Money times trump administration actually was tough russia

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times trump administration actually was tough russia

Money Thu Mar 22 2018 23:03:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- President Donald Trump has a complicated relationship with Russia. Here's what the Trump administration has actually done to confront Russian aggression.Reuters/Jorge Silva The Trump administration is often criticized for being hesitant to confront R
Tiger Woods' back was so bad at one point, he couldn't get out of bed on his own or stand up when he was out of bed.Rob Brown/AP Tiger Woods said his back was so bad that he needed help out of bed for several months. Woods said his latest back surger
Berners-Lee said we should all care more about our data.Brad Barket/Getty Tim Berners-Lee, the British creator of the web, has said that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg can fix the issues that meant Cambridge Analytica could scrape millions
The Trump administrations plans to impose$50 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports, as well as tariffs recently placed onimported steel and aluminumand on imports ofsolar panels and washing machines, mark a distinct break from decades of U.S. trade p
Some actors may be shorter than they appear.Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesIt's hard to judge actor's heights on screen. And sometimes, extreme steps are taken to make folks seem taller than they actually are. Some step on boxes or sometimes camera angles
Darth Vader never actually said, "Luke, I am your father."Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Flickr These pop culture questions are a lot harder than you think. Walt Disney was not the sole creator of Mickey Mouse, but you might not
The other night I met with my friend Jarrett and I was explaining to him what its been like to work out of a co-work space when youre a group of more than 20 people. He listened and then he said quietly, It sounds like playing chess in the back of a
Market Recap for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 It was a volatile session on Wednesday, particularly after 2pm EST when the FOMC policy statement was released.  In Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's first meeting as Fed Chief, the Fed raised the benchm
When Satya Nadella was named CEO of Microsoft in 2014, the company was in pickle. Apple and Google were demolishing Microsoft in the smartphone business — thus, chipping away at the dominance of the Windows computing platform. That was comp
One of the primary reasons financial services stocks and bank ETFs rallied in the wake of President Trump’s 2016 election victory was speculation that he would try to ease the regulatory burden facing the sector, including a potential rollb
The DOL reported:In the week ending March 17, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 229,000, an increase of 3,000 from the previous week's unrevised level of 226,000. The 4-week moving average was 223,750, an increase of 2,250
We recently completed a series about retargetingacross many different PPC platforms. Our goal was to give you an understanding of whats available in each platform so you can test it out on your accounts and find what works best. But the channel capab
Activision's stock was trading down the past week over fears that Epic's new mega-hit "Fortnite" may be taking away users and monetizing power from Activision's "Call of Duty" games. Jefferies analyst Timothy O'Shea says that's a short-term concern,
An extensive guide to the pros and cons of reverse mortgages and alternatives. Learn how they work, how much they cost, and if they are right for you. Its hard to live up your golden years when your bank account is a little rusty. Sometimes basic exp
Google parent Alphabet's stock was down 3.23% following a broader selloff in tech stocks on Thursday. The stock has been trading lower following news that political research firm Cambridge Analytica, which has ties to President Donald Trump, has repo
Google parent Alphabet's stock was down 3.23% following a broader selloff in tech stocks on Thursday. The stock has been trading lower following news that political research firm Cambridge Analytica, which has ties to President Donald Trump, has repo
Managing money effectively can be challenging enough, but paying unnecessary financial fines only makes it tougher — especially in retirement. Here are three hefty penalties many older people may face, and how to avoid them. 1. Failing to t
Optimize your site to increase your email lists and generate more leads Amazing, isnt it? In spite of being pronounced dead more than once, email continues to drive the biggest growth for online stores and businesses alike. Heck, it actually &#82
Years ago, most middle class people had a huge, expensive piece of furniture in their living room. It played music and captured radio broadcasts. The high-end stereo business was the overpinning built on this underpinning. "If you're already going to
Again and again our dogs demonstrate their incredible characters!Again and again our dogs demonstrate their incredible characters! I’m a very ‘ex’ typewriter salesman, in that for the period of 1970 to 1978 I was a sales
Editors Note: This article was republished with permission from Dividends Diversify. One of the first things I did when setting up and going live with Dividends Diversify was to establish three model investment portfolios. Id like to introduce them n
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Cambridge Analytica was notorious long before its controversial use of Facebook data became news. But even before it defected from Ted Cruzs presidential campaign to Donald Trumps in 2016, the company was angling for marketing dollars. In September o
Mark Zuckerberg was pretty chatty last night on CNN. He blamed the Russians of course, but did not stoop to blaming Well Fargo or Ben Carsons wife. My big takeaway is that he could care less about being regulated. They were caught and they had likely
French supply-side platform Adyoulike has acquired Paris-based video ad platform Pulpix, the companies said Thursday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Pulpix had raised only about $1 million in funding since it was founded four years ago. Pulpix
Facebook has heavily criticised Aleksandr Kogan but it was once very happy to work with him.David Ramos/Getty Images Facebook once provided data on every new friendship on its social network in 2011 to an academic at the centre of the Cambridge Analy
This story was delivered to BI Intelligence "Fintech Briefing" subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. US-based growth investor Motive Partnershas decidedto open its new European hub in Canary Wharf, London. The company focuses o
Bulletproof CEO Dave Asprey moved to Canada about 10 years ago. The San Francisco Bay Area was Asprey's home for two decades, but the out-of-control housing prices eventually led the entrepreneur to flee Silicon Valley. Asprey said he thinks it's che
Lee Myung-bak faces nearly 20 charges that allege he unlawfully accepted $10.28 million.Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters Former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak was detained after being suspected of taking bribes when he was in office. Lee faces nearly 20 cha
ByHorizon Investments Economic data in the U.S. was mostly positive last week. Employment dataincluding changes in nonfarm payrolls and initial jobless claimscame in better than expected, as did industrial production and the University of Michigans c
Responding to a popular request, we are now sharing transcripts of ourinvestor podcast interviewsin this new series. The following interview with Jason Stoffer was recorded in September 2014.... ___
The victim, 22-year-old Stephon Clark, was later found holding an iPhone.Screenshot/Sacramento Police Sacramento Police released video and audio footage on Wednesday of police officers fatally shooting an unarmed black man in his backyard. The suspec
"It was the students who made all the news, and that noise started, and then the movement wouldn't stop," Bill Murray wrote in an NBC News op-ed.Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Actor Bill Murray wrote an op-ed for NBC News comparing the student activists