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russian piping tips cheater need

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- This is a guest post written by Devondone in partnership with Kitchen Conservatory in St. Louis. Devon has spent a lot of time mastering Russian piping tips and is excited to share her findings with you. Have you seen these new Russian piping tips? I
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I wish I could say that I could take credit for this cake. But it's actually an excerpt guest post from the great new book Buttercream Basics.  If you have been wanting to refine your piping, spreading, and decorating skills with buttercr
Self-improvement, with art and baking.FINALLY! The follow up to The Unicorn Coloring Book is available for pre-order! (Etsy)How to make art a daily habit: science-backed tips. (Craftsy)There's always room for cake in a balanced diet. This is a refres
Watch for new video recipes every Thursday morning. will be 20 years old May 15! Thank you for all your support! Let's get baking!! Just three components are needed to make this simple, yet elegant dessert. First, the base of the tart
Classic treats and Valentine sweets. Conversation heart cream pie (pictured above). (Serious Eats)DIY conversation hearts. (Craftsy)Hot pink raspberry cake. Because the world needs more hot pink! (Climbing Grier Mountain)Champagne cupcakes w
If you are what you eat, be peanut butter and rainbows. That's what I always say. (I've never actually said that before now). These cupcakes are incredible. You really need to make them. Promise me that you will do that now? Recipe her
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Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. Did you ever wish you could have… The post LifeSavers A Hole Lot of Fun appeared first on Candy Blog - memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down
Golden latte (sometimes called golden milk) is a milk tea brewed with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, licorice root, and black pepper. It tastes like a spicy chai and has a signature golden color. Some drink it for the health benefits, but I ju
Many coconut cakes are simply vanilla cakes with coconut frosting. If you are lucky, the recipesmight throw in a little artificial coconut extract. My triple coconut cake, however, is the real deal. It is baked using unrefined coconut oil (the kind t
I ate far more of these carrot cake truffles than I typically do when presented with carrot cake. It’s just so tempting to ingest one truffle after another every time I walk past them! These carrot cake truffles taste just like carrot cake,
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RumChata. All opinions are 100% mine. When my friends heard that my pull-apart bread was flavored withRumChata, their eyes lit up. “I love RumChata!!” they said, pretty much in u
Upside-down cakes are always moist and loaded with flavor, but when they are made in a slow cooker with extra time for the fruit juices to seep into the cake, the results are extraordinary. In this peach slow cooker cake recipe that I originally deve
Step aside, cinnamon, chocolate chips, and raisins. (Wait – did I really just say that about three of my favorite things?! Sorry – I’ll get back to you soon, my friends!) These Idaho potato scones are for those times whe
Temperature plays such a key role in my enjoyment of desserts. I like my lemon bars frozen, my pies reheated in the oven, and my chocolate chip cookies popped in the microwave for 10 seconds. Likewise, the ever warm temperature of slow cooker dessert
I first realized how well mashed potatoes work in a pie when I made my maple bacon potato pie. I love sweet potatoes as much as the next person (OK – a whole lot more than the average person), but I strongly believe that there should be a p
I didn’t go halfway with any of the flavors in these lemon ginger power cupcakes. The cupcakes contain both lemon juice and lemon zest and both fresh ginger and ground ginger – and the frosting has lemon and ginger, too! These spr
So that's what happened to the world's largest hamburger (and other food).CC
Frankly Im in a super blueberry mood. And it includes peaches! And one of my favorite breakfasts. Or snacks. Chia pudding! I am no stranger to it but I tend to make it in jars and not bowls. This recipe allows you to eat it fairly quickly. It doesnt
My family has been making the classic Kipferl cookie on December 1st every year since I can remember, and the last two weeks of December we added dried cranberries and toasted pecans for Christmas time. This recipe has been enjoyed by many people eve
In a perfect world there would be a sweet indulgent treat that would take almost no skill, and almost no time to make.  This treat would make people really happy and have them begging you to make more, since there's no way it's easy enough f
So maybe you’re not feeling the most confident when it comes to your flower arranging skills. If you’ve got a big brunch looming (or a bridal shower! or a summer cocktail party! yes yes!) here’s a floral display that wil
Watch for new video recipes every Thursday morning. was 20 years old May 15! Thank you for all your support! Watch our celebration video. What makes these chocolate muffins so unique is the Ricotta Cheese. Ricotta Cheese is a sweet, m
It is unique and is one of my own. I sold it at a local charity auction for $50. This cake has been a huge hit among family and friends and is frequently requested! —Greta Kirby, Carthage, Tennessee
Today is World Baking Day. We have a lot of "National" days but not so many "World" days to celebrate with chocolate. So I thought we might celebrate by looking back at a few of the recipes I've created over the years. Then I want to hear from you in
In case you had forgotten, I recently released a new coloring book entitled Another Unicorn Coloring Book. It's a follow-up volume to my first one, cleverly entitled The Unicorn Coloring Book! Here, I'd like to share one of the pages from the new boo
Cookie Madness Cookie Madness - Keeping Life Sweet One Cookie at a Time I’ve already confessed to liking cake mix lemon cakes better than scratch, so now that that’s out of the way here’s another recipe using lemon cake
Spring has sprung, and I know this because my alergies are gonig nuts. You can tell they're going nuts because of the fact that I didn't change the weird way I spelled "allergies" and "going" above. Having said that I misspell a lot on this site, mor
Happy Mother's Day, cake fans! And since we all know Mom is a superhero in disguise, CLEARLY we should celebrate with some Wonder Woman cakes: (By California Cake Ldy)   After all, bullet-proof tiaras never go out of style, and I bet the Las
Alternatively known as, THE SMOOTHIE THAT IS SAVING ME. Really, it is! In my extremely long-winded update on Monday, I mentioned that due to my current sitch, Ill be abandoning cocktail Thursdays! With obvious reason. For the time being ha. If I have
When summer rolls around, most people assume that themed candy is no longer relevant. After all, what could you… The post Patriotic Hersheys Kisses and Reeses Peanut Butter Cup appeared first on Candy Blog - summer r
—Jeaune Hadl, Lexington, Kentucky
Well, drat! I have a chocolate related recall to share with you all on Mother's Day. ---------- Recalls ---------- Recall ofMikawaya Chocolate Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream Mikawaya is issuing a voluntary recall of a limited number of Mikawaya Brand Choc
Watch for new video recipes every Thursday morning. will be 20 years old May 15! Thank you for all your support! Let's get baking!! Up until now, I always made Strawberry Shortcake using scones that were cut in half and filled with fr
If you've never tried the Italian specialty known as florentines, you're in for a real treat. These classic Italian confections fall somewhere between cookie and candy, with a delicate, lacy texture dotted with chopped nuts and citrus zest. Typically
Cookie Madness Cookie Madness - Keeping Life Sweet One Cookie at a Time My original plan was to make a strawberry pie, but then it occurred to me that I hadn’t made this strawberry tart in a while, and that I’d never shared the re