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Candy Thu Aug 03 2017 01:16:31 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Moving on to everything I loved in the month of July! It’s rather “bag heavy,” ha. I did share a few things I’m loving this pregnancy over on the baby page a few weeks ago. Share your favorites below! xo Okay,
Hi hi! I’m doing an extra mid-month favorites post today in honor of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I didn’t really care about this sale up until two years ago, when I got some amazing things that remain my favorites to this day!
[this post is in partnership with my favorites,DeLallo Foods!Im createdsome delicious recipes and videos that youll see over the next few months. xo] Guys. How do we even handle this cheesiness?! Its intense. Over the top. Outrageous! And its all cov
You can easily win me over with a pulled pork sandwich. Its true! A great one can be hard to find. Its why Im so hell bent on constantly sharing my favorites with you and telling you all the millions of ways you can use pulled pork. Which today, star
I have SO many repeat favorites this month, but it’s FINALLY a month where I am back in our kitchen and feeling like we are living a normal life after two months of renovations. Below are the things that I am lovvving for May! Adidas Ultrab
[this post is in partnership with my favorites,DeLallo Foods!Im createdsome delicious recipes and videos that youll see over the next few months. xo] These are what my Nutella dreams are made of. Look at that fudginess! Check out that crunch! Look at
Making Monday full of flavor is my goal! Im very sloooowwwly coming out of the weekend haze over here. It felt more like October over the weekend than August and I had a major Sunday blues moment last night. WHY do I still get the Sunday blues when I
Happy Saturday! I hope you guys are living up this first weekend of August. Crazy that we are here already! We have a fun weekend planned, starting with breakfast at the Children’s museum today. What are you up to?! P.S. This past week, I s
This episode of Junk Fud On The Road is a special episode all about truck stops.  Allison and I go on a lot of road trips, and we always like to stop at truck stops or any kind of highway oasis. In this episode we talk about the good and bad
Its a cookie Friday! YOU GUYS. Lately, Ive been making these zucchini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from last year on repeat. Max really loves them. It makes me feel good that there is a vegetable in my cookie. I like to give them away and be like Y
Were in full blown mocktail mode over here! This honey berry kombucha smash is my new favorite thing. Until my next favorite thing comes along! You know the drill. I know that every time I ramble on about how much I love kombucha, I say the exact sam
Were eating vegetables today! Oh yes we are. Don’t look so surprised! Um, but you might be surprised. Because there is barely any cheese involved. BARELY. We are talking sprinkles. Not THOSE kind of sprinkles… but cheese sprinkles
1. It’s completely crazy that it is already August and I’m still steadily making it through my summer reading list! What book are you on right now? Last night, I started Forks, Knives and Spoons. 2. These fresh crispy salmon burri
Are there recipes that come to mind instantly when you think of SUMMER? This is totally one of mine. Anything heirloom tomato-y, cheesy and toasty is exactly where I want to be in the heat. And throwing heirloom tomatoes on your garlic toast that is
We looove going to Picklesburgh every summer! You know that I am completely infatuated with anything briney, pickled and tart, so Picklesburgh is my dream. Max also loves the big pickle on the bridge and thinks it’s hilarious. Here&#821
Hi hi! Happy weekend! Today we are heading to Picklesburgh and I can’t wait! This is the third year in a row and it’s always so fun. What are you guys up to? Weekend plans? Also! If you’re shopping the last week of the n
Hiiii. I am having a major peach problem. Or not, depending on how you look at it. But I cannot stop making all the peach things. It’s so weird, because every year I write about how you only really get one or maybe two GOOD peaches here in
While I’ve been all about the mocktails this summer, I’ve finally made us a rainbow we can DRINK. Actually, we can eat and drink the rainbow at the same time! A rainbow coconut water mocktail, more specifically spritzers? HELLO. I
I’m making you a salad today! In wedge form, of course. Watermelon salad wedges because they are cute! And I don’t want to be all fancy and stack it. Wedges that are covered with the juiciest cherry tomatoes, crumbly blue cheese,
1. Every year, I get wildly excited about Shark Week because I think it’s going to be like how Shark Week was when I was a kid. And then I watch a computer generated shark and I’m like whaaaaat. 2. All about the ros obsession and
We are doing this thing today. Its called FRYING our avocado. Beer battered avocado tacos are a thing. A thing you can even make on a Monday. I mean, they are totally meatless. They are still avocados. They dont require full blown deep frying. They t
Hello hello! First, this was such a huge week for us and thank you so much on the launch of Sweet Peas Meals! I’m still kind of blown away at the response and just how excited you guys are. I can’t wait to update you more as we mo
