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best widget makers android kwgt kustom pro free limited

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Mobile Mon May 29 2017 06:52:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The premium version of one of the most customizable and easily best widget makers for Android, KWGT Kustom Widget, has just got its price slashed down to nada on the Google Play Store, allowing all to download and make full use of the app's functiona
In the year 1903, things were heating up in transportation. The Wright Brothers made their historic flight and pedestrians were seeing, for the first time, factory-produced automobiles from American makers with names like Ford and Oldsmobile... Conti
Right now, top-of-the-line chipsets are being made using the 10nm process. Samsung has been among the leaders in hitting this target. The smaller the process size, the more powerful and energy efficient these chips become as more transistors can be p
Drones are fun, but they can only move through air. We know plenty of you prefer to go underwater. If so, BIKI is for you. We are back with another ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’, where we highlight some of the hottest tech co
Nintendo has once again increased its production order for more Switch console-handheld systems to meet strong demand, sources indicate. Japanese console-maker Nintendo is preparing for a storm of sales of its new Switch handheld-console hybrid this
It's no secret that Nintendo is facing a ton of demand for the Switch, to the point where it reportedly doubled production to keep up. Even that figure might be a tad conservative, however. The Financial Times' supply chain sources
In 1972 the first app went live. It wasn’t designed for mobile and it was meant only for geeks and programmers. Thatinvention was designed and […] The post 7 Ways Facebook Keeps You Addicted (and how to apply the lessons to your p
What's better than using WWE stage to propose marriage to your lover in front of millions? How about doing the same thing in the UFC octagon, but first pulling off one of the most impressive knockouts of your opponent in recent mixed martial arts mem
We know that the OnePlus 3T is being discontinued as the launch of the OnePlus 5 is just around the corner. Ahead of the launch, the company behind the "flagship killer" has unveiled a referral program that lets its customers earn points to get money
Original source: 8 SEO Techniques to Improve Your Local Ranking via DailySEOblog. With the rapid increase in competition, it is becoming more difficult for businesses to stand out and improve their local rankings. The recent move by Google go from 7
Android fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of the OnePlus 5 in the coming weeks, and OnePlus knows this. Along with announcing this week that it’s discontinuing its previous OnePlus 3T model, the company has revealed a new referral progra
The new processors have been designed for "always on" interfaces able to cope with AI and VR application demands.
When ARM showed up at Computex last year, it brought a bundle of smartphone processors that pushed for better mobile VR. As you might've noticed, though, AI is one of the big new trends in mobile this year — is it any surprise
The auto industry is huge and touches the lives of almost everyone on the planet. But it's surprisingly devoid of truly gripping stories.  In fact, you can almost draw a straight line from Henry Ford to Elon Musk, with perhaps a few detours
WOW. Stephen Amell stars in The CW's hit DC Comics superhero series, Arrow. But did you know he's also an IRL superhuman who possesses powers above and beyond the normal person? SEE ALSO: DC Comics heroes get a streaming service all to themselves It
Big money investors have always sought an edge. Everything from star traders to fast computers to unique analysis can give a big hedge fund an advantage over competitors. The latest battleground is data. Investors
Friday the 13th [official site], the brutal 1v7 slasher sim, has got off to a bumpy start. As soon as developers Gun Media and IllFonic let players loose with masked maniac Jason Voorhees earlier this week, the game’s servers started crashi
In case you haven’t already heard, Nintendo’s new Switch console has been a very hot item over the last few months, and eager buyers have been facing stock shortages since its launch in early March. If you haven’t been a
The best way to test an infrastructure before going into production is to mimic production load and solve problems that arise. One of the main challenges with this approach is having a load generator that can provide both rate and message size as clo
Our daily pick of the best free software a free indie game that delivers vital lessons in road safety and color-matching.The objective of free indie game RiskyPhone is simple – make your way to the station and catch your train before it le
At Combo Breaker in St. Charles, Illinois, two countries clashed to prove who was the best in the tournament's own namesake. More       At Combo Breaker in St. Charles, Illinois, two countries cla
Many times, people tend to think of automating the entire course when doing their sites SEO audit. Well, according to, automation may be appropriate to some extent, but not the best regarding a suc
At Computex 2017, ARM announced two new CPUs and a new GPU to update their product line for devices coming in 2018. ARM always announces their newest processors ahead of time because their customers, the chip makers, need to build the chips with thos
hackingbear writes: Researchers at U.C. Berkeley found a birth control that was hormone-free, 100 percent natural, resulted in no side effects, didn't harm either eggs nor sperm, could be used in the long-term or short-term, and -- perhaps the best p
Last month, the limited-production 986 hp McLaren P1 LM became the world's fastest production car around the most demanding circuit in the world, the 20.8 km Nrburgring Nordschleife. It's such an extraordinary time that it is a significant automotive
Nintendo certainly knows how to market a game. While it could have gone the easy route and just provided a simple demo for both Splatoon 2 and ARMS, it decided on stress testing its servers with limited time slots to get as much traffic as possible o
When using a relational database, normalization can help keep the data free of errors and can also help ensure that the size of the database doesn't grow large with duplicated data. At the same time, some types of operations can be slower in a normal
Still haven't figured out what to do with your free time this Memorial Day weekend? Justin Timberlake has the perfect suggestion: Bro-Biking!  SEE ALSO: Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon's Google translated songs are catchier than the originals
An anonymous reader writes: A professor of health policy at Australia's Curtin University got seven different science journals to put his dog on their editorial board. The dog is now associate editor for the Global Journal of Addiction & Reha
I am working on an API definition and design guide for my human services API work, helping establish a framework for approaching API design as part of the human services data and API specification, but also for implementers to follow in their own ind
Sometimes, the best gaming moments happen because players do things the developers never intended. In this case, I'm pretty sure Blizzard never intended for Roadhog to be a volleyball. A new post from the Overwatch subreddit, aptly titled "hog ball,"
An anonymous reader quotes CNN: U.S. senators want people to hack the Department of Homeland Security. On Thursday, Senators Maggie Hassan, a Democrat and Republican Rob Portman introduced the Hack DHS Act to establish a federal bug bounty program in
Ys Net has released the third entry in its series of “Development Report” videos for Shenmue III, this time providing a look at the model for a new character. Additionally, the development team confirmed that Shenmue III won&#
We went head to head with the greatest Tekken 7 player in the country and he beat us. Really badly. With one hand. I wasn't too proud.