LGBTQ homeless trans pensioner taken lgbt bar council neglects help

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homeless trans pensioner taken lgbt bar council neglects help

LGBTQ Sat Jul 15 2017 09:14:20 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A 65-year old transgender woman has been taken in by her local LGBT-friendly bar after she was left homeless when she lost her job.
A substance abuse center that refused to serve transgender people is one of four facing action in New York over discriminatory policies.
“Sit down, sit down,” said Nasar Nayeb, owner of Dallas Cigars, as I walked around the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. I thought for a second, and then sat down. Because chances are, you are going to have to wait on Steve Saka
Although not everyone expresses it, we all secretly drool when we see people who are fit and wish we can have a body like that. But lets face it, keeping fit and sharp is a lot hardwork, particularly if you dont have friends or something you love to
Desnuda means bare in English ... nude; so Casa Desnuda is the Bare House, the Raw House, the Nude House. That instantly sparked my interest. Plus, its in Merida, Mexico, where I tell Carlos well retire, and where Carlos says, Why?But I digress ..Cas
*Baseball legend Sammy Sosa embarked on a skin whitening journey about 8 years ago, and as his complexion has become noticeably lighter over the overs, fans have been left perplexed, with many accusing the Dominican Republic native of being a self-ha
Robbie Williams drops trou to show off his bare smoothbackside in two photos for his upcoming album Under the Radar Vol 2, out in November with a first track from the album arriving August 1. In the first image, Williams climbs a tree in the woods s&
After a crazy Season 2, Netflix is gearing up for a new season of their series, Narcos. AND... here's the first teaser trailer. After focusing on Pablo Escobar on the first two seasons, Season 3 follows his successor... the Cali Cartel, which is led
Surveillance video outside of a bar on the Greek island of Zakynthos captured the moment a bar fight broke out that eventually led to the Henderson's death.Surveillance video outside of a bar on theGreek island of Zakynthos captured the moment a bar
Yep. We apparently need a transparent wall on the border with Mexico. So we can see the bags of drugs flying over the wall… …and don’t get hit on the head with them. That’s apparently how drug trafficking works
The Rocky Patel booth is always one of the more happening ones at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Patel himself holds a room about as well as anyone. The big open nature of the booth, live music and bar, and the diversity in customers, rea
A California teenager claims that she was assaulted by police and a police dog after being mistaken for a large, bald, black man. The teen,Tatyana Hargrove, who has visible injuries and is on crutches, shared her story to…A California teena
I dont pray. Im not a religious person, as Ive shared before. But I do, at times, understand the inclination to seek help from some all-knowing, all-seeing something out there somwhere. And I certainly recognize the desire to find grace in our lives.
The New York City subwayand lots of other important stuff people rely on across the countryis in a state of brutal disrepair. Legalizing weed could help. Like so many of the trains on America's largest subway system lately, Donald Trump's infrastruct
As gonorrhea becomes more difficult to treat, with several strains found to resist antibiotics, researchers are looking for new ways to stop the spread of the sexually transmitted infection (STI). Although no vaccine currently exists, a team of scien
In todays hyper-radicalized political environment, there is one thing nearly all Virginians agree on: Doctors should be able to recommend medical cannabis in the Commonwealth. If you live in Virginias 2nd congressional district, you can help protect
WASHINGTON As the House of Representatives debated a proposal that would ban medical treatments for transgender individuals serving in the military, Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California had a brief message: “Choose what gender you ar
With cannabis and marijuana products proposed to be legal, there are more questions than answers as to how the Fort will be affected come Canada Day 2018. During the June 27 regular city council meeting, the citys senior legislative officer, Robert S
A woman in Turkey alleges she experienced transphobic harassment from the staff in a Victorias Secret store in Istanbul when trying to use the changing rooms.
*Floyd Mayweather is downplaying the racial element of Conor McGregors taunting at the first press conference for their upcoming fight. As previously reported, the Irish MMA champ barked, Dance for me, boy! as Mayweather was shadow boxing in front of
*This Maia Campbell situation gets more heartbreaking by the day. After she filmed a video rejecting LL Cool Js public plea to help her, her former In the House co-star appears to have given up his attempt to reach her. You can’t help someo
Facebook Inc. has taken down the pages of marijuana businesses operating legally in Alaska, continuing a practice that has targeted dispensaries in California, Arizona, Colorado and New Jersey. The pages of at least six Alaska marijuana retailers wer
The oldest transport system in the world is embracing everyone.
The focus Tuesday night was on the patients at a medical cannabis symposium hosted by the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association. "Our goal as an association is to connect patients, who are suffering with medical cannabis that will help their ailment
Growers want to grow, and residents want to open their windows. In its ongoing discussions about how to regulate the cannabis industry, Santa Barbara County Supervisors and staff convened on July 11 to receive public input and set priorities. Startin