pedersen, who asked if I would be interested in hearing the latest album from his band, who combine psychedelia with progressive rock. Well, it sounded inter
Review by siLLy puPPy — The Debut EPThe progressive rock movement took off like wildfire once King Crimson released their epic "In The Court Of The Crimson King" in 1969 and soon thereafter all of Europe followed by the world, would start t
Review by poslednijat_colobar — The overshadowed Latin masterpiece of the 2010s This extremely rare album is an unexpected gem in the progressive rock crown of the decade. Brazilian symphonic prog band amazes with a sincere and accomplished
Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother — The duo of modern German prog-electronic composers Michael Brckner and Hans-Dieter Schmidt have been creating music together on and off over the last seven years, but 2017 brings what will hopefully be the fi
Review by Windhawk — German composer and musician Nerissa SCHWARZ is probably best known as a member of German progressive rock band Frequency Drift, a band she joined in 2011. She has also released music of her own previously, then using t
Review by siLLy puPPy — THANK YOU SCIENTIST is a seven piece band that comes from Montclair, New Jersey and creates a distinct mix progressive rock mixed with instantly catchy pop hooks infused with a healthy dose of post-hardcore type of p
Review by siLLy puPPy — As the 21st century elapses ever closer to its third decade and grows further away from the 70s when the progressive rock world was at its golden age, it has seen many of the older bands trying to make a comeback. Wh
Review by rdtprog — Since the release of their first album, the band has lost his vocalist Jocelyn Beaulieu who has aspecial voice in the range of Jon Anderson of Yes. Since then the sound and the music of the bandchange for a more in your
Review by siLLy puPPy — The year 1969 was amazing year of explosive experimentalism in every direction with artists like Cromagnon, Amon Duul II, Captain Beefheart, early Alice Cooper and not to mention prog classics like King Crimson and E
Review by nandprogger — For all Portnoy fans a new progmetal band this musician come to mind : is this the new Dream Theater. For many fans, DT died with no Portnoy; for me, DT was not the same still MP in the album "Black Clouds and Silver
Review by Ovidiu — Mr Alberto Rigoni is back with another album called -DUALITY -in 2017 and this time is a prog orientated album,with some fusion twists!He abandoned the direction taken with hie previous album,which was in the funk-soul di