Urban Lifestyle jasmyne cannick double standard shaming exploiting black women social media

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jasmyne cannick double standard shaming exploiting black women social media

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Urban Lifestyle Wed Jul 12 2017 23:07:52 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In the span of one week, two Black women were viciously demoralized and exploited on social media. One got caught up in his feelings and used his white privilege to publicly shame his baby momma while the other exploited a drug addiction and mental s
In the nations 100 largest cities, only one African American woman is currently serving as mayor Catherine Pugh of Baltimore, preceded by Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who is also African-American...Over the course of three months, theGrio spoke with pol
A family in Fishers, Indiana would like to know who left a nasty note in their mailbox. The typed letter listed the cost of not taking care of their lawn and told the family they werent living in the ghetto. …A family in Fishers, Indiana wo
The handsome South African Olympian CALVYN JUSTUS is not part of the fashion industry as a working model, yet with his YouTube videos and engaging social media he’s getting the attention of the scene as well as fans around the globe. Calvyn
*Beauty blogger Vika Shapel thought it would be fun to launch her own social media challenge and came up with the idea to cover half of her face in chocolate, to get that “deep chocolate skin tone.” She called it the #chocolatecha
Neil Patrick Harris has hit out at James Woods, after the actor took to social media to criticise a couple's parenting.
Following the UltraRange Pro, Vans returns with the standard edition of their new sneaker, simply dubbed the UltraRange. The new silhouette "leads the path forward for innovation, emphasizing the brands expanded vision to create a versatile footwear
Photo from HERE.After publicly criticizing some of my peers for being so dismissive of LGBTQ people of color's desire to add brown and black stripes to the Pride flag, I've been making an extra effort to listen -- as I suggested others do -- to what
I wouldn't mind if THIS GUY wore shorts like this. But this chick we saw in Vienna flashing her lower cheeks to Mom and Dad -- and the rest of the world -- made me do a double-take for an entirely different set of reasons."Daddy says I'm the best at
Recently, a video surfaced online of former actress Maia Campbell appearing to go through a relapse or experiencing a mental health break. The video shows Campbell missing a tooth, wearing a black bra, pumping gas, and describing an alleged rape. &am
WTF?? A black man in NYC filmed himself being allegedly threatened with arrest, when a swarm of cops told him to get off his car. In the viral clip, the man is seen sitting on his car, screaming: "Black man with a BMW. Get off the car? It's my car, I
The handsome Spanish model Joan Mirangels represented by One Management in New York updates his portfolio with a recent black and white series captured by fashion photographer Rhett Wellington Ramirez. To discover more of the session continue bellow:
Oops! Good Christian arts-and-crafts company Hobby Lobby has been caught smuggling priceless black market Iraqi artifacts into this country for its ... wait for it, like the artifacts, its priceless ... Bible museum. And no
Crazy weather is breaking out all around the globe.Twisters and giant hail in Vienna, Austria, giant hail in BC Canada with dozens of wildfires on the loose.A monster spout was spotted on the coast of North Carolina and a huge black shelf cloud was s
German authorities are asking gay refugees embarrassing questions and otherwise potentially breaching their rights, according to media reports. The German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung reported that examples of the questioning included a Pakistani asylum
Here are my predictions for the women's quarterfinals at the Wimbledon Championships for 2017. Last year I correctly predicted 3 of 4 men's quarterfinals and correctly predicted 3 of 4 wo
  *Idris Elba is all smiles on the cover of Essence magazines August issue, but women who were hoping to become Mrs. Elbasome day are likely intears. The 44-year-old actor says hes done with the institution of marriage and doesn’t
Medical-cannabis patients who use illegal cannabis dispensaries instead of turning to other legal and black-market sources do so because they feel safe at these shops and like that they have reliable supplies of the specific strains they want, accord
*Tear gas had to be deployed in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday as members of the Ku Klux Klan protesting the planned removal of a Robert E. Lee statue were vastly outnumbered by hundreds of predominantly black counter-protestors. But that wasnt e
Sometime in the past, tattoos were seen as taboo, but that view has changed so much in recent times, particularly with the younger generation. In fact, according to the media reports, tattoos are now firmly a part of mainstream culture. So is tattoo
Chelsea Clintontrampled Donald Trump’s defense ofIvanka after he said his daughter taking his seat at the G20 summit was a “very standard” move. At G20, Ivanka Trump takes the spotlight – and a seat https://t.c
If investors want to "see green," all they've had to do over the past year is follow marijuana stocks. In most instances, companies that have a market cap in excess of $200 million have seen their share prices double or triple in value, if not more.
*Video of Shia LaBeoufs latest drunken arrest includes footage of the actor cursing out his black arresting officer in Savannah, GA and indirectly referring to the cops race by bringing up Donald Trump. You got a president who dont give a s**t about
When it comes to police officers who kill black people, the system has a perverted sense of justice...When it comes to police officers who kill black people, the system has a perverted sense of justice. The offending officers are acquitted, even when
Recently, activist DeRay McKesson stirred up a bit of controversy when he suggested thatWar for the Planet of the Apeswas racist. Given the history of rendering black people as apes, Im offended & appalled by the lack of …Recently,
Blac Chyna now has her restraining order against Rob Kardashian after he posted nude photos of her online and claimed that she had cheated on him.Blac Chyna now has her restraining order against Rob Kardashian after the fallout from his recent social
James Bond is the archetypical gentleman, right? Well, no. You thought wrong, at least when it comes to being a gentleman in bed. You may have come to imagine that women generally drool over Agent 007 because hes suave and seductive, but the fact is
*Season 3 of the hit Bounce TV comedy In The Cut, premieres Tuesday, July 10 and the network will double the fun by kicking things off with two new original episodes back-to-back starting at 9:00 pm. Bentley Kyle Evans In the Cut has become the most-
Are Nevada officials actually trying to preserve the state's marijuana black market? In the first four days that Nevada residents could legally purchase marijuana for recreational uses, state retailers made $3 million in salesand lined the state gove
*This is the question The Perspective is posing? The Perspective is a website designed to open your mind, by showing you what youre missing due to filter bubbles, a fragmented media landscape, and fake news. The site touches on current events, classi
*If you are anything like me, the first thing you do when you get inside your hell-hot car, is turn the A/C on. This may change now. Especially if the warning that’s currently being circulated that says turning your A/C on immediately in a
*A black family in Fishers, Indiana receiveda letter from some anonymous neighbors requesting they take better care of their lawn…because they were not living in a ghetto. The folded up note, which turned up in the mailbox of Chris Sullivan