Crafts diy cane furniture

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diy cane furniture

Crafts Wed Aug 02 2017 23:01:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- We love the look of rattan for interiors right now. This durable mesh is not only for the outdoors (as it has been prominent as of late), but we're seeing it pop up again inside, in everything from headboards to cabinets.Did you know caning m
I keep showing up on the second-hand market! I started making furniture between 1978-80. That’s closing in on 40 years…which is a lot of furniture. During the past few years, I have heard of/seen a number of chairs I made showing
When I make canes, there’s always bits of the blend, the reducing ends and cane crumbs left. Turning them into canes that are useful again is one of those fun projects to do when you’ve accumulated a trove of goodies. …
  I’ve been working on oak furniture lately, but here’s a few spoons I have either finished, or just re-photographed. Back in May I finally took a plunge with my spoon-decoration. Being inspired by a visit to the Museum o
Last month I taught two short classes in Germany a rare exception to my vow to avoid teaching and instead focus on new furniture designs. The reason I taught those two classes is quite personal, so I wont discuss it here. But during the classes I was
Hard to find species typically used in architectural millwork, marquetry, inlay, carving, musical instruments, furniture, cabinetry and small turned objects. 
When I was growing up, Art was a big part of my environment.  I had no idea that other people did not have walls hung with paintings.  My grandfather's home was like a museum, with Tiffany lamps, antique china, Stickley furniture an