Software visual studio may gain ai smarts around available code

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visual studio may gain ai smarts around available code

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Software Wed May 17 2017 10:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Microsoft is eying artificial intelligence capabilities to give its Visual Studio IDE a greater grasp of the available code for a project.Currently in an experimental phase, Visual Studio's use of AI may enable code analysis, tapping sources ranging
Get the details on eight steps you can take to counteract ransomware threats, including using a multi-layered approach to network security, protecting endpoints, patching systems and applications, segmenting networks and educating employees.
"Security is always going to be a cat and mouse game because there'll be people out there that are hunting for the zero day award, you have people that don't have configuration management, don't have vulnerability management, don't have patc
Everybody, please, stand up. I remember encouraging everyone to rise to the occasion of another daily stand-up meeting. Even with a room full of people who knew the drill, I still felt I had to ask them. With every practice we do, we anchor around on
In my development series regarding Docker containers for the web application developer, I went over deploying Java and Node.js applications as containers alongside Couchbase Server Containers. This time around I thought it would be cool to deploy a G
Digital signature service DocuSign said Monday that an unnamed third-party had got access to email addresses of its users after hacking into its systems.The hackers gained temporary access to a peripheral sub-system for communicating service-related
Looking to stave off criticism of the now-jeopardized Java 9 release, Oracles top Java official defended the platform against what he termed falsehoods around its accommodations for Apache Maven, third-party frameworks, and existing code.There seem t
Bing has released an update specifically aimed at hiking enthusiasts.The post Bing Can Now Help You Find the Ideal Hiking Trail by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
This week we welcome Anand Balachandran Pillai as our PyDev of the Week! Anand is the author of a new book called Software Architecture with Python from Packt Publishing. He is the founder of the Bangalore Python Users Group (BangPypers) and a member
This tutorial explains how to setup a specific default webpage in a working Apache ISPConfig server.
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in charge of a PyData event?Vincent Warmerdam has collected somethoughts and reflections on hisexperience chairing this year’s PyData Amsterdam conference: This year I was the chair of P
Thanks to John Morello, CTO at Twistlock for sharing his thoughts on the current state of orchestration and deployment of containers. Q: How is your company involved in the orchestration and deployment of containers?
Editorial Note: I originally wrote this post for the SubMain blog. You can check out the original here, at their site.  While youre there, take a look at CodeIt.Right, an automated Code Review tool. Ive heard tell of a social experiment cond
Wright State University increased their ability to detect malware and block access to malicious URLs with Proofpoint Email Protection and Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection. Read now!
Ben Nadel clarifies the somewhat confusing Sequelize error: "Validation error: Validation not failed". This is caused by a violation of the "not" rule on your Model Schema....
web3j now makes it really simple to query historical data from the Ethereum blockchain (and of course, Quorum). Its API has been enhanced, allowing you to provide a range of blocks to replay, and it will play them back to you. To replay a ra
I recently ran across The Joel Test from Joel Spolsky, CEO and co-founder of Stack Overflow. The test contains twelve questions to rate the quality of a software team. A
As development and IT shops look for ways to more quickly test and deploy software or scale out their environments, containers have become a go-to solution. With Docker and similar tools, you can spin up dev and production containerized platforms tha
A new type of ransomware called XData is spreading at an alarming rate. The post Another Ransomware Nightmare Could Be Brewing in Ukraine appeared first on WIRED.
In a post last week, we introduced Lumogon, a tool for inspecting, reporting on, and analyzing your containers. We wanted to provide more examples of it being used to solve real problems, as well as ways you can build on Lumogon to
When internet pioneer Vinton Cerf was 10, he was working on advanced math, and by the time he was 17, he was tinkering at programming at UCLA and beginning a lifelong "love affair" with computing.Today, Cerf, known as the father of the internet, says
Smart Reply is a feature in Inbox and Allo that suggests quick responses that are created by analyzing the email you received. Rather than pre-made quick responses, the suggested responses are relevant and in your style of writing. Now when you view
With data centers seeing rapid data growth, Western Digital Corp. (WD) has announced its highest performing 2.5-in. small form-factor SAS SSD. The drive is aimed at helping companies deal withincreasing needs for virtualized storage systems, online t
Google is making it easier for people to dash off a quick email reply from Gmail on their smartphones. The Smart Reply feature, which offers a handful of contextually-aware, computer-generated responses, is coming to Googles flagship email app for iO
In the future, your Samsung vacuum cleaner, robot or washing machine will run on an OS called Tizen RT, slated to be introduced and detailed on Tuesday.The OS for smart devices and gadgets -- in other words, internet of things (IoT) devices -- will b
Chatbots aren't very good at chatting. But Facebook's new software framework will give them lots more to talk about. The post Inside Facebook's Training Ground for Making Chatbots Chattier appeared first on WIRED.
Call Detail Record (CDR) is the information captured by the telecom companies during Call, SMS, and Internet activity of a customer. This information provides greater insights about the customers needs when used with customer demographics. Most telec
By Jason Titus, Vice President, Developer Product GroupIt's great to be in our backyard again for Google I/O to connect with developers around the world. The 7,200 attendees at Shoreline Amphitheatre, millions of viewers on the livestream, and thousa
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This is Part 2 of the AWS Step Functions overview post published a few weeks ago. If you want to get more context on the sample application business scenario, head back to read Part 1. In this post, youll get a deep dive into the applications technic
Up to this point, LG has stuck with LCD panels for its smartphone lineup. And while the G6, the company’s latest flagship smartphone, has a great display, OLED panels are all the rage (and for good reason). So it always felt like it was ine
Download this FREE white paper for an overview of Veeams DR and data recovery solutions for VMware and Hyper-V environments. Written for both decision makers and technical admin, technical expert and author Andreas Neufert discusses unique features f
Public cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, allow IT teams to leverage cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy services, which extend data-center operations into hybrid-cloud environments. Organizations can reduce costs, increase agility, improve recov
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Windocks is an independent port of Dockers open source to Windows which supports the full Windows OS family and all editions of SQL Server 2008 onward, and .NET and varied open source projects. Windocks was released a year ago, and we just s
O’Reilly’s awesome Velocity conference, come to San Jose from June 19-22, focuses on the “magic in the background”: DevOps, Security, and Systems Engineers. You’ll have a chance to learn from engineer
Here is the most noteworthy news since my last Big News In Databases post from November 2016. A New SQL Standard Was Released (SQL:2016) In December 2016, ISO released a new version of the SQL standard. It introduces new features such as row pattern
One of the themes, if there is one, that seems to be emerging from Google I/O 2017 is the expansion of existing Google technologies to a wider array of platforms. An example of that was the announcement today that the Smart Reply function that Google
Years ago, when I first downloaded a trial of NDepend, I chuckled when I saw the Abstractness vs. Instability graph. The concept itself does not amuse, obviously. Rather, the labels for the corners of the graph provide the levity: zone of uselessness
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