Internet unlock wannacry ransomware without paying cent

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unlock wannacry ransomware without paying cent

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Internet Wed May 24 2017 10:30:55 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In the past past weeks, we’ve seen a wild ransomware attack that affected industries all around the world. Dubbed WannaCry, it spread via an exploit through an outdated protocol in Windows. Affected systems spread the malware across network
Well, so much for hopes of a diplomatic solution.  New photos from the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 7 dropped Monday — and while they don't offer a whole lot of new information, they do confirm what we suspected when we saw Quee
Samsung recently launched its new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, with both Facial and IRIS Recognition features, making it easier for users to unlock their smartphone and signing into websites. We already knew that the Galaxy
Think about how much the internet has changed in the last decade. Responsive web design. Wi-Fi availability everywhere. Productivity shifting from desktop apps to web apps. The entire web carried around in our pockets without a second thought. But th
 A newly famous transaction type we need to understand is called the “Initial Coin Offering.” An ICO is akin to an IPO, but in temporal reverse (sort of). Although confusing, it has recently acquired prominence as a favor
Let this be a lesson for all you, Major League Baseball fans.  Don't heckle Joey Votto. It will only end badly for you.  We know this because of video shot by Twitter user Keegan Haag at a recent Cincinnati Reds game.  SEE
 If you travel a lot, especially internationally, a new worry being added to the pile is the threat of being forced to unlock your phone for a customs agent. 1Password has a handy solution for this in the form of Travel Mode, which temporari
As the 2016-17 TV season heads to the finish line, NBC has declared itself the victor in the 18-49 demo race, reclaiming the crown for the third time in four years and marking the first time in five years a network finished on top in the demo without
As more browsers adopt SVG support, it’s becoming easier to use vector images on the web. SVGs are natural vectors that can scale automatically without quality loss. After you’ve designed enough of these icons, you can get lost di
Humans have been fascinated with unicorns for centuries. Now they’re all over cosmetics, pool floaties, and bagels. What’s driving our current obsession with the mythical creatures? A month ago, the Melbourne-based skincare comp
It’s hard to write an article like this without talking about the need for SEO industry standards or pointing out the immense competition among SEO consultants, agencies, tool providers, and (e)book authors for your business dollars. So I w
The new issue of 032c is about to land in London. Themed Us vs Them, it addresses how we can find truth in an age without facts, and in an intriguing crossover of mainstream and indie, creative director Richard Turley has created this dossier of imag
The Google Lens ended up overshadowing the recent I/O Keynote when it was first introduced by the American tech company. However, there's a good reason why it stole the show, considering that the new update has huge potential in changing ... Read Mor
 It’s hard to know where to begin with this mess. It’s only been seven months since LeEco launched in the U.S. with one of the most bizarre press conferences in recent memory, right down to the super weird Michael Bay cam
 Warby Parker wants to get you the right prescription glasses without forcing you to get an in-person eye test. It’s now testing its new Prescription Test app that uses your phone and computer in tandem to adminster a 20-minute ser
The question if internet is bad for your health has taken a new turn towards social media sites. Useful though social media may be, it turns out that not everything about it may be good as a recently published study shows that social media may have n
Twitter recently introduced an updated privacy policy announcing changes to how they collect user data and deliver advertising into your timeline. So what does the update mean and what should you do about it? If you haven’t logged in to Twi
Noting that more than 90 percent of ad inventory for its largest brands are sold via direct-sales channels, Facebook announced Tuesday that it is beta-testing Audience Direct, a new self-service tool to finalize deals between publishers and advertise
It’s rare that a platformer on the App Store will take you by surprise. They usually follow a simple pattern – a couple of buttons, a decent level of challenge, and levels that are designed to test your reactions rather than your
There’s no sign that Fancy Bear has slowed down or changed tactics since the recent elections, say cybersecurity experts. Fancy Bear may have stumbled in the French election but they’re still wreaking havoc across Western Europe
 Microsoft CVP Yusuf Mehdi isn’t shy about mentioning the competition. As we discuss the company’s recent launch of Windows 10 S, he refers to the pared down operating system as a “Chromebook compete.”
