Media wannacry ransomware rips through computers globally certin webinar today

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wannacry ransomware rips through computers globally certin webinar today

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Media Mon May 15 2017 04:24:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A ransomware attack ripped through computers around the world over the weekend, affecting healthcare, public transport, law enforcement, businesses, and individuals globally. Named ‘WannaCry’, the... ...
All it took was a quick flick through the first issue of Cause & Effect to hook me like Walter von Beirendoncks pearl earring plastered on the back cover (one of several cover choices). I got a glimpse of a visceral world of fashion and art t
Paul Gambaccini was our guest in a particularly riveting Word In Your Ear evening at the Islington last week. He was talking about everything from his time as a writer on Rolling Stone through his time at Radio One to his harrowing year under the sha
The latest print issue of the Columbia Journalism Review focuses on local news. The publication is posting the articles online throughout May. Some digital tidbits: As part of a survey of 420 journalists at small (circulation under 50,000) local news
Zomato announced in a blog post today that it had contacted the unidentified hacker from yesterdays data breach.The breach had led to details of 7.7... ...
Following a complaint from the UK Premier League, authorities in Thailand have arrested two Brits and a local citizen. The trio are accused of offering unlicensed IPTV subscriptions through the website The authorities seized a variety of
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