Computers used software analyse relationship doomed failure

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used software analyse relationship doomed failure

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Computers Mon May 29 2017 07:30:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Artificial intelligence can now take a guess at whether you and your partner can go the distance. An AI firm called DataRobot has built a tool based on Stanford University data that asks you six questions about your relationship, and predict
Approximately half of a New Jersey eighth grade class declined to take a photo with Paul Ryan on their Washington, D.C. field trip. When 200 eighth grade students from South Orange, New Jerseytook a field trip down to Washington, D.C., they had an op
The US Department of Labor wants Google to compile and hand over salary records so they can determine why the company appears to be underpaying female employees, but the tech giant has argued that this task would require too much money and manpower.
Up until now, people were rather confused about the appearance of a software update for Pixel devices. The Pixel series has been released by Google in the end of 2016. However, at the moment Google is clearing things up. On a support page, people cou
Our daily pick of the best free software a free indie game that delivers vital lessons in road safety and color-matching.The objective of free indie game RiskyPhone is simple – make your way to the station and catch your train before it le
Watch as actor and former NFL player Terry Crews explains why he decided to build his own PC and how he used Facebook to help. How can you not love this guy? :) [Business Insider] The post Terry Crews Explains Why he Decided to Build his Own PC appea
Following their Reboot episode about Injustice 2, Mike and Jake answer questions about accessibility in games, and how certain titles have used it to their advantage. Games mentioned: Injustice 2 Fable III Tekken 7
With this week's anniversary update, Overwatch overhauled its player vs. player elimination modes, adding three new maps and changing the rules for how matches will play out. The new rules are probably different than you're used to, so here'
hackingbear writes: Researchers at U.C. Berkeley found a birth control that was hormone-free, 100 percent natural, resulted in no side effects, didn't harm either eggs nor sperm, could be used in the long-term or short-term, and -- perhaps the best p
"Hybrid" approach mixes dedicated servers and some peer-to-peer communication. Enlarge With Destiny 2 moving the franchise to the PC for the first time, a lot of players were hoping Activision would usededicated servers to ensure stability and reliab
An anonymous reader quotes Fortune: The security firm Checkpoint on Thursday uncovered dozens of Android applications that infected users' devices with malicious ad-click software. In at least one case, an app bearing the malware was available throug
Computex 2017 - AORUS is preparing a trio of new X299 motherboards, led by the upcoming X299 AORUS Gaming 9 motherboard which looks freakin' hot as hell. GIGABYTE has used orange LEDs in all of the right places, lighting up the PCIe slots, DIMMs, chi