Internet whats difference between ssh vs vpn more secure

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whats difference between ssh vs vpn more secure

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Internet Wed Jul 05 2017 18:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Just like stepping out the front door, heading online has risks. There’s no need to bury your head in the sand, but there are times when you would like privacy, and it’s not unreasonable to expect a degree of safety. SSH and VPN a
 If you’ve been following the headlines in the world of AI, you might be fooled into thinking that corporations are doubling down, rather than withdrawing, from pure research. But on the ground, things are considerably more complic
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 Netflix is continuing to dominate streaming services in the U.S., not only in terms of penetration in cord cutters’ homes, as reported in April, but also in time spent watching. According to data from comScore, cord cutters are wa
July isn't looking so bright for Uber. The ride-hailing giant, which has faced an onslaught of scandals since January, was just hit with another blow that could severely impact its growth in Europe.  A new recommendation from the senior advi
USB flash drives are not all made equal. On one level, you have speed differences between USB 2.0 and USB 3.x. But even among flash drives of the same type, you’ll find significant variations in read and write speeds — and they wo
Last week I began a series on CSS filters. I talked in general about the difference between CSS and SVG filters and then I showed you how to work with the former. I closed by walking you through the blur() filter-function and showed you an example us
The Find WiFi feature Facebook began testing last November is now being rolled out globally for iPhone and Android. Find WiFi enables users to discover WiFi hotspots that businesses have shared via their Facebook pages, giving them more connectivity
Any business looking to drive more organic traffic to their website to increase their online sales should take their content marketing strategy seriously. Good content marketing campaigns can reap rewards in terms of more new visitors to your website
By relying on local maker labs to distribute its mini garden model, one Barcelona startup is lowering its carbon footprint while getting more people growing their own greens. If you want to try growing part of your lunch inside your kitchen, one opti
To make themselves visible online, more and more artists, designers and creative professionals are using portfolio websites to showcase their work in the most inginous ways. A creative portfolio website is of utmost importance because no matter how b
Did you know that Windows 10 hides several ancient features? You might not think that anyone uses outdated functionality like faxing anymore, but Microsoft continues to include these tools in Windows. Today, we’re going to examine why these
This is a weird, little thing, but it's soooooo good. The original Destiny's social space included a hidden orb that you could smack around just for the fun of it. It was a throwaway easter egg, nothing more. That bonus returns in Destiny 2, but it's
There are several ways to unlock and secure your mobile phone. When it comes to the iPhone, the fingerprint scanner is one of the most popular options available. However, this method has its limitations, which is why Apple has been ... Read More The
Danny Goodwin, with more than a decade of experience in search, is the new Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal.The post Meet the New Executive Editor of SEJ: Danny Goodwin by @itsduhnise appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Innovation has its place in the web design world. But it can also be a time waster to pursue. Some clients demand it, or at least say they do, whether they understand whats involved in providing it, or not. The good news is this. If you have the righ
Faxes have more or less been replaced by the email these days. While it is no longer the de facto method of sending important documents, a fax machine can still serve as a decent alternative to the email in times of needs. As such, we’ll be
One of the world's largest Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies exchanges Bithumb has recently been hacked, resulting in loss of more than $1 Million in cryptocurrencies after a number of its user accounts compromised. Bithumb is South Korea's largest
There’s no limit to the kinds of things Google Assistant can help you with, fromchecking trafficto playing music and videosand much more. One nifty trick you can add to your Google Assistant arsenal? Using it to lock and unlock your Android
Any way you look at it, we're about to witness the birth of one massive iceberg. Researchers with the European Space Agency (ESA) have taken more detailed measurements of the massive iceberg set to cleave off the Larsen C Ice Shelf at any minute.&amp
We’re up from our desks and on the phone more, and we’re a lot more productive that way. About three years ago, my company tried an experiment: We declared a “no email day” for an entire weekday. T
