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final fantasy brave exvius turns gives away presents

Social Gaming Mon Jun 26 2017 17:30:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- When humans turn one, they usually are just learning how to stand up and walk and possibly making the biggest mess ever with cake. When mobile games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius celebrate one year of existence, they have to come up with something
Reckless Getaway2 is a game about an ultimately doomed escape. It will end in fire. It will end in carnage. And there’s a good bet that you’re going to enjoy every second of it. Such is the lure of chaos, you can’t help
Operate Now: Hospital is a game that doesn’t just let you slice up patients and pull bits of metal out of their hideously mangled bodies. It gives you full reign over the running of the hospital as well. It’s not all scalpels and
Last week was the first entry in my recurring round-up of mobile games that Ive been meaning to playand finally got around to. While my backlog is still many hundred titles strong, Im narrowing down the best of what I play to five games each week. Th
If you’ve drifted away from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, EA and PopCap would like you to come back. The hook is Galactic Gardens, the game’s biggest update yet, which adds 100 new cards and shakes up the overall gameplay in various
May has always been one of our favorite months: the weather finally warms up enough that we can leave our blanket caves, the school year is winding down with movie breaks and desk cleanup, Mother’s Day is a feel-good hug-fest for anyone tha
What with all the drawbridges, moats, arrow loops, and battlements it seems obvious that most of the stuff in a castle is designed to keep people out, rather than to lock them in. Mobile puzzler Castle Breakout turns this notion on its head by castin
Developer Not Doppler is spoiling us: Crash of Cars is only two months old, yet its just received its third major content update. Last month gave us the Jungle map with destructible bridges that offer getaway routes to cars being tailed, ten new vehi
Truly excellent mobile first-person shooters are rare. Thus, iOS users should rejoice that the richest first person shooter experience on mobile has finally arrived on the App Store. Over the last year and a half Modern Strike Online has quietly offe
Iron Blade is definitely a very shiny game. Most of the time its presentation is slick and precise, and there are plenty of gouts of blood to keep hardcore players happy. But scrape away that sheen and you’re left with an experience that, w
Not a week goes by when the worldisn’t bombarded by a dozen or more new idle clicker games. Sometimes they’re centered around business, sometimes they’re centered aroundfantasy— sometimes they’re even
One of the cool yet tantalizing parts of Transformers: Forged to Fight is the way the developers included several well-known bots in the story but didn’t make them available as playable characters right away. Have to leave them wanting more
The much-beloved indie arcade hit Penarium has finally come to mobile! Having achieved well-deserved success on PC (Steam), Playstation and Xbox, its now possible to bring Penariums sinister sense of humor with you wherever you may travel (even if it
What’s worse than a zombie invasion? A mutant zombie space bird invasion! A virus has infected our feathered friends on their home world, so they decide to load up and fly away to freedom. Just as they’re boarding their space ship
Race Kings is a new racing game from Hutch Games, and it offers quite a selling point. It has you solely racing against other players, and all in real time. A drift based racing game, you’ve probably played something similar before, but tha
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were its roads. That won’t stop you from trying, though! The young Valeria is following General Markus as he strikes out to meet the rampaging Vikings, but she finds the state of the country
When youve been writing about mobile games for as long as we have, it can start to feel as though there are no new ideas. Thats why Globalls makes us happy. This charming game from developer Andrea De Blasio is unlike anything weve ever played before
As might be expected with asecondinstallment of a game, Framed 2 is earning a lot of its praise or criticism based on its relationship to the original. However, I’m glad to be bringing a fresh perspective, never having played Framed. While
Previously a hit on the PC, Rogue Wizards is quite the delight. It’s a roguelike of sorts, backed up by a love of collecting gear that the likes of Diablo III has taught us all about. Substantial in length, it’s a bit of a bargain
Even after a tip of the cap to Rovio for making the original Angry Birds gameplay as durable and long-lived as it has been, it’s understandable that the company would want the franchise to spread its wings in order to keep going and no, tha
Asphalt: Street Storm is Gameloft’s bite at the CSR cherry. It’s a game about driving in straight lines as quickly as possible, and changing gears while you’re doing it. It looks lovely, it’s a decent amount of
Who’s up for a trip to a National Park? You are, you are! Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6 is another entry in the combination hidden object mini-game collection that celebrates the great outdoors. More specifically, the U.S. National Par
In the words of Will Smith, summer, summer, summertime, time to sit back and unwind. He failed to add that you could always unwind with a new mobile game, but that’s because those did not exist in … 1991? Man, we’re gett
Virtual golf is what real golf would have been if games consoles existed in the 13th century. The idea of trying to get a tiny ball into a tiny distant hole is great in principle, but nobody would lug a set of golf clubs around a field if there was a
Flipping Legend is an absolute delight of a game. A kind of Endless Runner, you’d be forgiven for thinking it might be derivative and dull — but that’s far from the truth. It taps into that ‘just one more go&am
With hundreds of mobile games released each month, when a game arrives on the App Store with a totally unique concept as Skyjacker – We Own the Skies has done, its something you really hope youll like. Marrying airplane tracking, simulation
If Leonardo Da Vinci had been born in the 20th century he would have been the best game designer ever. An artistic visionary with a gift for creative technical thinking, Italys renaissance superstar would have made Miyamoto look like an Amish slaught
Lowlander II: Lowerlander is a retro RPG you can play with one hand while your tongue is very firmly in your cheek. That means it’s a little unforgiving at times in terms of difficulty, but old school fans are going to appreciate it all the
The latest entry in the already-expansive Star Wars mobile gaming universe has arrived in Australia and New Zealand this week, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come worldwide. Star Wars: Rivals is a cover-based shooter that puts players in
Missile Cards is the second game release by Nathan Meunier, the games writer turned freelancing guru turned video game developer. His first title, This Book is a Dungeon, was an interactive fiction dungeon crawler filled with nightmarish creations th
90s kids and Genesis fans everywhere, rejoice: SEGA just announced a new initiative to bring their classic console games to mobile. Dubbed SEGA Forever, this ongoing effort begins tomorrow with the release of five titles originally available in arcad
While gamers and wrestling fans alike know that 2K is going to release a new sports entertainment extravaganza every fall for consoles, the WWE has wisely kept its options open when it comes to mobile games. Since its product can be approached in so
When last you probably heard about Threes, the smash hit puzzle game released by Sirvo three years ago, it was probably because its success was being rapidly consumed by clones like 2048. It’s back in the spotlight for a more pleasant reaso
Smash hit MMORPG MU Origin has been out for less than a year, but its already been treated to a succession of massive game-enhancing updates. And heres another one in the form of version 1.8, which adds a number of significant new features. Well star
It’s not uncommon for mobile game publishers to wait until the day their games hit the app stores to announce that they are being released in case something goes awry with the launch date. We have a theory, though, on why Jam City are so co