Media small survey suggests chasing pageviews isnt putting much pressure watchdog reporting might fear

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small survey suggests chasing pageviews isnt putting much pressure watchdog reporting might fear

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Media Mon May 22 2017 17:31:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- When it comes to metrics and measurement, digital publishing has brought both the good and the bad. While news organizations are now able to see, with increasingly accuracy and depth, exactly which stories resonate with readers, metrics have also tak
Wikitribune, the crowdfunded news platform from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, was announced last week, but we’ve seen relatively few details about how it will run and the kinds of topics it will cover. On Thursday, I got the chance to talk
The latest print issue of the Columbia Journalism Review focuses on local news. The publication is posting the articles online throughout May. Some digital tidbits: As part of a survey of 420 journalists at small (circulation under 50,000) local news
The Presidents proposed budget seems to prioritize national security over pretty much everything else. We examine how the lowest-income Americans could be affected, and what's missing from the media debate. Also, how the White House might be manipula
“A lot of people in the market are talking about paywalls or free traffic very much from an angle from what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes people think there is only one strategy: theirs,” Christian Rpke, the CEO of German
We don’t think much about the foley artists when we go to the movies but as this video demonstrates they… We don’t think much about the foley artists when we go to the movies but as this video demonstrates they&helli
Just as you cant call entrepreneurism a niche anymore, Entrepreneur Magazine is no longer the nuts-and-bolts, small-business publication it was before Jason Feifer became Editor-in-Chief. Everybody now talks about being an entrepreneur because you ca
This is a blog that celebrates the diversity in beer label design. Its not exhaustive but its a terrific survey… This is a blog that celebrates the diversity in beer label design. Its not exhaustive but its a terrific survey…
With traditional TV acting more like digital and digital mimicking some of the TV model, sorting it all out for brand marketers isnt easy. Thats why it pays to be on the ground in New York City during the Digital Content NewFronts, according to Janin
Con algoritmos y optimizaciones varias por plataforma, los sitios de virales inundan internet, en la bsqueda de una audiencia que consuma la tendencia que domina sus redes. Mientras que muchos de los que controlan estos sitios web son personajes esqu
Over the years, ProPublica has tended to “stick to the things that we know how to do well,” according to Eric Umansky, the nonprofit’s deputy managing editor. One of the areas where it doesn’t have much experti
You might soon require an Aadhaar card for continuing to use your existing home broadband connection or for getting a new connection. Telecom regulator TRAI... ...
Drew Barrymore knows how to work a room. The actress was armed with copies of Flower Press, a new print magazine that she'll be putting out semi-annually, while she walked around the Beautycon festival at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal this past Saturd
The two-season show Twin Peaks first launched in 1990. And--thanks to its compelling weirdness, some ace acting from Kyle MacLachlan, characters like the Log Lady, and its appeal to our prurient interest in small-town life--fans have gone on loving i
Major entertainment industry associations often create the impression that they are fighting for the rights of smaller artists, not just their corporate overlords. However, responding to a US Government consultation, both sides are now going head to
In the 1960s, pollution was a visible, visceral problem, and public pressure led aRepublican president tocreate the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, the GOP wants to slash the agency's budget and roll back "burdensome" environmental regulations.
When the data you’re looking for to do your reporting doesn’t actually exist, consider collecting it yourselves or, cast a wider net, and ask for help from those who live in the community whose issues you’re investigatin
One of the oldest and most popular Kodi addons is being shut down after a decade in action. Navi-X, which was the go-to addon for hundreds of thousands of people, will be discontinued due to legal fears, spam, and pollution with mislabeled adult cont
Most people wouldnt search for and watch a video about treating Crohns Disease unless they thought they or a loved one might have the illness. This concept is what helps give HealthiNation a “highly qualified and targetable audience.&#8
A Californian judge is threatening to throw up a roadblock for Malibu Media, the adult media publisher that has sued thousands of alleged BitTorrent pirates. The judge might bar dozens of cases in his district until the accuracy of the company's geol
Last month the European Court of Justice ruled that set-top boxes and similar devices can infringe copyright if they are sold pre-configured for piracy. With this decision in hand, anti-piracy group BREIN has pressured dozens of vendors to halt their
She also remains a member of GroupMs global executive committee reporting to GroupM global chief executive Kelly Clark.
Our colleagues in the WNYC news department are back with season 2 of The United States of Anxiety. We liked the first episode so much we're bringing it to you as this week's podcast extra. Here's how they describethe new series: "If you want to contr
In response to scandals large and small, first the Trump campaign and now the Trump White House has relied on the fact that each successivelie or outrage will be washed over by the next and the next.And its worked. Until now. Bob ponders whether this
In recent months music industry insiders have heavily criticised YouTube, with some claiming that it hurts legal sales. A new research report commissioned by the video streaming platform suggests otherwise. The study shows that YouTube keeps people a
TheTrump administration's so-called "Muslim ban" has created chaos and confusion at airports around the country, but horror stories at the border go back much further than this year. In 2014, we devoted an hour totrying to shred the veil of secrecy o
For parents, podcasts have become a viable, much-needed alternative to their kids’ increasing television and smartphone time. And yet, despite the demand among both groups, the number of shows produced for children has remained low relative
Storyful and Moattogether with CUNY and our new News Integrity Initiative* have announced a collaboration to help advertisers and platforms avoid associating with and supporting so-called fake news. This, I hope, is a first, small step toward fueling
Metropolitan Books The book In the Darkroom garnered much acclaim in 2016, but as some readers noted, there was something missing. Not so with the new paperback edition, released May 2. Author Susan Faludi, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, explai
To cut to the chase on a clinical survey about consumer perceptions of ads on mobile phones, lets just say that full-page interstitials are not well liked. Mobile video advertising platform Receptiv discovered this when it used 62 people as test subj
When reporting on poverty, the media fall into familiar traps and pundits make prescriptions that disregard the facts. So, in the fifth and final installment of our series, "Busted: America's Poverty Myths," we present aBreaking News Consumer's Handb