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amds radeon vega graphics card isnt gamers may waiting while

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Gadgets Wed May 17 2017 11:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Nvidias not the only graphics card maker with FE cards anymorebut the F in AMDs debut Radeon Vega card stands for frontier rather than founders, and it definitely isnt for PC gamers. In fact, the one tidbit that is relevant for gamers may disappoint,
Star Treks Mirror Universe is one of the most enduring storylines across the whole franchise, and will always have a sinisterly-goateed place in our hearts. A new IDW comic plans to bring the Next Generation crew to the Mirror Universebut how? We spo
When drones are used for aerial shots in movies, there's typically one person remotely operating the aircraft, while another remotely controls its camera. Thanks to new research from MIT and ETH Zurich, however, it may soon be possible for drones to
Android Auto may not get as much attention as Waymo, Google's more exciting and mysterious self-driving car technology, but it's chugging along. While no cool new features were unveiled at I/Oand quite frankly, were still waiting for the Waze integra
Apple is continuing its global roll out of its mobile payment system and the latest country to get Apple Pay is Italy. Apple Pay is now available in Italy and it has support for both Visa and Mastercard in Italy as well as Boon, UniCredit and Carrefo
We’ve known for a while that a Venom movie was on the way, but until today, nobody knew who would play him. Sony Pictures announced on Twitter today that Tom Hardy will play […] The post Tom Hardy Will Play Venom, Nathan Fillion&a
If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of productivity applications you have on your smartphone and need a little clarity and focus you may be interested in a new system called the Perfect Notebook which could help when all those other productivity ap
The Cold War may have been over for a quarter of a century, but its effects that reached far beyond just geopolitics are still being uncovered. One case in point is a NASA study that used recently declassified US government data to show how high-alti
Microsoft may be using Windows 10 Insider Build 16199 to flesh out its My People experience for Windows 10, but chances are youll find a few of the new Settings to be the more useful features.Like other Settings, the new additionsthe updated System H
The undisclosed emissions spewing from Volkswagen vehicles may be closer to the rule than the exception, with a comprehensive new study published this week finding that real-world emissions from diesel vehicles have been underestimated by as much as
 I’ve been playing around with Libratone’s on-ear headphones for a while, and I have to say that they sound quite convincing. I’m not really into headphones as I’d rather carry some tiny earbuds in my
Japan's Shigeru Ban is best known for using humble materials like cardboard and bamboo to build innovative refugee shelters, but when he turns his hand to large-scale projects the results are equally impressive. His recently-completed La Seine Musica
Here in the States, our vending machines are pretty tame, really. For the most part, they cater to your snack cravings or help you quench your thirst. In airports, you can maybe score […] The post This Giant Vending Machine Dispenses Superc
Im finally getting to practice what Ive been preaching: I cut the cord on pay TV this month and signed up for ultra-fast, fiber-based broadband. Having much faster access to the internet isnt a benefit I need to explain, of course, and who doesnt wan
There are a lot of silly ways you can name a new speciesmaybe after a boat, or the President, or the sound you made when you found it. But this little ant probably received one of the most badass names possible: Tyrannomyrmex rex,T. rex for short.Rea
While smartwatch popularity may not be where the companies pushing it had hoped it would be at this point, smartwatch quality has steadily pressed forward in the last few years. Let's look at our six top picks, in the latest version of our Smartwatch
Wavepod have created a new wireless home security system called Homsecure, which is capable of connecting to your existing home alarms and provides alerts on your smartphone while you are out and about. Homsecure has been designed to provide a smart
The Linksys DPC3008Cable Modem delivers high-speed broadband connectivity to your home and office with download speeds up to 340 Mbps and upload speeds up to 120 Mbps. The Gigabit Ethernet port provides high-speed network performance, while DOCSIS 3.
