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personal stories behind daca

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Lesbian Wed Sep 06 2017 20:57:37 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It's been hard to miss the many news articles in the last 24 hours about President Trump revoking the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Here are some places, however, where you... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombia
Richard Smith, best known for his LGBT media blog, Fagburn, has died in his hometown of Brighton.
The transgender star has caused huge controversy in recent months - both for her personal life and her politics.
The French fashion tycoon Pierre Berge — the business brains behind the Yves Saint Laurent empire — has died aged 86, his foundation said Friday. Berge, the longtime partner of the late designer Yves Saint Laurent, died in his sle
Discover behind the scene action from the 12th edition of Mode SuisseSpring Summer 2018 show,captured exclusively for DSCENE / MMSCENE magazine by photographerRafael dos Santos. In focus were models Golo Fischer,Janusz Kuhlmann,Noah Tschopp and Remo
Gaga: Five Foot Two, a Truth or Dare-style look at the behind-the-scenes life of Lady Gaga, is coming to Netflix on September 22 and the trailer is here. The clip follows Gaga as she greets fans outside a show, shoots the “Perfect Illusion&
A Democratic and Republican Senator are behind a bipartisan push for an amendment to block Trump's transgender ban.
Brian Jordan Alvarez, the YouTube star behind the beloved web series The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo and various comic shorts (“What actually happens when gay guys see other gay guys and straight people aren’t around&
The disinformation and falsehoods that can accompany breaking news online involving terror attacks or national elections have become a familiar plague in recent years. Big weather stories, it now seems clear, are not immune. On Twitter, Facebook&
Rostam Batmanglij (seen above in a behind-the-scenes image from Charli XCX’s “Boys” video), the former Vampire Weekend bandmate whose new solo album Half-Light is out, spoke with John Norris at The Daily Beast in a wide-
"It was one of those moments in life when the timing is so perfect."
She always seemed too full of life to ever be gone from it, with her signature scarf and boundless energy---but Edie Windsor, whose case led to the first federal recognition for same-sex couples,... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.
My son is starting high school this fall, which I find hard to believeit seems like just yesterday that I was driving him to preschool. This year feels different for other reasons, too. Last year,... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian
I still remember exactly where I was, because I was almost there. Here's my 9/11 story, and how the events of that day became motivation for me to start a family. The post 9/11: Looking Back and... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.c
Nicole and Kristin want to start a family, and they're taking us along on the journey as they venture into the world of foster-to-adopt care, facing the emotional and sometimes funny challenges of... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian
President Trump has, as expected, revoked the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, putting at risk nearly 800,000 immigrant youth and their families. As the granddaughter and... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.com
"Should kindergarten include books about being transgender?" asks anLA Times column this week. For me, the answer is simple: To say that any child is too young to learn about LGBTQ people is... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.com).
She was one of the icons of the gay rights movement in the 1960s, the self-described “street queen” of NY’s gay ghetto, and founded the...She was one of the icons of the gay rights movement in the 1960s, the self-describ
On last nights episode of the Great British Bake Off something unexpected but incredibly important happened: a merger like you've never known before.
For me, Edith Windsor is the LGBT communitys Rosa Parks, standing up for us, and for what was right, just because it was right.Yesterday, Ediths wife of just a year, Judith Kasen-Windsor confirmed that Edith Windsor had passed away. The two were marr
YouTube tech guru Marques Brownlee took a look at Apple’s 10th anniversary redesign of the iPhone following yesterday’s presentation in Cupertino.… Read The post Hands-On with the iPhone X: WATCH appeared first on Towler
Fashion photographer Andy Ryan captured The Ugliest Era of Menswear is Back story for WSJ. Magazine‘s latest edition featuring the handsome Francisco Perez at DNA Models. Grooming is work of Alicia Marie Campbell at See Management. (...)Rea
Domnic Thiem's "good friend" (and fellow tennis player) Rico Bellotti posted this on Instagram yesterday. See the accompanying Instagram story HERE.
It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Radiohead, but they just released the stunning video for LIFT which features Thom Yorke and tonne of...It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Radiohead, but they jus
RuPaul likes to say that societys interest in drag is like a window that opens and closes, but by the looks of the latest RuPauls DragCon in New York City, the roof is now blown off that muther and the walls are a tumbling down. Drag, a gig which was
The opposition comes despite his own team, Qantas Wallabies, being strongly in support of the equality measure.
If you ever doubt that one person can change the world, think of Edie Windsor. One singular woman, one timeless love, one righteous fight. They all came together in Edie, who undeniably changed the world for the better. Her death yesterday at age 88
Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn broke the law when he omitted a trip to broker a Saudi-Russia business deal from his security clearance application, House Democrats told special counsel Robert Mueller in a letter this week. CNN reports
The slow dance continues HERE.
The closest grocery store to Casa Bob y Carlos is a Walmart and every week Carlos and I drive right past it to do our grocery shopping because, well, Walmart; I loathe that store and now I have one more reason to add to my arsenal.Back in December of
Cooking with Drag Queens is often one of the first shows to shine a spotlight on emerging artists to showcase their talent. When we first came upon TS Madison Hinton sharing her amazing life experience online we fell in love. Pledge $1 or more and wa
POTENTIAL EAST COAST THREAT. Hurricane Jose. ONE QUARTER. 25 percent of homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed by Irma. “An estimated 25% of the houses on the chain of islands have been destroyed, the Federal Emergency Management Agency s
A leading anti-gay marriage campaigner has claimed that kissing is "sexual content" and should not be shown to children.
This film looked disastrous! Poor Tommy Girl! Check out what HONEST TRAILERS has to say about THE MUMMY remake.This film looked disastrous! Poor Tommy Girl! Check out what HONEST TRAILERS has to say about THE MUMMY remake.
Many dog owners remain split on this decision: whether or not to allow their wet-nosed pal to sleep in the bedroom. For some, sleeping with Fido is comforting and soothing, while for others, the priority is on keeping the bedroom free of pet hairand&
We lost a fighter today. Edith Windsor died today. Edith was the gay-rights activist who led the Supreme Court to grant same-sex married couples federal recognition and complete rights.She died in Manhattan. She was 88. The only president I will call
NADAL & FEDERER BACK AT #1 AND #2 IN ATP RANKINGSLook at the calendar. It's 2017, but look at the ATP rankings. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are at the top of the rankings again, although this time it is Nadal at #1 and Fe
Up and comer Lennon Gallagher stars in Boyish Charm story captured for VMAN Magazine‘s Fall Winter 2017 edition by fashion photographer Josh Olins. In charge of styling was Tom Guinness, with set design from Max Bellhouse at The Magnet Agen
For a tennis freak, I'm pretty agnostic about Maria Sharapova. I accept that she's a thing, but don't really get very worked up about whether she wins or loses. Even her drug infraction left me limp, so reading her autobiography isn't exactly high on
This is what will happen in America now that _____ has vowed to arm police with military-style weapons and, perhaps, military-style tactics.Alex Wubbels is the head nurse at the University of Utah Hospitals burn unit and youd be hard-pressed to find
Armie Hammer made headlines last month after leaving a comment on Henry Cavill’s Instagram account, applauding the Superman actor’s “nice nipples.” ALSO:Armie Hammer Destroys James Woods Over the Gay Relationsh
Muxes are playing a leading role in the salvaging the town in aftermath of the disaster