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samsung galaxy vs edge

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Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017 13:50:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It does not take much to understand what makes the Galaxy S8+ special. The moment you see that nearly bezel-less screen, your most likely reaction will be a simple wow!Photos:
Last week, Netflix made headlines due to its decision of blocking owners of rooted devices or those with unlocked bootloaders from downloading the application from the Google Play Store. Which seemed quite puzzling at the time, since the app could st
Apple has just been granted patents for two of the biggest features expected from the iPhone 8: an edge-to-edge display, and a Touch ID button embedded into the screen. 9to5Mac reports: The edge-to-edge display patent has the rather mundane heading "
So you've been looking at that new HTC U11 and itching to the edge of your senses to grab one. Maybe you've resisted the urge all of yesterday but can you fight the temptation when you could get a small deal on it that lowers the price by $50 to $599
After dozens of features about the HTC U11 aka HTC U Ocean, we’ve finally got our hands on the new smartphone that boasts of “squeezable edges“. This phone surprised us all as it becomes the newest winner on DxOMark. We
New Apple patents point to an edge-to-edge screen and integrated Touch ID on the iPhone 8, and a weird 3D scanning feature that could come later.
Free-to-play vs. paid for mobile content. it’s a fight that’s raging for the last five years and it seems as though we’re no closer to a resolution. For many developers, companies and gamers, freemium content is the way
Android Pay may have Samsung Pay and Apple Pay as its closest rivals but Google’s own mobile payment service has an edge over those two. Android is still King of the mobile industry and there are over 2 billion monthly global users. They ma
A VR experience called 'The Ledge' shows a $299 headset that Microsoft is working on with its hardware partners can be enough for a hair-raising experience.