Computers four devices better nights sleep

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four devices better nights sleep

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Computers Wed May 03 2017 17:52:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Network World Cool Tools columnist Keith Shaw shows off four gadgets (two sleep trackers, two noise machines) that can help you get more or better sleep at night.
Speaking of Amazon's Echo devices, it appears Microsoft also wants a slice of this nascent market. The Verge's Tom Warren claims that Microsoft has been working on a feature for Windows 10 that would allow it "to better compete with devices like Amaz
ASUS is expected to unveil the fourth ZenFone series of smartphones later this month during Computex, held in Taipei from May 30th to June 3rd. Rumors suggest that the company might unveil three new devices - the ZenFone 4 Max, ZenFone 4, and ZenFone
T-Mobile and Sprint – the nation’s third and fourth largest wireless carriers, respectively – are reportedly revisiting the idea of a merger. Sources familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg that executives with Sprint an
Just about every one goes into a Walmart store every now and again. Just about everyone knows how annoying the stores are as well with long lines for the four open lanes, idiots blocking the aisles...
Overnight our friends over at Qualcommannounced two new mobile platforms, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and 630, that have been designed and built on the 14nm FinFET manufacturing process for better...
Nintendo already did something that mobile gamers really liked when it launched Super Mario Run on mobile devices months ago. A new report is making the rounds and according...
Reliable connection with advanced 2.4ghz wireless. Features a working distance of up to 15m, sleep mode, a comfortable ergonomic design, and three-gear DPI adjustment: 1000/1500/2000DPI, to quickly change speed in your games with one key.
TR gerbils may not have heard of EpicGear, a division of Golden Emperor International Limited (better known as GEiL). On top of its various memory offerings, the company sells a full range of gaming gear under that EpicGear brand, including keyboards
It's been seven years since we last reported on the Itanium line of processors, but it appears that article just wasn't destined to be our last on the subject. Intel has just added four new processors to its Itanium family. Now, this
Part game console, part compact PC, the GR8 II straddles both worlds, with snappy performance for 1080p gaming and everyday work. It's better than the 2015 original, but upgrade limits and fan noise push this sequel closer to "very good" than to "GR8
Want VR to go? It's a bit bulky, but MSI's 14-inch gaming laptop is the only GeForce GTX 1060 rig we know that's less than four pounds.
LG's feathery 2017 update of its 14-incher gets a lot right, with an attractive display, solid input devices, and can't-kill-it battery life. Just know the minor sacrifices (audio, Webcam placement) you'll make for going this light.
 Nvidia’s ballooning GPU business and big bets on divisions like autonomous driving continue to look better and better, with the company’s shares jumping more than 10% after it reported its first-quarter earnings. In the
 The best way to growsales is to better understand sales, but unfortunately that’s often easier said than done.Kemvi, a seed-stage startup, is launching out of stealth today to announce DeepGraph, which helpssales teams reach the r
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In November 2015, long-time Microsoft Windows engineering leaderJoe Belfiore took a sabbaticalso he could spend the better part of a year to sail the world with his family in the Semester at Sea educational cruise program. "I left, I was gone, it was
Two things will immediately strike you about the new Surface Laptop: Its amazingly light and sturdy, and it borrows a lot of its look and feel from Surface Pro 4.Microsoft debuted two classes of devices for education at its event Tuesday morning: a n
sqorbit writes: Microsoft has some fancy Alcantara fabric on its Surface keyboard. How well does it hold up to the use and sometimes abuse that portal devices go through? Well, Microsoft wants you to care for it like a "luxury" handbag. Pete Kyriacou
Not that long ago, many home-appliance and consumer-electronics makers were gearing up for what they thought would soon be a rapidly growing market for smart home devices. The instant popularity of the Nest thermostat, introduced in 2011, seemed to&a