Google wants to take on what may become one of the biggest cloud-computing needs of the next few years with a service that will manage IoT devices and help developers bring the data they generate into applications that use Google's analytics platform
I tried riding a skateboard once when I was a teenager. And I’ve not touched one since. But Spectra may change my mind. The smart, portable transportation systemdubbed by its creators the “Tesla […] The post Smart Spectr
Nintendo Switch console owners that are looking for a pair of headphones to enhance their mobile gaming experience, may be interested in a new pair which have been specifically created for the Switch and take the form of the Nomad-1, which also suppo
Anyone who spends a lot of time tinkering with their PC rig and would like it to be easily accessible rather than boxed in, may be interested in a new open bench chassis which has been unveiled by Lian-Li this week and takes the form of the PC-T70 te
As promised, KTM unveiled the new fuel injected two-stroke engine that's expected to give four-strokes a good run for their money. Available in 250 and 300 cc capacities, the new single-cylinder motor promises the best of both worlds, all the while s
Researchers at Belgium’s University of Antwerp and KU Leuven have developed a system to purify air while generating power. A small device uses nanomaterials to break down air pollution and produce hydrogen gas. […] The post Resear
There are plenty of cargo bikes, e-bikes and comfortable full-suspension bikes on the market, but it can be tough to find a combination of the three. Riese & Muller may have successfully married the three elements with its full suspension, electr
Transformers may be more than meets the eye, but so is anyone you might buy a Transformers gift for. They’re all obviously multifaceted people who share a genuine love for the ‘bots that […] The post Transform And Roll O
It is being rumoured this week that Google is preparing to unveil a new stand-alone virtual reality headset at the upcoming I/O 2017 conference pushing the technology further from its original Google cardboard VR headset which was launched as an affo
The next time you're stuck in traffic, take heart because traffic jams may someday be a thing of the past. A team of researchers led by the University of Illinois have discovered that putting only a few self-driving cars on the road can dramatically
Anyone who currently owns a 3D printer and would like to control it wirelessly may be interested in a new piece of hardware created by Joseph Sungpil Choi called Waggle. Which not only adds wireless control capabilities but also a camera enabling you
 Amazon’s continuing its month-long spree of hardware announcements by refreshing its line of low cost slates. The Fire 7is retaining its $50 price point, while getting an improved screen resolution and increased battery life. The
As security researchers investigate last Fridays massive attack from the WannaCry ransomware, theyve noticed clues that may link it with a North Korean hacking group that has been blamed for attacking banks across the world.The evidence is far from a
Anyone in the market for a universal travel adapter which takes up a very small amount of space may be interested in the aptly named Micro which has been launched via Kickstarter this month to raise the 15,000 it requires to go into production. With
Anyone who enjoys track racing and would like to take advantage of dual way real-time live telemetry and data capture may be interested in a new piece of hardware which transforms your smartphone into a race timer and monitor. iLapsHas been created b
One Punch Man may finally be settling in for another season, and it appears it could be closer than ever. We should all be thankful for more One Punch Man, especially if, as […] The post One Punch Man Season 2 Details Are Just as Awesome as
The Surface Laptop stole the show at Microsofts May 2 event. The focus may have been on education, Windows 10 S, and affordable laptops for classroom use, but the oohs and ahhs went to the Surface Laptop for its beautiful display and Alcantara-clad k
Campers and outdoor adventurers looking for a convenient way to both illuminate their campsite and also keep their mobile devices topped up while away from the grid. May be interested in the new Biolite Bluetooth BaseLantern XL lantern which is now a
Over the past year or so, Android Auto been stuck in neutral. Even by removing the car requirement and making Android Auto a standalone app, the initiative hasnt really picked up speed. Were still waiting for most of our favorite apps to join the fra
A new trailer for the fifth Transformers movie is here, and boy... are many, many things happening in it. Id say it contains a 60/40 percent ratio of explosions to outright gibberish, which indicates to me that it may be the most insane Transformers
Those of you patiently waiting for the launch of the new and visually stunning Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown flight simulation and combat game before the end of the year. Will be disappointed to learn that Bandai Namco has today announced the launch of
Text messaging isnt just a fast and simple means of communicationit helps grow businesses. In a recent IDG/Heymarket survey, almost half of businesses that use messaging said they have realized significant benefits.There are several reasons texting w