Managing third-party access to your accounts is an important part of keeping yourself secure online. You might grant an app access to your data in good faith, but apps can change ownership or adjust their permissions. You could quickly find yourself
 By now you’ve probably heard of ICOs. The alternative fundraising option has been used to raise more than $500 million in funding this year alone, but it has gotten a reputation for unfinished products and untested teams raising g
DOOGEE is a developing smartphone brand and in order to gain more attention all over the world and promote as well as effectively market, DOOGEE is going to invite more reviewers for the new phone models BL5000/X20/X30. The brand needs people and esp
Earphones galore in today’s Amazon Deals roundup. There are huge savings on Bang & Olufsen’s Play Earphones and House of Marley’s Smile Jamaica. Even AmazonBasics earphones are reduced by more than 50%. Bang &amp
As your users spend time on your website, they are constantly interacting with its features – and some of those small interactions matter more than you might think. Each small... The post Eight Microinteractions for a Better User Experience
The Pirate Bay has been overrun by guards. It’s no longer a safe haven for file sharing fanatics. The ships’ captains have put up a good fight, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to access the most famous torrent
As a company grows, it requires more human resources (HR) employees, marketers, salespeople and other non-technical staff. Finding people with specific technical knowledge who can also cover these areas is hard. On the other hand, hiring only employe
Hollywood's MPAA sees voluntary anti-piracy agreements as a key element to fight cross-border piracy. The industry is already cooperating with advertisers and payment providers, but more can be done. Local governments could help to negotiate new deal
If you're one of the more than 3.5 million people who recently retweeted #NuggsForCarter to support a young man's record-breaking quest for a free year of Wendy's chicken nuggets, you might be surprised to learn that some believe Twitter is dead to b
This free fonts roundup is a little bit more specific and created for niche designs and projects. We decided to look for the best free Medieval fonts with uniquedesigns! Discover these outstanding medieval typefaces and use them in your Medieval Era
I do more speaker reviews than anything else and have almost run out of new things to say about them, that is until Anonsuo contacted me and asked me to review one of their newest speakers. I am amazed not only with the sound but the elegant look and
Today is Independence Day in the U.S. I’ve written before about the theme of independence and how it plays out in our lives today. Independence is more important to Americans than ever. Thirty-five percent of the U.S. workforce are now work
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For years now, Intel’s Core i7 line of processors has been the most powerful CPU for consumers. No more. The company has unveiled a new top-of-the-line series, the Intel Core i9. Starting at 10 cores and topping at 18 cores, let’s
According to IBS Intelligence, websites run by some of the largest banks in the U.S. have scored the poorest in a new security and privacy analysis audit. "The non-profit Online Trust Alliance (OTA) anonymously audited more than 1,000 websites, ranki
With GNOME making a surprise appearance in the Ubuntu 17.10 update, you might think that Unity’s end has come early. Not so: it seems that Canonical’s desktop environment is far more popular than previously thought, with several n
OneDrive users who have picked a non-NTSF location as the file storage for Microsoft's cloud synchronization and storage service OneDrive, receive notifications currently that using OneDrive on any non-NTFS location does not work anymore. Users who h
Desperate Housewives, the TV show, was a huge deal back in the mid-2000s. Offering a keen mixture of neighborly drama and more than a few suspicious deaths, it was intoxicating stuff for anyone who wanted a classier experience than a regular soap ope
Using the CSS Grid Layout Module in web design becomes more and more feasible as more browsers begin to support it. While creating layouts filling in grid cells, there might come a moment, though, when you want to achieve more complicated things. For
Get the new Virgin fibre broadband VIVID 50 package for 26 per month - Virgin media's cheapest broadband deal.If you've always been tempted by Virgin Media's superfast fibre broadband, but have been put off from paying more than &am
Happy July! Here are the Copyblogger Content Excellence prompts for this month. For those of you who haven’t joined us yet, each month in 2017 we’re providing a pair of prompts: one to make you more productive and one to improve y
Facebook has recently launched some cool features and is planning to do much more. On the video content front, after introducing features like Facebook Mentions, the company will take its video content ambitions to the next level, as the it is prepar
Online ticket booking portal BookMyShow has acquired restaurant search and discovery platform Burrp in an all-cash deal from its parent company Network 18. The development comes more than 2 months after Network18 board gave an in-principle nod to sel