Mobile telegram expands supergroups member limit brings tools admins

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telegram expands supergroups member limit brings tools admins

Mobile Sat Jul 01 2017 06:07:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Telegram has increased the Supergroup member limit to a whopping 10,000. This means that a single group can now have 10,000 members at once. The latest update that bumps the app to version 4.1 is also adding new features for Supergroup admins and use
Verizon Unlimited is supposed to give subscribers unlimited data with a couple of provisos. When a subscriber's data consumption reaches 22GB for the month, his or hers service can be throttled to a lower speed. That happens only during periods when
Verizon has made a lot of noise about its new Unlimited plans. They're not actually unlimited in the true sense of the word, but rather they only slow you down once you use your 22GB data allowance, rather than cut you off. But some customers in rura
This July 11th marks the third annual Prime Day. While that date is still a while off, Amazon has rolled out a few deals early. So if you are a Prime subscriber, you can pick up a two-year subscription to Kindle Unlimited for $143.86 (40% of
The HTC U11 is an impressive handset with a standout feature in Edge Sense, which lets owners control certain elements by squeezing the sides of the phone. And if you’ve been waiting for a discount to hit the unlocked variant of the U11, we
For the past two years, Amazon has learned to not compete with all the other brands doing Black Friday sales and instead, they created their very own massive sale. But of course they would have to offer it to their premium customers, or rather, their
Amazon is offering all Prime members a free $10 credit if you stream any Free with Prime movie or TV show before the big day. Here's how to redeem that credit.
A new report claims that Fitbit is still struggling to develop its first true smartwatch, while losing key members of the development team.
Keeping your wallet and your iPhone in your pockets can make for an uncomfortable fit. Make the most of the limited space with the Nomad Horween Leather iPhone Folio Wallet Case on sale now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. Continue reading →
The Moto Z2 Play has only been available for 24 hours and already Best Buy has a good deal on it. If you buy the phone from BBY on a device payment plan, they’ll slash $50 off the total price. That brings your monthly payment to just $14.91
There is a new version of the Google Play Store rolling out to Android users today, and it brings one oft-requested feature to the fore. Up to this point, getting the changelog for an app meant actually navigating away from the app’s update
Public Mobile has extended its limited time promo for Freedom Mobile users until July. Are you a Freedom Mobile customer? TELUS-owned Public Mobile wants you to switch over to their popular $40/month ($38 after Autopay) plan with 4GB of data. This pr
For a limited time, customers can grab the LG G6 for no upfront amount as long as they agree to a new two-year contract. Moreover, instead of paying the usual $28 monthly fee for 24 months, Verizon now sells the LG G6 for just $20 per month...Photos:
Remember when YouTube and Google Maps were installed on iOS by default? This has been the case since the first iPhone, all the way to 2012, when suddenly iOS no longer included pre-installed Google services. At the time, no one really knew why Google
Instagram today introduced two tools it hopes will help reduce toxic and spammy comments on users' posts. First, Instagram is adding a filter to block offensive comments that might be made on posts and videos. The filter is able to see a series of co
Microsofts 8-inch Surface was supposed to launch in 2014, but now we're finally seeing the canned tablet.Remember the mythical Surface Mini? The smaller incarnation of Microsoft’s famous slate which was, at one time, expected to emerge at
The two new automatic filters detect and remove spammy or offensive comments in your Instagram posts and live video. Instagram today announcedsome much-needed new tools to help users of its mobile appenjoy the service without toxic comments and spam.
The Rogers retention department is again offering a $50/4GB loyalty plan if you call in. Rogers has brought back its $50 per monthy loyalty plan with 4GB of data and unlimited Canada-wide calling again, the companys response to TELUS-owned Public Mob
Nokia today announced that it has hired Gregory Lee, former President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America. Lee will be taking on the role of President of Nokia Technologies and a member of the Group Leadership team...Photos:
Googles experimental wireless service, Project Fi hasnt been around for long, so naturally it comes with its fair share of limitations. Perhaps the most important one is that Google offers only a handful of Project Fi-compatible devices including the
Remember Eero? Of course you do — it was one of the first simple and reliable mesh Wi-Fi systems intended for home use. In fact, Eero helped launch the mesh craze that every other company has jumped on over the past couple of years. As grea
Bet Buy lets you purchase Verizon's Moto Z2 Play for $358 instead of $408 (for a limited time)...Photos:
You like free money, don't you? If you answered yes, then you will have to read through a series of steps and a long list of limitations to get $10 to spend on Amazon. If you answered no, then I guess you already skip any Android Police article with
Way back in 2012, Artem shared one awesome tip here on Android Police: how to limit your searches on the Play Store to just publisher names or words in the title of an app or game. (Yes, I know, back then Artem used to actually write articles here in