Oh hi! It’s totally okay for you to eat cookies for breakfast today. Because I said so. And because these peanut butter and jelly breakfast cookies are absolutely to DIE FOR. So heres what I did. I took my blueberry breakfast cookies (which
You dont need to convince me to drink something adorably pink. While I have been obsessed with lavender lemonade forever and have been dying to make it, can we just discuss the COLOR?! The freaking natural, perfect color? The LAVENDER-like color? Yes
Hello hello! In the heat of the summer we’re needingsomething fresh to cool off, I’m sure of it. This is everything I want to be eating right now, except for ice cream sandwiches. You know. I didn’t think I should put an
1. I’m officially in loooove with the Trader Joe’s coconut cold brew! In fact, it’s like 11:30 at night right now and I wish I could have some. On another note, the basil, burrata and sweet corn ravioli I got from TJ&amp
HAPPY MONDAY! You GUYS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many exclamation points are necessary here. I am so excited to tell you all about a huge project that Ive been working on for the last year Sweet Peas Meals! Maria and I have joined togetherto start
Can I just talk about how amazing our weekend was? Max had his first funnel cake (um, he pretty much just ate the powdered sugar) and my mom and I went to the James Taylor concert. It was soooooogood. This was my sixth time seeing him in concert, Bon
Hey hey and happy weekend! Um, can we just say that this is the best weekend ever because I’m going to the James Taylor concert?! Yesss. Cannot wait! Other than that we are just hanging out and soaking up all of summer that we can. The othe
I’ve got your weekend treat! Avocado chocolate mousse! More like avocado chocolate pudding. Piled high with fresh summer fruit that I am losing my mind over right now. I’m about to turn into a berry any minute now. For real. Choco
Im doing this. Likereally doing this! Im showing you how I have been making a pia colada mocktailso I can drink it on the hot summer days right now. If youre pregnant too or if you dont consume alcohol, I think you might be suuuuper into this. We are
1. I’ve seriously been considering doing the whole online grocery order + pick up option, but I weirdly ENJOY goig to the grocery store. Max loves going too. But I do dread the large grocery shops I do for big recipe development days. Howev
We are talking summer on a bun here, people! These pulled chicken guacamole sliders areto DIE for. And topped with a grilled corn pico de gallo, which is just pico de gallo tossed with grilled corn. I mean, it is flavor city. A sandwich piled high wi
More crazy photos from my favorite place! To see part 1, click here. How INSANE was this sunset? At least once when we are there every year, the entire sky and lake are hot pink and purple. No filters needed! I’m super weird about sweets wh
HI! Happy serious summertime! I mean, here we are. In the THICK of it. I’m loving it. What are you guys up to this weekend?! We have a birthday party and some other fun things on the agenda. Hopefully some swim! Max is a little fish these d
I’m putting strawberries on your pizza and don’t even be mad about it. I know exxxxactly what you are thinking when it comes to this pizza. WELL THATS JUST WEIRD. Right? Im sure weird has crossed your mind, at the least. Probably
Here’s a peek at some of our vacation pics from Boyne City! Indulge me while I use this as a personal journal to dump tons of photos of my favorite place and my baby in my favorite place. Most of you know that we go here every year, so it&a
GUESS WHAT. I made us a summery peach drink! AND. This is a booze-free peach cider! Booze free, guys. No rum. No wine. No ros. Just delicious (for lack of a better word) sparkling peach cider that everyone can enjoy. I KNOW. I won’t be mad
Its serious cherry pie season! And if youre anything like me and cant make a pie to save your soul (#truth), then a galette is necessary. A sour cherry galette, to be exact. The best one ever! It’s a lofty claim, but someone has to make it.
The best pool party snack mix?! WELL. Here is it! Im popping in super quick today over this long holiday weekend to share one of my favorite, albeit embarrassingly easy, summer snack mixes! Now heres the thing, for my entire life (aside from the last
I’m super struggling coming back to reality this weekend when we leave our vacation. Have you ever had a vacation that didn’t leave you feeling relaxed? YES. That is this. So good but also so weird and Eddie feels the same and we
I have the dish you’re going to eat morning, noon and night this weekend! And just to play it safe? Let’s say the entire rest of the summer. K? Great. Pistachio pesto pasta salad could only be made better by one thing: burrata che
OH HI! So were doing something a leeeeettle different for thirsty Thursday today, but I promise that it does include a drink. Err, something to put your drink IN. Which is almost as good. Yes yes! This floral ice bucket was such a hit last summer and
How’s that for (almost) alliteration?! Its the most wonderful week of the YEAR! Popsicle week is HERE and I could not beeeee more excited. Coconut Chocolate Caramel Cashew excited, to be exact. That’s a serious kind of excited. In