Internet ghacks deals complete white hat hacking penetration testing bundle off

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ghacks deals complete white hat hacking penetration testing bundle off

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Internet Thu Jun 15 2017 16:27:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Complete White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing Bundle is an eLearning bundle that is all about white hat hacking and penetration testing. The five courses of the bundle include two penetration testing courses, two courses that teach you som
Patreon has fed a hotbed of homemade art and bootstrap media. Now it's looking to get more professional.  The crowdfunding platform launched a sleek brand overhaul and a host of new creator tools on Wednesday in a bid to cast itself as a ser
To acknowledge Donald Trump's 71st birthday, we decided the ultimate present would be to dig up his rarely seen and completely real* — honest — MySpace profile for everyone to enjoy. Sure, America knows 2017 Trump as somewhat of a
After learning that a massive fire at a high-rise block in West London had killed at least six people and injured 64, leaving 20 in a critical condition, celebrities have taken to social media, reaching out to help those affected. The first to offer
If youre into beauty youre probably looking to online video tutorials to find the latest trends and how to rock them. We take a look at one current beauty hack, the fake freckle, and highlight the brands and influencers that are uploading the most vi
At E3 2017, Microsoft launched its latest and greatest video game console. The Xbox One X is the company’s most powerful console to date, and the third console in the Xbox One line. So what makes the Xbox One X better than its predecessors,
You can now buy Apple's new iPad Pro 10.5, which is exactly what the gadget experts at iFixit did so they could tear the sucker down. The damage was done to give us a clue as to what sets it apart from its closest ancestor, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.&amp
'Shoe Booty' is a plastic shoe box that automatically dispenses plastic booties as you step into it. Read more...More about Home, Mashable Video, Snow, Shoes, and Clean'Shoe Booty' is a plastic shoe box that automatically dispenses plastic booties as
You can't really get that mad at the companies that provide internet service to Americans. They're destined to screw up the internet. They were created decades ago to screw up the internet.  Without the proper rules, few people outside of th
When you picture a smart home, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Perhaps smart thermostats and intelligent security systems. Or maybe you’re more interested in whole-house audio. You might even think about stuff for
 Another reminder that if you want perfect security or privacy online you shouldn’t expect every single bell & whistle of tech-enabled convenience to be handily on tap… Read More
Devil horns, the American Sign Language gesture for "I love you," or Gene Simmons' personal creation? That will be for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to decide, because the Kiss frontman just filed an application for trademark ownership of his
Have you ever heard of chat fiction apps? If not, then you’re probably not a teenager. These digital book alternatives, which are presented as text messages, have been dominating the app charts for the past few months. The format may seem a
Check out this guide to create the right type of content marketing strategy that guarantees traffic and leads.The post How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy That Works in 5 Steps by @alextachalova appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
 Instagram is creating a standardized format that should make it clearer to everyone when a post has been paid for by an advertiser. These aren’t for ads that businesses buy directly from Instagram, but rather for influencer market
 TechCrunch is pleased today to announce the companies and judges participating in the pitch-off at TC Sessions: Robotics. This is going to be great. New life is important. And while TC Sessions: Robotics features the best engineers and comp
Chat bots are undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in today's digital world. First it was Siri, Apple's intelligent assistant. Then came Facebook's Messenger bots. And finally, Microsoft joined the race by introducing Tay, which couldn't keep itself
With the Electronic Entertainment Expo well under way in Los Angeles, Facebook released new data surrounding E3-related conversations on its platform. Facebook said that over the past 30 days, 43 million people made 115 million posts, likes and comme
That is not your bill at all, you shouldnot look at it at all. Even if we assume that one booking has a bill of... ...
