Mobile google play may start blocking root users accessing certain apps

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google play may start blocking root users accessing certain apps

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Mobile Fri May 19 2017 10:49:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The latest update for Netflix, which rolled out on Google Play a few days ago, raised a few eyebrows in the Android community by preventing users with rooted/unlocked devices to download the app from Google's official storefront. Bad news is, more ap
Advanced Android users who want more control over their devices, and know how to pull such tricks off, root their handsets and tablets. There are pros and cons to doing so, and Netflix is included in the latter category. The company confirmed its blo
This jailbreak tweak forces the Now Playing card of Control Center to open by default whenever there's music playing from any of your apps. Whenever you listen to music on your iPhone, the Now Playing interface in Control Center is just a few swipes
Spotify's acquisition of Niland means that the online music service may greatly improve the way it recommends music.Photos:
The sequel to the wonderful action adventure game Oceanhorn is in the works and gameplay footage showing Unreal Engine 4 in action knocked our socks off. The official sequel to Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is in the works and we already showe
As the launch of the iPhone 8 nears, Apple has just been granted 56 patents by the USPTO. Two of these patents (9,652,066 and 9,652,096) have caught our attention, as they talk about an edge-to-edge display and a Touch ID sensor which can be embedded
Apple has just been granted patents for two of the biggest features expected from the iPhone 8: an edge-to-edge display, and a Touch ID button embedded into the screen. 9to5Mac reports: The edge-to-edge display patent has the rather mundane heading "
Up to this point, LG has stuck with LCD panels for its smartphone lineup. And while the G6, the company’s latest flagship smartphone, has a great display, OLED panels are all the rage (and for good reason). So it always felt like it was ine
Apple was working on assembling iPhone in India and now the has confirmed to the Wall Street Journalthat its manufacturing partners Wistron havecompleted a trial run of the first-ever iPhones assembled in India. The iPhone SE handsets assembled in In
Apple's chief executive Tim Cook has been seen at the Apple campus wearing a brand new test model of the Apple Watch that monitors blood sugar levels and might transform the lives of diabetics...Photos:
When it comes to Amazon's hardware business, devices like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot always seem to steal the limelight. Amazon makes a whole lot more than just smart speakers though, and on Wednesday the company unveiled brand new versions of its
2017 might be the last year where LCD screens are still prominent on flagship smartphones. Samsung has already ditched them in favor of their fantastic OLED screens, but there are a few holdouts (LG, Apple, HTC) that still use LCD panels. Not that LC
Check out the animated teaser for the upcoming adventure game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Great news for all you Futurama fans out there. Jam City’s TinyCo has joined forces with the creator of the show Matt Groening and his Curiosity Com
The people at Android Experiments are always up to new stuff, hence the name. Theyve come up with this new feature called Home Screen Arcade to demonstrate that so much can be done with your home screen, and it can actually be fun. Imagine being able
For a while now, weve been hearing that Apple is dead-set on opening a manufacturing plant in India, where it would assemble some of its cheaper handset models the iPhone SE and the older iPhone 6s. The reasoning behind this is simple Cupertinos rath
The changelog is pretty short and contains a single mention, and that's the fact that the update includes the February security patch apart from all the new features and improvements brought by Android Nougat...Photos:
Android Auto may not be as popular yet but after almost three years in existence, we know it is advancing and is more preferred by drivers today. The platform has allowed third-party apps and soon, many other dashboard systems became compatible with
Google today made its instant apps tool available to all developers. Google first announced instant apps at its I/O developer conference in 2016. Instant apps can run in the browser via search results even when not installed on users' phones. The ide
French security researchers have come up with a solution that may help users impacted by the WannaCry ransomware recover their encrypted files without having to fork over $300 worth of Bitcoin to hackers. According to a report from Reuters, a researc
One of the common grumbles of users of OnePlus and their historical line of flagship killers is that while they have pretty usable cameras, the mobile imaging starting from the OnePlus One until last years OnePlus 3T doesnt really shine and compare w
5 New Destiny 2 Features Worth Upgrading For is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile. New Destiny 2 features have gaming fans in a frenzy. Bungie is calling the new title a fresh start for all players, and that fresh start includes new worlds a
According to some users in Samsung's community forum, audio stops playing through the speakers of their Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones after a few seconds.