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quintessence blissful company indoprograga rock

Rock Music Thu Jul 19 2018 02:26:52 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Review by siLLy puPPy — Many roads in rock and pop music since the 60s lead back to The Beatles and the fertile cross-pollination of Indian music with Western rock was one of the more popular ones following the Fab Four's brief stay at an a
Review by TCat — Don Caballero is considered a math rock band, and their sound can get quite dense and complex as it works off of mostly guitar patterns that drive the music while layers get added on top of that, which is usually what the p
Review by TCat — There is a reason why Explosions in the Sky is one of the most talked about and popular post rock bands out there. They know how to use the post rock formula of taking a basic theme and developing on it by adding and taking
Dead and Company Setlist and Video | Wednesday July 11, 2018 | Isleta Amphitheater, Albuquerque NM #summertour2018 #deadandcompany
Review by siLLy puPPy — While psychedelic space rock may have found its origins in the mid-60s British scene most notably by Pink Floyd as well as others at the famous UFO Club in London, there is no denying that it was the German Krautrock
Dead and Company Setlist | Saturday, July 7, 2018 | Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles #summertour2018 #deadandcompany
Review by siLLy puPPy — ANNEXUS QUAM went from a 60s hippie band to a bizarre mix of psychedelic rock mixed with free form jazz when they debuted with "Osmose" but after that release they spent the next two years more emerged in the jazz si
Dead and Company Setlist & Video | Tuesday July 3, 2018 |Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View California #summertour2018 #DeadCo #deadandcompany
Review by TCat — After several years on hiatus, GY!BE returned with this long awaited album in 2012, and the fans went wild. GY!BE amassed many fans during their hiatus, people were growing to love their music, their brand of post rock, and
Review by TCat — After listening to this album several times, my impression of God is an Astronaut is a lite Post Rock band. Their brand of post rock is to try to make it easy for people to listen to. Personally, I don't think post rock was
Review by Warthur — Hawkwind had been reduced to a three-piece in the mid-1990s, but on The Business Trip Dave Brock and company re-engineer themselves as a Space Rock-New Age power trio, wavering between blissful electronic explorations an
Review by siLLy puPPy — Every once in a while an album pops up that seems like it had the perfect band name and album cover for an entire different musical genre that wouldn't appear for decades after its release. I mean doesn't a band name
Dead and Company Setlist and Video | Friday July 13, 2018 | Folsom Field Boulder, Colorado
Review by Mellotron Storm — This was DOLOROSA's debut from 2006. This French duo had released an EP in 2004 and half of the songs on this album feature those 6 songs. I fell in love with their second album called "Het!" from 2012 but this i
Dead and Company (Setlist so far)Saturday June 30 ,2018Autzen StadiumEugene, OR Set I opener Set II opener Bob WeirJohn MayerJeff ChimentiOteil BurbridgeMickey HartBill Kreutzman Set IDeal jmMe and My Uncle bwHere Comes Sunshine jmBlack -Throated Win
Dead and Company Setlist & Videos (so far...)" | Friday July 6, 2018 | Chula Vista, California
Dead and Company Benefit Raises of $1,000,000 Setlist & video clips | Sunday July 8 2018 | Hollywood, California
Dead and Company - Setlist (so far) Summer Tour Finale! | Saturday July 14 2018 | Folsom Field, Boulder Colorado
Review by Luciana Aun — Another German band forgotten by the time that released just an album and disappeared, leaving such a classic titled by 'Electric Indian'.With a heavy sound, Dull Knife ranges from the hard prog with some good blues
Talk about your supposedly fun things Ill never do again; it would take a million chimpanzees playing electrical instruments 100,000 years to make the ungodly synthesis of southern rock and progressive rock work, and I am here to tell you that August
Festival funk rockers Chromeo is currently in the middle of a tour supporting their latest LP, Head Over Heels, but the duo just announced on Twitter this morning that theyre cancelling the Australian dates that they had coming up. We are truly sorry
Review by TenYearsAfter — In 2007 the six-piece UK formation The Reasoning released their debut-album entitled Awakening, to me it still sounds as very pleasant and accessible modern progressive rock, and with a tasteful colouring by the gu
Review by WFV — This is a funky rock record with fusion moments with an Eastern European slant. I can see why other proggers don't have a feel for this sort of album from the late seventies. With that said, I find it a curiosity and I reall
Review by VianaProghead — Review N 192"Sete Cidades" is the debut and only studio album of Mrio Neto of Bacamarte and was released in 1999. The line up on the album is Mrio Neto and Robrio Molinari.Since the late 70's, progressive rock has
As trusty as an old friend and as consistently quality as any rock band over the last twenty years, Dr. Dog returned to the DMV area for a special Friday night at the Wolf Trap, a bucolic, escapist retreat about 30 minutes from DC. Northern Virginia
Review by TenYearsAfter — Here's another interesting Polish progrock from the last two decades, named Pinkroom. It's a duo featuring Mariusz Boniecki (guitar, vocals, keyboards and samples) and Marcin Kledzik (drums and percussion), with th
Review by WFV — It's inevitable this album is trashed on a prog site. Progressive rock was never made to be incidental music - the foundation of the earliest progressive rock was making a loud, landscape altering sweeping statement. Therefo
Blues rock avatars Canned Heat are best remembered by some for their long-windedness; the double-album-side, 41-minute version of Refried Boogie on 1968s Living the Blues is a landmark in conspicuous boogie bloat. Theyre best remembered by others for
VIA PRESS RELEASE | On July 1, 1968, The Bands landmark debut album, Music from Big Pink, seemed to spring from nowhere and everywhere. Drawing from the American roots music panoply of country, blues, R&B, gospel, soul, rockabilly, t
Review by Progfan97402 — I've been aware of French Lick since 1996, thanks to a prog rock mail order catalog called Aeon Music was selling a copy (the catalog specialized in rare and hard to find prog on vinyl and CDs, as well as reissues).
