Gaming playstation plus free games june leaked apparently

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playstation plus free games june leaked apparently

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Gaming Mon May 29 2017 06:25:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It looks like the first of June 2017's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed. The official PlayStation Turkey Twitter channel tweeted a picture of the PlayStation 4 games Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange that references PlayStation Plus. The t
We've got a month-by-month breakdown of the best games of 2017 plus a round-up of the ones still to come.2016 is done and dusted from a gaming perspective, but don’t fret -  there are enough great titles coming out in 2017 to put
BXD will be dedicated to free-to-play browser games based on publisher's owned IP and licences
15 years ago I left racing game developer Ratbag to form Hyperfocal Design, which sells only sky textures. I've since been able to develop indie games mostly full-time using the passive income. ...
The WW2 Pacific Theater FPS action of Red Orchestra spin-off Rising Storm [official site] is yours to grab for free right now. The Humble Store are giving the game away to celebrate the impending end of their spring sale. Tim Stone will tell you that
With all the buzz surrounding Call of Duty's return to World War II, now seems like a great time to jump back into the past and relive some of the best FPS games from last generation. One of the more overlooked titles, Rising Storm, was originally re
Smile While [ page] is a free project I downloaded entirely because it promised bright colours and confetti. It delivered bright colours and confetti AND noises! It’s more of a mood-lifting desk toy than a game and I love it. &#8
Take a look back at this chat with Ubisoft veterans Julian Varnier and Gabriel Robert, who led AI teams on Assassin's Creed IV and Far Cry 4, about the state of big-budget open-world game AI design. ...
Popular indie game Skullgirls is now a free-to-play mobile fighting RPG for iOS and Android. And while it does feature some of the annoying free-to-play stuff found in other games in the genre, it's got a surprisingly complex fighting game to back it
It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the states, which means you probably shouldn’t expect a lot of gaming news out of American companies until Tuesday at the earliest. That means you also won’t be hearing much from games j
Electronic Arts announced there will be over 140 hands-on gaming stations where fans can play the latest games from EA at EA Play 2017 next month.  The first 2,000 fans that play Star Wars Battlefront II will get a numbered
Funcom has posted an extensive article on the Secret World Legends site to answer the question, "What is free to play?" The team wanted to lay out in detail exactly what is meant by the term, particularly in light of more than a few questions from th
We're kicking off the weekend with a chat about porting VR games to the Nintendo Switch with Thumper co-creator Mark Flury at 6:30 PM EDT. ...
No one realised it at the time, but Far Cry 2 was a phenomenal game whose impact is still being felt today.There are some games that explode upon release, have praised heaped upon them by every publication under the sun, and then proceed to disappear
Fire Emblem Echoes, Magikarp Jump, Shovel Knight, Phantom Dust, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, Xbox Game Pass, Destiny 2, plus a special chat about Fire Emblem with two of Nintendo Treehouses finest!
GameSpace is our little corner of the internet where we can post news and reviews of games that we play outside the MMO genre. Each week, we'll be bringing you the wrap up of the week's reviews and editorials about other games that might just catch y
Is your PC lagging in the recommended or even minimum specs department these days for modern games? If you're in the camp for a new build and you don't want to do it yourself, major manufacturers are running Memorial Day sales. Rounding it up, we're
Revealed more than a week ago, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 gets a full-length CGI trailer that showcases the characters from this new entry plus a couple of screenshots. The game will be out November 14.
If Judge Dredd has an equal in pages of 2000AD, it's Strontium Dogs Johnny Alpha. Enlarge (credit: Irradiated Hound Entertainment) News broke earlier in May that Rebellionthe games and publishing company that owns 2000AD, the world's greatest comicha
The Galaxy Note 8's faceplate might have leaked online, hinting at a design that's similar to that of the Galaxy S8.