As our favorite shows begin their descent into the void (New Girl, Scandal, Girls), new shows are once again out here crying for approval. This years TV pilotsfull of mostly white male leads and showrunnersinclude military dramas, medical dramas, Wil
While the 2017 Peabody Awards celebrated the best in broadcast at local, national and international levels, the defense of journalism was front and center on Saturday night, with celebrity presenters and recipients lavishing praise on an industry tha
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe recently announced that his state will develop its own policy to limit carbon emissions–joining a growing list of state governments across the country uniting in their desire to lower pollution and increas
On a recent Saturday afternoon, hundreds of volunteers gathered in a park in the flight path of Los Angeles International Airport and held up giant signs that spelled out "welcome," aiming to make arriving visitors feel at home before they even lande
 Some consolidation is afoot in the world of gaming. Today, Space Ape Games — a London social and mobile games studio founded by alums from Playfish, Mind Candy and EA — announced that Supercell has acquired 62 percent of
Adweek: I recently read that when you worked at Wired the first time, as a senior editor from 2005 to 2010, you actually edited the story that became the movie Argo. Did you get a little piece of an Oscar or anything? Nick Thompson: No, unfortunately
Weve been living high on the hog these last few years: getting mammograms and colonoscopies whenever we need them, vaccinating ourselves against cancer-causing viruses for free, preventing unwanted babies from showing up in our wombs without having t
A dog with a craving for the limelight got its opportunity to shine during a newscast in Russia. A TV anchor for Mir24 had an unexpected guest join her in presenting the news recently when a black dog suddenly appeared on set. After distracting the a
Amanda Palmer has been a songwriter for more than a quarter of a century — way before the internet was a thing. But now she has the internet to thank for keeping her in the music business.  Palmer is a big benefactor of Patreon, a
If you've ever been punched in the gut by an SUV, you know how this will feel. A demonstration of Nissan's anti-collision safety technology went awfully wrong in Sichuan, central China, when the brand new Nissan Rogue, outfitted with a collision avoi
Despite all the innovations around us, kids still need as much encouragement as possible to become the next mad genius to push us into the future, which is what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos did during a recent talk at The Museum of Flight in Seattle. SEE AL
 Microsoft says it didn’t mean to do a “head fake” when it told the press that this week’s big event in Shanghai wouldn’t center around the launch of the Surface Pro 5. Sure, the company was
 The global smartphone market grew 9.1 per cent in the first quarter of this year, according to Gartner’s latest stats, and growth is being driven by a trio of Chinese device makers. Read More
 Today’s Stories: Ford names Jim Hackett CEO to take its connected car plans up a gear, Dish integrates with Amazon Alexa for hands-free TV, Patreon doubles in a year to 1 million paying patrons and 50,000 creators and Verse grabs
Male-centric UPROXX considers itself to be a creative agency because of how it understands and caters to its audience, which perceives entertainment as more than just movies, film and TV. Its about whats being produced by major studios, labels and wh
Twin Peaks is back, baby — and it's fully prepared to mess with the head of any superfan who dares take it too seriously. A quarter-century after David Lynch's cult hit was canceled in the wake of its uneven second season, the famously quir
A couple staged a #BigGayWedding on the steps of Stormont, Northern Ireland's centre of government, to protest the country's ban on same-sex marriage on Monday.  SEE ALSO: LGBTQ activists threw a dance party outside Mike Pence's house and th
I addressed one pressing problem in a recent Facebook Live video. This problem holds back a bunch of aspiring bloggers. Some veteran bloggers who struggle like heck are also not addressing this damaging mistake. If you like to watch a guy talk with a
A bus operator in Tempe, Arizona had a different kind of “drive” on his mind recently as he pulled up to deliver some 2,100 donated books to schools within the district. It all started with a man named Jermaine Bethea, a former sc
 Another high-up person at Uber has left the company. Jim Callaghan, Uber’s general counsel of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, recently stepped down,Recode reports. His departure, which is reportedly due to family reasons, is t
During a recent analyst call, Idea Cellulars MD & Director Himanshu Kapania said that a large number of users that opted to own a second... ...