Review by WFV — Another OSC album, not much has changed since the last one. As a middle aged male from the US I'd categorize this music as jam band if you held my feet to the fire, but in the grand musical scheme this is progressive rock al
Review by raigor — Released on cds and vinyl in October 2017 by NoiseAgonyMayhem Records, "Intro/Outro" is the third full-length studio album by the Canadian experimental/psychedelic rock band MOTHS & LOCUSTS. The band's discography als
PHOTO: DOUG SEYMOUR | The fast jangle and hypnotic rhythms of The Feelies is not just a warm throwback to 1980s when their first album ushered in a precise kind of frantic nerd rock, influencing a number of other bands. By now, the band is a
Review by VianaProghead — Review N 191Bacamarte was a Brazilian symphonic progressive rock band formed in 1974. The band was formed by three colleagues from the Marist College San Jose in Rio de Janeiro, but because of their ages, they soo
Saturday night, The Woodlands at Merriweather Post Pavilion hosted one of music’s most expressive acts in recent years, the power-pop trioParamore. In tow, indie pop-rockers, Foster the People bought their synth grooves to round out the lin
Review by TenYearsAfter — 'Record company Sony : official sponsor of Rock Andaluz'.Andalusia is the southern region in Spain where the flamenco was born and still florishes. You can divide the musicians and fans in two parts. One considers
VIA PRESS RELEASE | At various points in the bands four-decade career, the Fall might sound like punk, hard rock, psychedelia, funk, blues-rock, jazz-rock, electropop or sheer noise. If its me and your granny on bongos, its the Fall, Mr. Smi
Review by Rivertree — CEREUS is another promising heavy prog and metal bordering outfit hailing from Poland. The quintetdelivers very melodic rock songs in the vein of fellow countrymen Riverside, Abstrakt, Art OfIllusion, Hellhaven. The co
Review by The Crow — One fact is clear about Amplifier... I think they are a love it or hate it band!From the noisy, alternative and stoner atmosphere to truly space-rock moments, Amplifier are not the typical prog rock band. So, if you are
Review by WFV — Later period fusion album expertly crafted. The group is a nice entry into the jazzrock world, obscure yet extremely competent. No real sustained fireworks and the interest lags a little from time to time but this is a great
Review by WFV — The original jazzrock album and arguably the best. Frank warped the sensibilities in others like no musical artist before or since. The recommendation for listeners is sit down in a room alone and either blast this album thr
Review by kev rowland — It is hard to really comprehend just how important Schluze has been to Krautrock and electronic music in general, from his early days with Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel he then moved into solo works, and I am sur
Review by sgtpepper — Not a bad album at all but it doesn't offer much to the progressive rock fans. The quality within is more for the pop and rock fans as Ian Anderson remains a solid composer and singer.The album starts with a memorable
Last Tuesday evening, Merriweather Post Pavilion played host to a rock ‘n roll legend in the truest sense of the term, and when Robert Plant walked onto the stage to begin his performance, the vibe of the venue was filled with pure exciteme
Talk about your sweet essence of unicorn–Fleetwood Macs Stevie Nicks was THEE gossamer High Priestess of Pop from the mid-1970s until the late 1980s, a white-winged dove and New Age sex symbol whose smoky, country rock-tinged vocals and gau
Review by The Crow — After their estimable debut album Hiraeth, I had some hopes in Lion Shepherd. But I could never imagine the follow up of this album would be a mediocre bunch of pop-rock songs which totally fail to return the good atmos
Electric Light Orchestra: Fire On High[purchase]Regular readers of my work here and elsewhere know that Im a fan of prog rock, and I think that it is pretty clear that the Beatles were a profound influence on prog bands, many of whom have acknowledge
Review by GruvanDahlman — What excites me most about progressive rock is when a band or artist takes inspiration from the past or from litterature. I would love if someone, somewhere could bring Richard III and the battle of Bosworth to lif
Review by Mellotron Storm — This was Spain's MEDINA AZAHARA's debut released in 1979 surprisingly the same year MEZQUITA released their debut. What a double bill that would have been! Two hard rocking Spanish bands with incredible vocalists