But are there enough brains behind the brawn? Enlarge (credit: Owen Duffy) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at cardboard.arstechnica.comand let us know what you think. If you w
Reviewing games of the sort Matthew Brown creates Hexcells, SquareCells, and now CrossCells [official site] can be a strange task. His niche is numerical logic. There are elements of things like Sudoku but basic maths creeps in, making it closer to a
WinGameStore, a digital retailer that sells Windows games (shocking), is running two big sales events this weekend from two major angles. In corner one, we have a flurry of Uplay titles, everything from Assassin's Creed and Far Cry to Heroes of Might
17 new recipients include 12 games developers, primarily in mobile and VR
Universe At LargeEver since its first game's release in 2013, the Injustice series has spawned a critically acclaimed universe comprised not just of games, but a wealth of comics as well. The lore that surrounds these has shaped and formed many of th
As an easy-on-the-eyes golf game for Nintendo Switch, Golf Story looks promising. But there's more to it than that, and I think that's how it'll be able to win over folks who aren't typically into sports games -- say, for example, people who were big
In the This Week at Bungie newsletter, Engineering Lead Matt Segur took time for an in-house interview regarding how Destiny 2 games will be hosted. Segur wants to move away from what he believe is the somewhat restrictive term "dedicated servers" to
Yesterday's full reveal of Far Cry 5 comes at an interesting time, to say the least. Its choice of a US setting--as opposed to the "exotic" locations in previous Far Cry games--seems acutely prescient, primed and ready to make a statement about the c
Wondering how humanity's last champion of Go, one of the most complex games of strategy ever devised by our species, fared against's Google all-conquering overlord? More       Wondering how humani
15% off Arms preordersIf you enjoyed tonights playable demo of Arms (the free Global Testpunch will last for another week for those who missed it), you can go ahead and put in your reservation now and get a 15% discount off Amazon and thats before th
Heroes of the Storm is turning two years old and Blizzard is ready to blow out the candles and celebrate with players. From May 30th to June 12th, those playing a single game will earn a Common Loot Chest. In addition, playing three games will net a
Virtuous spin-off already has two games in Steam, with two more to launch this year
One of the most highly anticipated Sonic games set to release is the upcoming new-age throwback game, Sonic Mania. The title is a new-school take on the old-school 16-bit classics, and we may now have an idea as to when the game will officially relea
Street Fighter is one of the most prominent fighting game series in the world, but it can be hard to track down competitive arcade scenes for some of the older games, like Street Fighter 3. More     &#
Star Wars gives you the freedom to strangle Storm Troopers, yetis, and birch trees.
Play Shredder or the Turtles in this beat-em-up. Enlarge / Prepare to kick some shell! (credit: Brady Dale) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at cardboard.arstechnica.comand let
There's a new season of F1, so there's a new F1 game coming. It should be goooood. Codemasters When it comes to racing games, Codemasters' F1 2016 was my biggest surprise of last year. Here was an F1 game that was tricky to master yet engaging and
The first half of 2017 was crammed with exceptional games. That high tide ebbed in May, and I've spent the last couple of weeks going back and catching up on what I missed. I've also spent a lot of time playing Minecraft, a game that came out almost
Vudu has announced the latest set of movies that it will be streaming for free next month. The streaming site, owned by Walmart, began streaming select movies for free last year on its Vudu on Us service.Starting June 1, there about a dozen new films
Blizzard has made it no secret that it sees potential in the mobile games business. A newly discovered job posting may have now revealed which of the company's franchises its next mobile game will hail from.As discovered by NeoGAF user Nirolak, a job
I need a break from open-world games. While I've had a blast with Breath of the Wild, Horizon. Zero Dawn and Ghost Recon. Wildlands, I've been craving something considerably more linear. In a happy coincidence, Electronic Arts's Dead Space 2, one of
Nintendo Switch may not have very a deep library of sports games just yet, but the console will soon be home to a new golfing RPG called Golf Story.Developed by independent studio Sidebar Games, Golf Story puts players in the role of a golfer who is
Three weeks into the release of Amonkhet, the latest Magic expansion, competitive play is tormented by an overpowered combo that players hate for making games feel less strategic and more like spinning a roulette wheel. 2017 has seen more cards banne
Now that the movie is out, the artists who worked on Alien. Covenant are free to share their stuff. And regardless of your thoughts on the movie itself, it's all very pretty. More       Now that t
If you haven't yet picked up Overwatch and are interested in checking it out, you'll want to set aside some time this weekend. The previously announced free weekend event begins today.Starting today at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST, Overwatch will be
The first round of the Global Testpunch demo for the upcoming Nintendo Switch fighting game Arms begins today, May 26.The free demo allows Switch owners around the world to square off in online matches of the motion-controlled brawler ahead of its la