Right out of the gates, a recruiter will look for reasons to reject you. Don’t give them any. You might think every recruiter is different. That’s why you tailor your cover letter and resume to each job you apply for, hoping to
It all started with a TED Talk. I was still a student in the Netherlands when I watched a TED Talk that changed my career–and it was about washing machines. In it, the Swedish statistician Hans Rosling argues that the washing mach
First it was YouTube Red, then Twitter and Snapchat followed along. Now, the popular lip-synching video app, is the latest to add original "shows" to its platform. "Musers" can expect programming from the likes of NBCUniversal, Viacom, and
While yesterday's Time Inc. layoffs were partially a result of financial strain coming after company decided not to sell itself, today's layoffs at HuffPost arrive after the completion of parent company Verizon's purchase of Yahoo, which rolls Yahoo,
City of London Polices Intellectual Property Crime Unit is claiming success following recent efforts to keep gambling related advertising off 'pirate' sites. New research has revealed an 87% drop in adverts for licensed gambling operators being displ
We all know that most design clients are fairly predictable in tastes and not exactly thrilling to work for. I am sure you are not clapping your hands in excitement... The post What Has Happened to All of the Web Design Ideas? appeared first on Speck
If you’re an iOS WhatsApp user, you may want to check the app for a new update as the chat application has received three new features, and two of them are centered around photos. New Filters The first new feature that will be coming to Wha
Here's a commercial that should undoubtedly charm the Film judges at Cannes. It's a spot out of Japan by agency Mori Inc., featuring incredible mathematical choreography by Furitsukekagyo air:man. Trying to figure out what's going on is half the fun,
The e-commerce division of One97 Communications, Paytm Mall, is now dipping its toes into offline-to-online (O2O) commerce and will cataloginventories of physical shops to enable... ...
1. Readers. 2. Audience. 3. Viewers. 4. Consumers. When you use those terms to describe your relationship to the rest of the world, be careful, because you might be overlooking value that other people can share. You have become a gatekeeper. A bottle
These chatbots learned some of the tricks to good negotiating–like asking for more than you want–without being taught by humans. We all want to be great negotiators, but most of us don’t do it that effectively. How ma
Snapchat is helping its users celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month in June with several Pride-themed creative tools, as well as curated Our Stories in its Discover section. The messaging application unveiled the following creative tools for LGBTQ Pride Month,
What is a content differentiation factor and why it is the best way to ensure your content stands out.The post What’s Your Content Differentiation Factor? by @JuliaEMcCoy appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
June 30 marks the 30th birthday of the GIF, and while the internet may still argue its pronunciation, we can all agree the GIF has played an important role in shaping the internet.  Long before HD video became the norm of the net, a GIF was
 Sphero continues its partnership with Disney today, with the launch of a new toy based on the Marvel superhero Spider-Man. But where BB-8 and Lightning McQueen could move around the room, Spider-Man is more stationary — his real p
Macadamia is as cute as a button, or a tiny nut, perhaps more accurately. The koala joey is the first of 12 babies at Australia Zoo this year, weighing only half a gram and being the size of a jelly bean when he was born. SEE ALSO: These people are w
 In recent years, GitHub has fundamentally changed developer workflows. By centralizing code on an easily accessible platform, the company was able to rapidly change the way people code. Following in these footsteps, Israeli startup Codota w
Craft takes time. And in the case of BYU Adlab's award-winning Vespa spot "Ride to Fly," it took about 10 times longer than the students expected. "We wanted to get it right. And to see it come to life was so motivating," art director Taylor Dahl tol
“You press the button, we do the rest. These are the touching words of Kodak’s first advertising slogan. Coined by George Eastman, Kodaks iconic founder in 1892, this tagline almost seems relevant 120 years later. Almost. There wa
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White people hold more than 80% of the industry’s top positions. Of all the things philanthropists are trying to fix, there’s one major issue the sector seems to continually ignore: itself. As a new report by the Building Moveme
It's been 13 years since Average Joe's and Globo Gym battled for dodgeball royalty in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.  Now, the rivals are reuniting again, but this time for a great causeOmaze has launched a new charity campaign featuring
Say yes to pitching in on a project in the morning and you might end up taking credit for someone else’s ideas by the afternoon. You arrive at work and one of your coworkers immediately stops and asks if you can help them with a project. I
Journalism is becoming increasingly automated. From the Associated Press using machine learning to write stories to The New York Times’ plans to automate its comment moderation, outlets continue to use artificial intelligence to try and str
Mario Kart fans, rejoice. You'll soon be able to race, drift, and most importantly, smash your friends with red shells — all in virtual reality. New footage of a VR version of Nintendo's racer, Mario Kart GP VR, popped up in a promo video s
You love your iPhone: the form factor, the user interface, the just straight-up coolness of it all. But a peek into the early days of the now-ubiquitous device reveals a startling truth.  It was almost awful.  SEE ALSO: This could b
Shopping online can be a nerve-wracking experience these days. Even when you shop with major retailers, the little voice in your head asks whether its safe to give out your credit card number. Between hackers stealing passwords and other data breache
IPG Mediabrands' Hong Kong CEO talks about the "blue-ocean" opportunities for programmatic.